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Hoodit goodonii
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    Default Hoodit goodonii

    Does hoodit work and does it have any interaction with high blood pressure meds?

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    A word of caution about any 'new' weight loss pill/supplement/fad. It was years into the use of fen-phen before it was noticed that people were dying from heart valve problems. After searching for research on Hoodia gordonii, I have been unable to uncover a number of things. For example, the exact mechanism of action, the adverse reactions, ideal dosage and active ingredient. From what I have found, all these things are simply unknown because the plant has not been studied enough yet.

    Interestingly, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has been researching hoodia, probably with the intent of patenting a medication analagous to the plant's active ingredient. However, they will still have to show the FDA that their product is not only reasonably safe but that it works.

    So your question about interactions with blood pressure medications is a big fat "UNKOWN." No one knows what receptors or what other physiology hoodia may affect that could interact with your BP meds.
    So, caveat emptor.

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