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Ketamine (special K) and chronic pain relief forever?
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    Default Ketamine (special K) and chronic pain relief forever?


    I don't know if this is the right place in general discussions to be asking, but recently I have heard that ketamine can take away chronic pain forever. I know this might sound stupid, but does anyone know about this. I know that it is illegal and am not going to do it, I was just wondering.

    Apparently the hole you can fall into after doing too much special K can reset the receptors that allow you to have pain, you know the ones that our wonderful pain meds block. I dont know if it resets your body in some way, or blocks or unblocks the actually nerve receptors. I just heard that in other countries this is common treatment which can relieve you of chronic pain forever.

    When you basically awake from this black hole your pain doesn't come back with you.

    I have tried this, but it was before I was in pain well before my condition reared its ugly head.

    I was just wondering if anyone heard about this. Since I am a science major it would be nice if someone knew the actual pharmacology to this or why this happens. This posting is written so everyone can understand, so don't call me a tard because I am not using smart words.


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    I'm not giving this much thought, but in no way can my fertile imagination fathom falling into a K Hole will have any benefit on nerve endings, or even wrecking your brain in any way will change your perception of pain, save coma.

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    Default Yeah me either

    I was just wondering if anyone had further information on this. It doesn't seem to be the most logical thing. It was just something I heard about. Apparently in South America it is becoming very popular for doctors to try before giving out a lifetime of highly abused drugs.


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    Default You did say

    You did say it was illegal right?? I would not suggest "TRYING" something illegal to help you with a legitimate illness. Just my opinion

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    Actually, using Ketamine for chronic pain is legal, and approved by the FDA.

    I have full body Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and I've received Ketamine infusions on three separate occasions. They do help for a while. My feet only rarely turn purple, and they've helped many people with RSD start walking again.

    Unfortunately, for me, it wasn't a long-time deal. I fell down a month afterward, and the pain ended up relapsing. I'm set to have more next month, because the pain is just becoming too much for me to handle. The ketamine helps me get my footing back into the world for a bit, and I can go weeks, even months sometimes, without taking any narcotics.

    I had my first two sets done with Anthony Kirkpatrick in St. Petersburg, Florida, about half an hour from me. Unfortunately, his clinic is all out-of-pocket since insurance is still a bit skeptical of the whole thing. My mom used her retirement fund to pay the $7,500 per infusion fee that he charges. In his defense, all the money goes to keeping the clinic running, and paying his nurses. He makes his money as an anesthesiologist at a local hospital.

    I ended up getting lucky, because I was a minor at the time that I found her, but I met Dr Sandra Kaufman, who works at Joe DiMaggio's Childrens Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. She uses ketamine for kids with RSD, severe Fibromyalgia, and Sickle Cell. Since she's in-patient, as opposed to Kirkpatrick's out-patient, insurance covers the infusions she does. Unfortunately, she has to already be your doctor by the time you turn eighteen, or she can't treat you.

    If your pain is so bad that you can't go on anymore this way, then I recommend them. However, we still don't know the long-term effects of using Ketamine this way. It's definitely a case-by-case treatment. Especially since it works really well for some people, and not at all for others.

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