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Music Therapy
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    Default Music Therapy

    I highly recommend you try this if you have problems with stress and anxiety:

    I used to take prescription medication for anxiety, but my massage therapist recommended that I try music therapy to help relax. One of the most helpful CDs that I listen to is called "Songs From a Secret Garden" by the group Secret Garden. Their music is both beautiful and soothing, and the violinist plays wonderful melodies. In the past six months, I've definitely lowered my anxiety levels because of it, so it does work.

    The music is an important part of it though, so I suggest something like Secret Garden or Enya, they both work for me. By the way, I'm new to the forum, so hi everyone.


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    Thumbs up Hi Tabatha

    i guess u r right as i mysely using some music therapy for mysely for a back pain and trust me its helps me alot i just hope here that it will be helpful to those who will be in need of it
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    I can see were this could be benificial for sure. I do know that if I let myself listen to certain types of music I will turn into party Dave.Music can very much influence my mood. I used to playa little guitar in my early twenties and it definately put me into a different mood when I played.....Dave

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    Tabatha: This CD has helped so many people get to sleep within 5 to 10 minutes. You will probably never hear the whole CD unless you play it in the daytime. 5000 have been in circulation for over 10 years. It will put you into deep relaxation very fast, and it's beautiful solo harp music. See more about it and what lots of rested users say at There's so much fake stuff out there, but this one really works. David
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    Hi All:

    Excellent thread... Yes, audio assistance is excellent for pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

    I HIGHLY, highly recommend any of the audio work done by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. His website:

    Best Regards,

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