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2 Q's re: vitamins
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    Default 2 Q's re: vitamins

    Hi all!
    I have 2 questions on vitamins.
    1) Is it true that vitamins don't take effect until about 2 months after one starts taking them?
    2) What is a very good quality vitamin combo in order to give the body and mind an overall boost? I used to take something containing mega doses of certain vitamins, but I can not for the life of me remember the brand name! It was vitamins mixed in a pink liquid, in vials, and it was sold as a 2 week regime, to be taken once or twice a year....
    thank you

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    no, that's not true about it taking 2 months, thatm ight be how long it'll take before you see maximum effect, but you'll get some benefit (such as not being malnourished) imediatly. for mind bossting, I'd recomend ginko biloba, not really a vitamin, but it works, jsut take multiviatmins, I take centrum, when I remember, it works pretty well, jsut make sure it's got 100% dv of A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, iron, copper, calcium, and a decent amount of everything else you need.

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    No, it does not take 2 months. You can see effects quickly. But as was said; you can see DRASTIC changes in 2 months or so.

    On to your second question -- what is good vitamin combo to take??? Centrum is pretty good overall for a one doser. There are also options where you can take vitamins in the MORNING and AFTERNOON. Twice daily. It was a novel idea to me but I have been using one such supplement.

    Check it out, read up decide what you might think is best.
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