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My rights
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    Default My rights

    Do I have the right to know a nurses name who has treated me and has taken blod from me in the E.R. at a hospital? and the right to know what medicine I have been given?

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    Why you would want to know that for information for I have no idea, say in theory you in hospital and some nurse takes your blood, and they give you tablets in E.R. would you not ask the name of the tablets that you where being given? and don't they have badges with their names on it, you could ask your doctor and say you where in the hospital on whatever date as they would have the records anyway, on wether or not you would be given the nurses name is another thing, they will ask what you want their name for, I think that would be under some policy act of information depending where you reside, just ask your doctor they would have the records, or be on your medical records, and so on.

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    To answer you question...YES! you absolutely have a right to know and get any info you want about your medical record. There is such a thing as Patient's Rights. Most hospitals now post them in the E.R. and you also have a right not to be treated as well.

    With so many tv shows on nowadays advising consumers, seems to me everybody in the good ol' USA knows this. All you have to do is either go in person theo the Administration Office and ask for a patient advocacy or send them a nice little letter. I've now this many times. Good luck!

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