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Ejaculation Problem - Need Help
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    Question Ejaculation Problem - Need Help

    I am 26 years of age and am suffering from ejaculation issues, its past 2 months i lose my erection before time. Thus the doctor prescribed me 50 mg viagra..which actually worked..i have used it 3 times since then. .and the effect had been really great. However when I used it last week , it worked great but later I started feeling dizzy and low. What could it be? Has anyone experienced this before?I am on Dilatrate40 mg from past 2 weeks.I need this drug as i expirience chest pain at times.

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    Hey jordan...even i have used viagra..many times...after a few months as i was suffering from chronic heart disease..i was put on Dilatrate20 mg twice a day...after which when i used Viagra..i felt palpitations and my blood pressure became very low..that i fainted two - three times..(

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