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alternative to opiates and benzos'???
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    Default alternative to opiates and benzos'???

    since being involved in a car crash ,ive been taking di-hydracodeine and valium for several yrs now at a rate of 240mg a day ( 4 x 60mg) and 45mg a day . i now feel im fit to go back to work but as i work offshore there is no way i'd pass the strict drug tests. does anyone know of a decent alternative to these pills. iv'e been doing pilates, regular physio and acupunture for quite some time and they do not appear to be anywhere near as effective as meds.

    another concern of mine is addiction coupled with the fact my tolerance for these meds is seriously affecting their usefulness .

    My dr. suggests a change of job or giving up employment totally but as im still in my 20's, i dont view that as an option and i certainly dont want to have to increase to a stronger painkiller as i fear eventually i would run out of options.

    any advice would be gratefully received.

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    Default Try herbs and therapy for anxiety

    I can see why you are concerned with the potential of addiction and I can offer several alternatives. For anxiety, you may look into taking Kava Kava or Valerian, both herbs easily found in health food stores. For specific dosing information you can always look at Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch (it can usually be found as a reference book in most health food stores). Also, there is a non-medicinal, therapy for anxiety that works well with specific incidents such as a car accident called EMDR. I wish you luck in your search.

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    Wester ... I can see your questions are sincere. You're a very young man and I agree that you need to change what you're doing or face a grim future. Now is the time to find the answer before you find yourself buried in a situation where you have little hope for the future.

    You may want to give the suggestions from Peace4All a try. The forum is full of similar suggestions. I also recommend some moderate exercise and physical therapy for the pain issues. Exercise has helped take me from taking thirty 30mg roxies a day to nothing narcotic today whatsoever after playing competitive sports for 25 years.

    Peace4All242 ... I spent decades dependent on RX opiates as well as benzos. It all began with legitimate problems and legitimate drs and scripts just like lots of us. Since getting clean some time ago I have also found benefit using valerian root for anxiety and know people who use the Kava Kava.

    Can't say much about many other supplements or other means as my experience is minimal with alternative treatments. But thanks for the suggestions. Bottom line is that pain meds and benzos are nothing more than bandaids. They don't really fix anything. God bless.
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    Red face If needed they are there....

    Hi. I read your post and I kinda know what you're going through. I was in an accident in my 20's also, but didn't think of any addiction problems until it was too late. Wanting to be free from the opiate devil myself I want cold turkey, ouchie!!!
    I do know that if you are having a hard time with the withdrawal there is a kinda new drug that makes it easy to kick quicker than the old methadone. It's called Suboxone or Subutex. Not a lot of Dr.'s prescribe it but I do know that it only takes a couple of pain free weeks to kill the opiate monster inside. I hope this helps a little. Good Luck.

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    Exercise has assisted take me from taking 30 30mg roxies a day to not anything narcotic today whatsoever after playing comparable sports for 25 years.

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    I can see how these addictions start, I have seen them end terribly. I would suggest getting involved in something else, finding a new addiction. Start reading the Power of Now. It is a great book that opens your eyes up. It makes your value life fully.

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    Has your injury/body healed from the accident? I'm 21 years old and broke my back at 19 years old turning 20 and my back is still fractured in 3 places and it's been well over a year now. Until I can find a surgeon willing to perform surgery, I will always be on narcotic pain medication due to my injury and the fact that it's not healed.

    If your injury has healed then I would recommend that it's time to start getting off of your medications, but you will need to do so gradually. It sounds like you've been on such medications for a number of years and your body both physically and mentally is 100% used to the medication. Your body physically is used to the pain of everyday muscle and bone usage being masked as well as your brain's seratonine levels for happiness from opioid medications as well as happiness and anxiety levels from this and the benzo medications.

    1. You will have to be DETERMINED to get off of the medications due to the mental aspects of getting off of such medications.
    2. You will have to start physical therapy and regular exercise as immediately as possible to regain strength in both muscle and bones.
    3. You should then over a period of time, it could be a year or so, begin to gradually taper off pain narcotic medications and benzo anxiety medications.
    4. Over the entire course, you'll have to stay active and exercise for your body to adjust.
    5. You will also have to find hobbies and jobs to maintain busy and overall happiness.
    6. Outpatient meetings may be necessary to consume time and mental wellness, preparation, and to get through everything; you may find NA meetings to go to after outpatient for many years after to stay clean.
    7. Maintaining a healthy diet, vitamins, nutrition, and minerals will be a must. Natural energy is the best energy. You will also find more motivation to do things both physically and mentally. Being healthy is being both clean and active. It's time for you to start using the term "act your age" to the limit, where the sky again will your your limit to do what you want to do without the need of medications, in which no matter what ultimately limit you anyway.

    These steps are the only way you'll succeed. I am studying to become a medical professional, a CNP. Print out this post for your reference and/or to bring to your doctor to work with you.
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    kava and kratom have been the best things i have come across. and I have much experience with many benzos and opiates.

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