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7 years of pain gone
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    Default 7 years of pain gone

    When I was 33 I injured my back muscles. At that time the treatment was painkillers, anti-inflammatories and bed rest for 6 weeks. Then you strtphysio-therapy. My employer was not happy about all of this and even though I was still in considerable pain, even with the physio, I returned to work. I remmber popping extra strength Tylenol like they were candy. I couldn't take codiene pain killers as I would be way too out of it to work. I just gritted my teeth and went to work. I re-injured again not too long after and again with the first method of treatment. Eventually, I returned to work. I had too. My life changed dramaticallly. No more horseback riding (my passion), no more gardening, no more anything pretty much anything. I was in constant pain and agony. I took all the meds but in the long run they pretty much screw you up. There were times when the pain hit so hard and fast that I would literally be thrown off the couch or out of bed. I laid around for so long that my hair broke off. I wore it in a ponytail pretty much all the time becaus I couldn't wash my hair very often because of the pain. One doctor told me that I would be in a wheel chair within five years. I was advised by the helpful mental health professionals, in consultation with the physicians, that I should try to accept the situation and prepare for the future rather than fight against it. No more high heels. Sex was out of the question. That didn't go over well with my husband. But I kept on working when I could. The I re-injured for the third time. I had had it. I wen searching for a new doctor - one who would not tell me what I couldn't do, but rather one that would work with me towards a goal. My goals were set pretty high. I wanted to wear high heels again, have sex, ride horseback, garden. Wold you believe - even do housework again. After interviewing a number of doctors (They don't like being interviewed), I came across one who said most of the right things. I agreed that we would try the physio again, but if that didn't work we were going to do things my way. I found out that I had been trained to trust your doctor and do what they said - like most people. But doctors are people too. You are the one with the pain - not them. SO it is up to you to decide your course of treatment. The physio did not work. There were times when I could hobble into the appointment, but my son and husband had to carry me out. So i quit the physio. I went to a chiropractor and in one session found that I could breath much better. He explained that you needed oxygen in your system to aid the healing. By the way WCB was paying for all this, so I had to get permission for everything I did. I worked with the chiropractor for three months or more and at his suggestion we added an ancupuncturist. Now that really did the trick. During this time I weaned myself off the meds and was feeling better and thinking more clearly. It was agreed between myself, the chiropractor, the acupuncturist and the WCB case manager that I would go to WCB rehabiitation for three months after I had been pain free for one month. During this month, I was not even to pick up a kitten. I was to do very very mild exercizes and that was about it and continue with my appointments. In January, 1993 I started at the rehab. I was the best thing I could have done. Since the first injury I had gained 40 pounds, after the rehad I had lost thirty and eventually I lost the other 10. Aquasize was a tremendus help as were the flexibility exersizes.
    The best thing was no more meds. It is now 2004 and I reached all my goals and kept them up.
    The point to all this is that it is your pain. You have to take control. You have to be in charge of your condition. Even if it is just mentally at first. Bascially you have to take responsibility. I learned about imagining the pain. I even kept a pain chart. A cicrcle representing 24 hours broken down into 15 minute segments. I filled it in in black during the pweiods of pain. At the beginning, the clock was pretty much all black. But i remember with great clairty when there was a whole half hour without pain. See - small goals add up to big achievements. Now if I had a pain clock it would be all white.
    I realize that this worked for an injury and not a disease, but I highly recommend the meditation method of painkilling, the use of acupuncture and what ever the medical profession can do for you that is natural to your existence.
    I am not free of all meds. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and I take anti-depressants. I will for the rest of my life, but that is a medical condition that I also treat with affirmations and meditations and imeragy (sp).
    Message of hope for all out there suffering with chronic pain. By the way I was told I had firbomyalga too. I was also told that a blood test revealed that I am one of 3% percent of the North American population that suffers from a type of arthritis tha wastes away muscle tissue. Check me out - there is no wasting of muscle here. I figure I don't have time for it.
    Good luck to you all and get yourelf a doctor that works with you to get as healthy as you canbe - not one who writes a prescription for every little thing.

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    I also have had pain for about 7 years - mostly mild, but getting much worse. It's mainly in the neck. My head rotation has become limited, and I have had severe headaches, wooziness and somewhat-blurred vision almost every day. I also just saw a chiropractor for the first time, and his treatment was simply miraculous. I have been headache free for 6 days straight, and I can now look backwards without getting dizzy. I can't wait for my second appointment tomorrow, and just can't figure out why it took me so long to think of this!

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