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Good foods for low/no appetite?
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    Default Good foods for low/no appetite?

    I've been sick with some nasty virus (fever, chills, aches) since Tuesday and have had almost no appetite. Between Tuesday lunch and Thursday breakfast, all I had was a cup of soup. Anyway, today my fever is down and the aches are gone, but I still feel slightly off and still have no appetite. I'm making myself eat but it's hard, and nothing sounds good when I think about planning a meal.

    I went to the doctor on Wednesday and talked to her on the phone yesterday, but I didn't think to ask her about this.

    Anyone have any ideas of things that are good to eat when you have no appetite? Soup worked OK for a few days but I'm sick of it now. Right now I'm just picking the chicken out of some Chinese takeout, because that's the only part that tastes good to me.

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    Actually soup or broth is fine until you're feeling better.The big thing is to stay hydrated.So drink sport drinks if you can like gatorade ect.They will replace electrolytes and help with energy and dehydration.Keep eating the soups,they are good for you.You should be back to your old self in a couple three days.Hang in there.....Dave

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    Default Re:Good foods for low/no appetite?

    If you're worried about loss of nutrients, you might want to try a health shake or drink of some kind, that's fortified. The Vitamin B-12 Patch is a revolutionary product developed to supply the body with vitamin B12 needed to increase energy and mental strength. You may find further detail at

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    Default appetite

    I think u should eat fods with cards so that way ur getting energy. other wise how r u functioning?

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    my food of choice was always lolipops, then again, that was becasue I was nauseated from all the pills I was tkaing and couldn't keep anything else down, I don't know, fruit's good too...

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    Default 5'7, 120lbs

    I have a question related to this one... It's not from an illness, though.
    I've been perscribed Topamax for migraines. It's working well for a preventative... But, when I started, I weighed about 150. I was unhappy with that weight, because I was chubby. So I did try to lose weight by working out and cutting down calories. I got down to 135 and I was happy, but now, it seems I can't stop but continue to lose weight.
    I read the side effects of my medicines, and I saw that topamax will cause weightloss. I eat tons of carbs now, atleast four meals a day, I discontinued my workout regimine, and my weight continues to drop. I'm 5'7 and now weigh 120. I've discussed other preventatives for migraines, but my doctor said this is the best, any suggestions on how to keep the weight on?

    Would vitamins help?

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    you can take food which is rich in proteins because protein helps our body to function properly .proteins also brings energy in your body
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    You should try imitrex.. best migraine med I found so far.. topamax messed with my vision.

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    I think first you need to take different foods that energize you and keeps you hydrated. For taste you can try stuff that you love eating to get back to your eating habits. Don't stop taking the amount of food that you need everyday because it will create more problems.

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