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Natural Cures book
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    Default Natural Cures book

    I was totally unimpressed and disappointed when reading this book. The entire book is just about the "conspiracy" that Drug companies, the Health Care profession and everyone is out to get us. I agree with Kevin that Surgery and pills are certainly not the only alternative however I used to have friends that were into more" natural" ways of doing things and they were not all that healthy, healthy looking and smelled horrible. Kevin tells us how we shouldn't use tap water, We should get or colons cleaned often and how we should only shop in expensive health food stores and not go out of our homes pretty much ever for a meal etc. Can't be that paranoid and Kevin.. I will never give up my antiperspirant or my Cinnamon Buns Body wash, nor is it feasible to give up my washing in tap water or not being exposed to clorine or floride. The benefits to Floride in my opinion well outweigh any possible side effects. My teeth were filled with cavities as a kid.. My kids with the benefit of floride, have had hardly any.. Savings in my book. Also, Maybe you and afford to go have a hose hooked up to your butt every other day or week to cleanse your colon but most of us don't and wouldn't want that anyway...[:I] I got my book yesterday.. skimmed it well and it's already for sale. Wish I hadn't wasted the money. His commercials make us believe this guy is really going to give us some recipes that will prevent some things from happening but he doesn't at all.


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    Natural Health and Beauty therapies are actually older than surgeries and antibiotics.

    I have not read this particular book, but have heard of the promotion surrounding it. It is sad that this person did not take the time to search out some of the tons of good alternative medicine information out there that actually helps people.

    The good news is that our bodies were designed and has the ability to heal themselves but we have to give them help!

    For more alternative medicine health information visit my website,


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    My favorite book on this subject is The Green Pharmacy by Duke.

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