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Method of chemical vagal stimulation for potentiation CNS drugs
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    Unhappy Method of chemical vagal stimulation for potentiation CNS drugs

    Method of chemical vagal stimulation for potentiation CNS drugs

    Dear Friends! Please discuss my project of potentiating CNS drugs by chemical vagal stimulation .
    Your sserdyuk

    "method for potentiating drugs"

    Electrical vagus stimulation is considered as the most effective method of treatment of such diseases as epilepsy, depression, chronic pain, drug addiction, obesity, resisted to action of drugs. However the mentioned method demands expensive operation and is not safe (it can cause cardiac arrest, bronchospasm, abdominal pains and other complications.).
    I suggest safe method of the chemical stimulation of the receptors of vagal afferents by agonists of peripheral receptors: cholecystokinin (CCK), glutamate, АТP, epinephrine, phenylephrine, carbacholine and adenosine, weakly penetrating into CNS, which in small, not causing side-effects doses after systemic or oral administration selectively stimulate chemoceptors of vagal afferents. Chemical stimulation of vagal afferents by agonists of peripheral receptors eliminates pain, depression, anxiety, convulsions, hypoxia, inflammation, decreases stress and, that the most important thing, in tens and hundreds times potentiates action of analgesics, antidepressants, antiepileptics, neuroleptics, antiparkinson agents, antihypoxics agent, stress protective agents without increasing of side- effects of drugs
    In contrast to expensive and unsafe method of the electrical vagus stimulation the offered method of chemical vagus stimulation is safe, cheap and accessible to patients as allows to use agonists of peripheral receptors in the standard dosage form (solutions, tablets, syrups, granules) or can be added to dosage form of known drugs.
    The idea can be realised quickly enough, for two years term because the used substances are allowed to clinical application.
    As a whole, the idea is devoted to the problem of creating of the simple and accessible method of chemical stimulation of vagus for the purpose of mass treatment of many diseases, and also potentiation of effects of analgesics, antidepressants, neuroleptics, antiepileptics without side-effects and complications.

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    Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system spreads up through the colinergic neurons of the parasympathetic nervous to the colinergic neurons of the brain thereby awakening the brain beyond the "normal" ten percent brain use. The largest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system is the vagal trunk, which splits into the left and right vagus nerves from which the plexuses of the parasympathetic nervous system branch off like a tree. In fact, this is what was called the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil".

    In the yogas of the East, these plexuses are known as the "chakras", the left vagus nerve is known as "pingala" and the right vagus nerve as "ida". The parasympathetic nerves in the spine are known as the "sushumna". Mystical secret societies believe that Adam and Eve stimulated one another's chakras.

    Dr. Stanislav Grof used the "pranayama" of "Holotropic Breathing" to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and thereby replaced LSD. LSD awakens the brain by blocking the brain's inhibitory neurotransmitter, seratonin. Vagal stimulation overrides the inhibitory system so that vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD.

    There are three extents of brain awakening called perinatal matrices. From ten to twenty percent brain use is heavenly, and is known as perinatal matrix one. From twenty to fifty percent brain use is "the knowledge of good and evil". It is very educational, and the mind gets more and more powerful to "materialize" its thoughts. From twenty to thirty percent brain use, drawing symbols of what one wants will get it. From thirty to forty percent brain use, writing what you want will get it, From forty to fifty percent brain use, saying what you want will get it.

    But, from fifty to one hundred percent brain use, every thought become your reality. All this happens by the strong thoughts drawing you to the probability timeline where your thought is reality. But, who can handle every thought. Things go wrong; and, finally the person wishes he were someone else; and, he body switches into that someone else, but most probably in a body with less that eleven percent brain use. But, it not being his body, when that body sleeps or dies it's off to another body, and on and on and on for about a hundred years duration, until he finally body switches into his own body back in time.

    Due to this phenomena victims were given large doses of LSD and then forced to watch horrible films so that they body switched into each and every person they saw, backward and forward in time, living their torments. This has been called the "clockwork orange treatment". But, LSD has permanent effects such that such victims remember living that part of their lives over after the dose, different ways, many times.

    To avoid such permanent effects the vagal stimulation of "waterboarding" has been used. Crucifixion does the same thing. That's how Jesus Christ is in all of us. Jesus Christ, being God the Son, body switched into everybody who ever was or will be, and on all the probability timelines thereof.

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