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most powerful medication out there ?
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    Default most powerful medication out there ?

    Hi all i been going thought all this since October. I had this fun that i truly enjoyed being with and talking to. Basically made me very happy and was enjoying life for once. But i was talking to much and always with him and i guess some how my teacher found out and he talked to me about it and said i can talk to him once a week but i broke the rule and went behind his back and talk to my friend when i was not suppose to. my teacher told me i cannot talk to him for one month! I was heart broken. I cried for about one hour. and i was on zoloft at the time and it did not help! So when the month went bye i asked my teacher if i can talk to my friend again and he said if you can not ask for a month and he added a another month on it! and from today i have not spoke to my friend ever since. So on November I went to the doctor and said i don't want to live anymore and i told him my problem and he up my zoloft and that help a little but made me very sleepy and then he change it to effextor. that made things worst. then he ran out of ideas and refer me to a physics. and i told him my problems and i asked him about cymbalta and he gave it to me and it is helping me a lot made this so much easier to deal with but i still miss my friend a lot and summer is almost here and i am still a little depressed what medication do you suggest for me with my problems ?
    i was thinking about going back on zoloft the highest it will go.
    or should i go with prozac

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    Out of all those drugs I prefer the Prozac but that's just me. It may or may not be best for you.

    What confuses me is why your teacher is telling you that you cannot talk with your friend.

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    Humans are so diverse, that there isn't one perfect magic bullet to cure everyone's issues. I believe it takes sheer luck to find the right antidepressant(s) that will bring the happiness & stability to make life easier to stomach.

    Oh, but to dream- what if there WAS a magic bullet to erase the depression and anxiety that is so rampant in our society now? Unfortunately, neither our brains nor the meds are, so that we can easily stop taking and walk away from one day, when we feel we've gotten what we needed and can stop. They just don't work like that. The drugs OR our brains.

    I took Celebrex for over a year, and I have to admit, that one did work for me. It just worked TOO well. I was the duck, and it ALL just rolled right off, nothing bothered me. But I couldn't cry. I've always been a sentimental, happy tears kind of person, so basically, I lost the core of myself while taking them. And that's when I weaned off and stopped taking them. Not to mention other side effects, a major one being the insta-weight gain.... It was like the meds were blowing me up a balloon.

    I've also tried Wellbutrin. It did not work for me. So I am now on 10mg/day of Lexapro, have been for around a year and a half. And it's really not working. I'm not sure I want to up the dosage, knowing it will make it that much harder to withdraw from.

    Sad part is, we sensitive folk need the prescription to fight the malaise, and we need it to work yesterday. But they don't work right away- you have to wait 3-4 weeks *hoping* it will work..... and then possibly having to take a higher dosage, to see if more will help.. And if that one doesn't work? There's the same stuff all over again- having to taper down, switch again and start hoping all over again that this will be the one.

    My advice, as a pharmaceutical hot mess since an injury and surgery in 2008- please research any med your doctor *thinks* may help, before you take it, or even fill a scrip. Look carefully at the side effects. And always remember, it alters the brain, and in some instances, it can last forever.

    If you're attending a school where teachers make the rules about who you may talk to, you should really meditate (or whatever your personal thing is) upon the consequences down the road, as well as how the chemistry is changing the way our brains function, naturally. The human brain is so pliable, and the meds just erase our natural pathways to happiness. Not to mention, there is science that shows that the human brain is not fully developed until one reaches their mid twenties.... I'm no doctor, but why would you try to squelch a brain that's still forming? Believe in yourself, and your strength, and do everything you can not to get trapped in the Web of Meds.

    I hope my rambling makes some sense, and helps in some way. Hang in there, take excellent care of YOU, and most importantly - forgive yourself, always speak positively to yourself, and LOVE yourself.

    I wish you enough.
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