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Addicted and Annoyed
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    Default Addicted and Annoyed

    I am currently taking about 100 mg of hydrocodone a day and it is wrecking me. If I don't have my meds or I run out I go into a state of panic and nothing else matters besides getting my pills. My doctor is not upping my medication anymore and she will not give me a substitute...I go to see her in a few days, and I would like to get this issue resolved.

    I started taking pain meds when I was 13. I had extensive reconstructive surgery on my feet. 3 years later I was in a car accident. I do need some type of pain medication, but I don't want to live for it. I want it to work for me...

    I tried to use the Thomas Recepie, however I substituted Flexeril for Benzos and I think that is what me fail. I am going to try and do it again starting today, but I am scared to death. I got up this morning and did the dishes and cleaned up the house cause I know that I will be down for several days.

    My fiance works doubles at his current job and I want to be there to make his life easier...instead of making it a living hell. Why bring him down with me...

    I know what I have to do, but Im afraid that I am not strong enough to do it.

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    Hi cantlivelikethis
    Don't be scared of this let it be liberating for you. so you will feel like you have a bad flu for a week just think of it that way...
    just take it day by day or minute by minute if you have to...
    Load up on the you have the stuff for the Thomas recipe ???
    hang in there you will get thru it...just give yourself a chance...
    Talk to you soon, Melinda

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    This is my third time going through w/d from Fentanyl, which is what I was continuously upped to from what you were taking. FYI- ALL of these medications are for temporary relief. They aren't meant for long-term.

    So what pray tell, do you take instead? There are a lot of medications out there for long term..your doctor SHOULD have already told you about them. When you see her, make sure you tell her that you are going through detox if you need help..especially sleeping. Also, she needs to get off her butt and tell you about some medications that are non-narcotic to try for pain relief.

    Something I had to come to learn..from my shrink: You are always going to be feeling some sort of pain. It's not going to magically go away. But you can deal with it."

    Mind over matter? I guess it works to some degree but still! I feel for ya! I hope we both make it this time! p.s...sleepytime tea helped me tremendously..along with tylenol pm. I at least got 2 hours of sleep after the first three days.

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