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natural tried & true Homonal alternative
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    Default natural tried & true Homonal alternative

    Long drawed out story short. I am 40 years old with only one Ovary. Now that My age is catching up to me my hormones are totally wacko. Can't member....can't stay on subject, tired as heck and boobs are sore. Dr. Gyno heard my systoms and threw PrePro small amount at me said, take these better you will be!
    I was 100% more rum dumb and boobs still hurt along with well....Lack of drive and tired to boot!
    So Dr. Gyno threw a bit stronger Prempro at me......
    Felt like I was going to explode inside....all in knots......stressed to the over-drive mode!
    Help is there anything I can get to entergize me, and help my memory without a scrip? I can handle the booby hurting thing but refuse to become fat or walk around brain dead!

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    Try homeopathic SEPIA. Female hormones a speciality especially that 'worn out' feeling. Worse that happens is it doesn't work but it is one that rarely fails in these circumstances.

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    Default natural tried & true Homonal alternative

    I suppose it is better to use some natural medication or homeopathic medicines.
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