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Herbal Remedies For Burning Mouth Syndrome
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    Burning Mouth Syndrome is a painful sensation in the tongue, lips, mouth and palate. It is basically a disease in which blistering and very frustrating sensation is felt in these areas described above.
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    Have you consider "violeta de genciana" (Methylrosanilinium Chloride)

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    Hey martean, have you tried using ginger? I heard from our local community that this ingredient has an amazing herbal healing properties. I haven't tried it though because I did not experience having this syndrome, but its worth the try.

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    yes it is the one kind of disease. Honey is good solution for that, Honey helps to control the burn and also pain. You can also use glycerin it is also good for this.

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    Here's some advice i found on the net. I hope this would help.

    One of the essential home remedies for burning mouth syndrome is chewing sugar free gum. Give up the commercial toothpastes. Instead use baking soda as a replacement. Suck on a piece of ice; it gives a relieving cool sensation. Apply some glycerin on the affected areas of the mouth. You can also add some honey in your milk; it helps increase the flow of blood to the tongue. Application of lavender oil on the tongue will help too, since lavender oil is an antiseptic as well as a promoter of blood circulation.

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    The following tips could ease your pain
    • Drink more fluids, to help ease the feeling of dry mouth, but avoid carbonated beverages.
    • Don't use tobacco products.
    • Avoid alcohol and products with alcohol, as they may irritate the lining of your mouth.
    • Avoid products with cinnamon or mint.
    • Avoid spicy-hot foods.
    • Avoid acidic foods and liquids, such as tomatoes, orange juice, soft drinks and coffee.
    • Try different mild or flavor-free brands of toothpaste, such as one for sensitive teeth or one without mint or cinnamon.
    • Take steps to reduce excessive stress.

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