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Can catnip be addictive?
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    Default Can catnip be addictive?

    My twin brother and I both smoke catnip, to relax, and to self medicate for insomnia. It causes a definite "high" that is different from just smoke inhalation, and works very well as a sleep aid. However, when we stopped for a while, we both got headaches, similar to caffeine withdrawal. So I'm wondering, has anyone heard of catnip being addictive?
    I ask because we've got a family history of addiction, and have both had problems with it in the past (me more than him) so if it is addictive, there's a good chance we'll both get hooked. Also, if it matters, all the catnip involved was organic, food grade catnip, intended for human consumption.

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    No, catnip is not addictive and is harmless, however you should always consult your doctor about how much you can consume. It is known that can help you with your insomnia but if you wanna relax and you think you are becoming addictive to catnip, you can always switch to valerian, they have those at any store and is a natural medicine, it has almost the same effects as catnip, and it comes in capsules. Valerian would help you and your brother to relax and have a good night sleep.

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