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Drugs nagative and possitive side effects.
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    Default Drugs nagative and possitive side effects.

    Hi willard here.I am 23 year old software professional.Suffering from over fat.I don't have time for Exercise .I want some information about weight loss medicines.Do weight-loss medicines really work? .But I am still confused and want some more information related to weight loss medicines.Is there any negative side effect of weight loss medicines? Pls help me.

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    There is no easy fix. If you have time to surf the internet looking for diet pills you could have run up and down a couple of flights of stairs!
    Bad food and no exercise make us fat (I include myself), so it stands to reason good food and some exercise will do the opposite.
    Here's the deal Willard, I've started because of hypertension. You're on your way there but you can hold it at bay with just a little effort. While you look for the magic bullet you're wasting precious life time.

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