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Looking for Herbal Diurectic Info
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    Default Looking for Herbal Diurectic Info

    Howdy Gang, Unfortunately due to severe drug allergies (anaphylaxis), I am unable to take any Sulfa or Thyazide type diuretics. If I did, it would result in another emergency trip to the hospital, epi-pens, etc...

    I have already tried Alfalfa, Dandelion, Asparagus and have mixed the Dadelion caps with Asparagus caps together. I have heard that Goldenrod is used in Europe as a diurectic(water pill) and is as potent as Lasix. Has anyone tried Goldenrod as a waterpill remedy? I have @ 12 lbs. of water weight on me as a side effect of medication I'm on. Not to worry, I'm under Dr's supervision. I used to take Edecrin until someone removed it from the market. If any D.O.s', M.D.s' herbalists have any thoughts, I'd be most grateful.

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    There is a great tea at any health food store called Detox has several things in it and will make you pee! I have even bought it at the grocery! Good luck! Hawthorne berry also works.

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    Mixtures of herbs are good. Any kidney mix will be diuretic. Also cornsilk, uva ursi and others. Works well. and also for bladder infections. Be sure to drink a lot of water! That is the way to get the kidneys to be more active.
    Good luck!

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