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    Default Altovis

    I've been given Altovis and it is an energy pill...wut does that mean, can you become dependent, and you abuse it, and does it have side effects...if someone can please help I'd appreachate it...

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    I fell for that ad several months ago on tv for Altovis. It's just mild herbs you can buy at a health food store. They are well advertised rip offs. As in the case of another of their well advertised products...."free" month's supply you pay "only $4.95 for shipping", etc. They have one product after another they push with lots of slick ads. After a while you begin to recognize it. The scam is either you get the product you paid the month's suppy of or you get the "free" stuff but within two weekds you get another month's supply and lo and behold you see the charges on your credit card. They answer the phone when you complain but give you the run around. Yep, it's all legal, just prays on folks like you and me not to notice the details, the fine print and they make their money off the folks who don't go to the trouble of involving their credit card company to recover the money spent because "it's all legal" They aren't the only ones, but they are the most heavily advertised on tv so there is no doubt they are making a fortune from this scam.....ledgally! Berkley Neutracueticals is their billing name and here are some of their other rip-offs: Enzyte, Avlimil, Dromias, Numovil, Ogoplex, Pinadol, Rogisen, Rovicid,Rudafil, Suvaril, Nuproxi....I can't remember what their current scam product name is now but it always looks like a legit product to cure stuff (your sex life, overweight, anxiety, the list is endless. See mounting complaint about them at In fact, Ogoplex (for your sex life) was pushed in Psychology Today magazine as if it were a legitimate colum answering health questions....never even labeled an "advertisement"....that's why I cancelled my subscription to that magazine. There are a couple of class actions apparently against this company as well. carried away just makes me so angry. My medical license and my extensive education didn't protect me a whit when the product played upon my needs and I let my gaurd down and forgot....there are no instant cures in the form of a pill...we just wish there were.

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