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Negative Side Effects of Phen... HELP
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    Default Negative Side Effects of Phen... HELP

    Someone help me. Please listen.

    is it just me or does taking phentremine makeyou want to go crazy? I'm serious. I totally want to kill my boyfriend for hardly any good reason. i mean sure there's some reasons, but not to make me feel like I want to kill him. I just recently started taking the pills just 2 weeks ago and it's like, in my head I just want to say to my boyfriend, let's break up and i'm feeling like I'm just trying hard to find excuses to hate him. I feel like it's the medication.
    Actually I know it's the medication. how can I avoid these negative feelings?

    anyways I have to go but please any help I'd appreciate.

    Height: 5'6"
    Age: 21
    SW: 168lbs (10-15-04)
    CW: 155lbs
    GW: 130lbs (2-1-05)

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    you need to be reevaluated by your doctor.I would say you should stop the medication right away if your having feelings or thoughts like you are.Go see your doctor........Dave

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