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    Default Quinine

    Anyone ever have quinine prescribed. I was told to use tonic water but was also told that it was available it rx form. I was told to use is for akesthesia (UNCONTROLLABLE need to move my muscles).

    Any experiences, suggestions, comments, etc.?

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    Default homeopathic

    i was having uncontrollable urges to move my legs and i bought a homeopathic medacine for that at cvs and it had quinine in it and the first time i took it it worked very quickly and i didnt have that painful urge for the rest of the day but the next day i did and i took the homeopathic quinine and it didnt work and i used the rest of the bottle as perscribed on the label when i had that urge and it only worked a few of the times i took it so yeah the form i took was homeopathic and i feel it only worked as a placebo cuz i tricked my brain into thinking it would work but most of the time it didnt work but since it worked a few times i feel its worth taking.

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