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Muscle Spasm Cure
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    Default Muscle Spasm Cure

    Hey everyone,

    I know a homeopathic doctor who has cured antipsychotic withdrawal effects such has muscle spasms and stiffness. The homeopathy SILICEA cures muscles spasms permanently. So the formula is:-

    First week

    Take silicea 1000cc 3-5 pilletes once a day. Take vitasprin b12 (liquid form), one in the morning and one in the evening( no later than 6pm). Take a vitamin supplement(beta carrotene,c,e,coq10,b3,b6,b12,folic acid, magnesium, zinc) twice a day about one hour before vitasprint b12.

    Second week

    Silicea 200cc 3 pillettes twice a day. Do not change your supplements i have mentioned before.

    Third week


    Fourth week


    Fifth week

    Silicea 30cc 5 pillette thrice a day and add protein(all amino acids) to your supplements

    Take the silicea 30cc for three months along with msm.

    Then after three months, take silicea 6cc 5 pillettes twice a day.

    You will notice a change on the first day and slowly and gradually you will get back to your normal stage. It is a slow process.

    Good luck!

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    Default kinda different

    The homeopathic remedies decrease in potency -- I thought typically they increased over time.

    Thanks for the post, I've saved it for future use.

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