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Herbal Xanax?
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    Default Herbal Xanax?

    Hi guys

    Is there such a thing? Herbal Xanax? I thought the chemical components are the same?
    Any Ideas?

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    xanax is a benzo. benzo's are a man made class of drugs. not possible

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    To the best of my knowledge, all the benzodiazepines are synthetic, so you won't find plants with the same chemicals. Even if you could, why bother, it's the same thing, only less well regulated because the fda doesn't regulate herbs. If you're looking for herbs with anti-anxiety or sleep-aid effects, try scullcap, camomille, and/or valerian internally, and lavender in incense, soap, or bowls or cloth bags strategically located in your home car office etc.

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    Default intersting

    I think that previous orators are right, so herbal xanax is a fake
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    Hi There,

    Xanax cannot be herbal, although there exist enough natural (herbal & homeopathic) alternatives like Scuttelaria laterifolia St. John's Wort, Avena Sativa, Nux Vomica and Coffea etc. which assist with occasional routine sleeplessness and naturally maintain night time harmony. Insomnia can be treated naturally.
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    Default Herbal Xanax


    There is no such thing as herbal Xanax, Xanax comes from the Benzodiazapin familyt. There are herbal antidepressant tretments like Cloud Nine MoodRelief which I know works very well and has no side effects. It contains 100% natural active indredients.
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    Valerian is also sedating for most people.

    However, you need to be careful about using herbs since they can be very powerful and can interact with medications.

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