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Bill C-51 Canada
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    Default Bill C-51 Canada

    Does anyone know anything about Bill C-51 in Canada?

    I do know it is about regulating "naturals and supplements and functional foods", and it has heavy enforcement penalties for violators. For eg., it a family member grows garlic and gives it to another family member for a medical condition, they can be jailed and lose their house. Hmmm - how will they know if it was for flavor or for the heart disease???


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    C-51 is an evil piece of legislation (along with C-52) that is part of Codex Alimentarius, a worldwide mandate from the UN and WHO, pushed by wicked drug companies, to ban the use of all vitamins, minerals, and supplements by reclassifying them as drugs that are subject to toxicology risk assessment, an assessment that no nutrient or natural supplement should ever legitimately be subject to because they are not toxins! Basically, a drug must go through the assessment to be tested for the levels in which an adverse effect occurs, resulting in a dosage below that threshold, but that is for a toxic, chemical drug! By applying that methodology to nutrients, it will assess the level in which a nutrient starts to have an effect (which is a good effect when it comes from a nutrient), and require a dosage only below that threshold, resulting in a useless nutrient that doesn't have any effect at all - does that make sense? While most vitamins, nutrients, supplements, and natural foods that do not make the UN's and WHO's cut of what is acceptable, only a few will pass and will be available by prescription only at dosages well below a level where they will have any effect at all. What is the result? Mass genocide because nobody will be able to get nutrients or nutritional supplements thanks to the evil drug companies who want everyone enslaved to their toxic chemicals. This CANNOT be allowed in Canada, nor in America. America is the next target for Codex implementation at the end of 2009, despite our bill of rights and laws that protect our access to nutritional supplements. Codex is a UN, WHO agenda that has nothing to do with the will of the people, only the will of evil tyrants and their drug companies. Please, PLEASE tell all your legislators to OPPOSE Codex, C-51, C-52 and any efforts to control our food and nutrition. Visit for information about it in the USA and for Canada! Don't listen to the lies and propaganda of the drug companies or anyone else who will tell you that these agendas are not dangerous and only want to help the quality of vitamins or other such nonsense. There are many who have done their homework on these agendas and understand that it will destroy all nutrition and health freedom. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!

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