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    Default Ibogaine

    Heelo all. I am new here so if I make a boo-boo I'm sorry!

    About four years ago I needed to detox as I was going into the hospital for a very major (12 hour) operation. Even though the pain clinic I go to is attached to the hospital there is ALWAYS a problem for someone that uses a lot of opiates prescribed or not. You will always bump into a doctor or a nurse that does not believe in long term narcotic use and they have their ways of expressing it, much to your detriment. I have been there done that and was not going to do it again.
    I went on line and searched for quick detox. I found a drug called Ibogaine. It is not allowed in this country I made a number of calls to this clinic in Mexico and after my due diligence I decided to try it. I got on a plane and went to San Diego. I was picked up at the airport and driven to the clinic in Playas del Sol Tijuana (sp). We stopped by a Lab on the way and they took blood and urine samples. Later that afternoon I met the director of the clinic and filled out about 1000 pages of information By then I was crashing very badly but they told me I had to be off for 24 hours. Doesn’t sound like long but most of us know what 24 hours w/o meds is like. I expressed my displeasure of having to wait but they filled up the time with forms and getting my room setup. I had a private room with music, bathroom and a nice view. I took my test dose which lets them know if you might possibly have a reaction before they give you the mega dose to clean out your system. I had a complete physical by a doctor. By 7:30 that evening, it was a Monday I was given the proper dosage according to my weight. There was a doctor on staff at all times and two very nice nurses as well. They have four rooms and usually have 2 to 4 people taking at the same time. If you do a little research you will find that this medicine has been used for many years in South Africa as a rite of passage for young boys going into puberty. The idea is that this med unlocks their brain and they visit, in their head, past ancestors of the tribe and learn why they are in Africa and what life is all about. After they go thru this experience they become men in the tribe’s viewpoint.
    Well there was a fellow by the name of Howard lotsoff (sp sorry Howard) who was travelling thru the area with friends and he convinced the tribe to let him try it. He went thru the experience and the following day ne noticed he didn’t feel the need to reach for his >>>>>>. Yes he was a junkie. He thought it was strange and so he asked some of the other people he was with to try it and the same thing happened. After they went thru the experience of this drug metabolizing thru your system they as well (the junkies) all felt no desire to get high.
    OK what happens you might be asking I have never heard of thishow could this be?No withdrawal symptoms or at least no more than 10 % or so. In my case the experience lasted three days. I took at 7:30 as I have said. Around 45 mins later I started seeing faces floating around me and a slight buzzing in my ears. Next I was watching a filmstrip of my life I found I could stop and rewind it anytime I wanted to, I could hear and speak to people just as if they were right in front of me, I found that I could also play some what-if's with myself, for instance. I watched as I tried my first diet pill and I felt the rush of the amphetamine going thru my system. I saw what happened next and I said to myself "if I didn't take it what would have happened" I played those games with other points in my life where I made decisions that probably , ok defiantly were not in my best interest and again I was able to see why I made the decision I did. That "life review" goes on for anywhere from 6 to 18 hours. The nice thing is, and if you haven't got it by now this is a hallucinogenic, just as with any of them if you find yourself in a bad spot you just open your eyes if they are closed or close them if they are open. It will reset the film strip and you can restart where you want to.
    I hear people now.... if you could take a medicine one time and be off the junk w/o withdrawal everyone would know about it. WRONG and there are some legit reasons but mostly it is the Gov't being paranoid that it might be abused. I will tell you that yes it is somewhat like LSD on steroids but how many times do you want to see your life experience. I think there is also a group of people, some here no doubt that feel it should not be that easy to get off. It’s a legit question but in my opinion very misguided.
    Ok so when you get past the life experience part of the medicine you then go into a period of reflection where you spend , again anywhere from 1 to 12 hours reviewing what you went thru. To go just a little deeper as you may know there was a time (and it may now be beginning to be used again) where LSD was used in a psych offices. The patient would ingest the drug and the Dr would lead them thru the trip. Well this medicine actually comes with its own guides. I know it’s hard to get your head around but this medicine gets so many neurotransmitters firing all at the same time I am sure if you could look inside of someone's head that is on a trip it would look like the fourth of July.
    Anyway in my case I was in the review period for at least 10 hours. As the drug metabolizes thru your system it turns into Nor-Ibogaine a different compound. Well the nor-Ibogaine starts to plug up all of the opiod receptors. In my case I swear I could feel them being sucked into a receptor and sticking in real tight. The best way to refer to this medicine is to call it a drug addiction interrupter. . If you take the Ibogaine and then continue on living your life the way you were when you were using you will just slip back into the old habits and start using again. It takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for the nor-Ibogaine to fall off the opiod receptors.
    This experience in my case went on as I said for almost three days. I was physically spent when I finally climbed out of bed and made my appearance downstairs. Like I said I was the only patient that week so I had the run of the place and a doctor of my own and two very nice nurses. I was pampered and fed whatever I wanted. The second day after I got out of bed they had a physical therapist come in and he worked over my body something fierce. He did a Swedish type massage. A deep tissue Swedish massage. I have to say it hurt like hell but felt oh so good, if you can relate He squeezed all the poison of fifteen years of heavy PRESCRIBED narcotics. I was totally addicted don’t get me wrong. Anyone that takes narcotics prescribed or not will eventually become physically addicted. Some I have heard as low as 10% will become an addict and will show signs of drug seeking behavior. Even those poor souls deserve pain relief with narcotics in my opinion if warranted. The problem is control. They are a doctors worst nightmare I am told. At least we are now beginning to see doctors becoming less afraid of the DEA and treating that group of folks as well. Again I am talking about people that have concrete medical reasons that narcotics are one part of a chronic pain treatment program.
    This medicine WORKS I had very little withdrawal symptoms. Really all I had was some loose stools for a few days. I have had the pleasure of going thru withdrawal once where I was stuck out of country with out medication. It SUCKED and I don't ever want to have to experience it again. I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy. It is a sin in my opinion that you have to go underground and break the law if you take this medicine in this country. As I said I went to Mexico and there are clinics now in Canada as well as all over Europe. This is NOT a drug that you close the door and pop a pill by yourself and have a wonderful time. YOU can NOT be alone when you take this. You really in most cases are not able to move on your own. I heard a very loud noise that brought me partially back to the real world during my experience. I noticed that there wasn’t any up or down or left or right so if the house catches on fire you will more than likely watch it burn around you. It is best taken in a clinical environment with professional people around you 24/7 it is not a drug that you go into lightly. There have been a few deaths. I think I know why, but I would say that there are thousands of addicts that die on the streets every year and untold thousands that OD every year. This drug will give someone that has decided to get off the junk a chance to get clean. Opiate withdrawal is a nasty horrible time consuming hurtful wasteful did I say nasty experience. I wrote my Senators and everyone else I could think of. I said at least give it to the people we have now put on maintained methadone. These are people that have made their minds up to be clean and all we are doing now is keeping them hooked at taxpayer’s expense so they don't go out and rape and pillage to support their habits Joking people don't get upset. I got nowhere. I am getting tired but I do tell everyone I meet, if I can get the conversation in that area. Everyone knows someone that either has a problem with drugs or has a relative that does. The Ibogaine BTW also works on crack addicts, smokers, really any addiction, again as an INTERUPTOR. You must get into a support group and change the people you were associating with if you are serious.
    Ok my fingers hurt so I will stop. You can Google Ibogaine and find tons of stuff. PLEASE do not let anyone tell you to just buy some and take it and you will be cured. If you would like to chat about it feel free to pvt me or I will watch this thread and respond when I can. Right now I am going to take cover as I imagine it will be a throw for a bit unless this has been discussed b4 in this forum
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    yeah yeah yeah......... I am very happy to see some post this..

    IBOGAINE works and works well... done with properly trained provider its very safe. Our government did the research and knows it works also...

    SO..... Ty for posting this. I posted my experience but too many still feel the addict must suffer or they will not learn. Well..... I learn more about myself in 35 hours while under the influence then I did in the 35 plus yrs doping. Safer also...

    TY again for posting this

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