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ADHD, FAA says it is time to kick the pills, what to do?
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    Unhappy ADHD, FAA says it is time to kick the pills, what to do?

    Hello everyone,

    Today I went in for my Third Class Medical certificate for student pilots. This is a ridiculously easy physical that took under an hour, the only hitch was that I am taking Concerta, neither the dose nor frequency mattered to the doctor and he denied my medical as per FAA standards.

    Today I was supposed to fly my first Solo flight, that did not happen because of the denial. Upon calling the FAA, the only solution anyone suggested was stopping the Concerta for 90 days and having a physician’s note stating such when I go into to redo my physical.

    The reason they denied Concerta was because it fell under the psychotropic drug category, as do all(that I know of) ADHD/ADD Medications. I am 20 years old and in great shape and health (aside from eating fast food too often, though cholesterol is not an issue). So aside from being very upset about all of this, I am wondering, is there an effective, non-drug way to deal with my ADHD (which is not very severe, more of an impulse control issue when I do not take the med).

    If anyone knows anything that might help, I would greatly appreciate it,

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    Default Adhd


    I am sorry to hear about the issue with ADHD and Concerta. I too have ADHD. I use to take Strattera but have found an alternative. I recently discovered the importance of Gluthathione. Do a research on Google with Glutathione + ADHD or Gluthatione + (Disease of your choice). You will be amazed at what you find out. A friend of my who is an MD introduced me to Gluthatione. Unfortunately, most people including MD's don't know about Gluthatione. The natural supplement is called MaxGXL. The former head of the FDA Dr. John Nelson calls MaxGXL "the greatest medical breakthrough in his lifetime".
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    Hi - I have done a lot of research and have come off two pharmaceuticals while using natural things. I am ADD and I have found that L-Theanine is awesome for that. I have found some supporting evidence that they may use this in the future for treatment of ADD or ADHD. It is an amino acid side effects that I could find. I like the chewables around 200mg by natural Factors (also called Suntheanine). It is used for mental calmness and relaxtion. I would love to hear how you like it! Good luck! It works for me!

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