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jock itch CURED BY cranberry
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    Default jock itch CURED BY cranberry

    I have had jock itch on both sides of my scrotum for 12 years. Now it is cured. I used to have to pply Rx anti-fungal cream to it at interval of every four days. If untreated it would become an open lesion. I started taking cranberry pills (OTC at walmart) for urinary health and it cured my jock itch. How great can it get? I also noticed a markedly decrease in the amount of underarm deoderant that I have to use too. UNBELIEVABLE. Contact me for details if interested.

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    Do you know what else will cure jock itch, athletes foot, and a dozen other skin aliments, and it won't cost you a cent and you already have an over abundant supply of it?
    Your urine, no joke, do it while you're in the shower and wash it right off, in less then a week it's gone, guaranteed.

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