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Reglan-- Alternative?
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    Default Reglan-- Alternative?

    My Mom has a problem with her stomach emptying and has been prescribed Reglan. She is 70 yrs. old. Is there an alternative medicine that can be used for her condition?

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    The answer to your question is, yes there are many alternative
    "anti-emetics" on the market. I assume almost all are only available through prescription, as I have only been given these medications in
    the hospital to prevent nausea/vomitting due to the STRONG narcotics
    I was given. Many ERGOT DERIVATIVES such as D.H.E. are indicated for severe nausea/vomiting. Unfortunately for me, I am allergic to them.
    They only worsen my symptoms.

    Another one, which I am also allergic to, but is indicated for these symptoms, is called COMPAZINE. I'm not positive if it is spelled compa-Z-ine or compa-S-ine, but a doctor would know what I'm talking about. This anti-emetic has been linked to a severe adverse reaction called "acathesia." I know because it happend to me

    A third medication indicated as an anti-emetic is called FENERGEN or something of the like. It sounds just like i spelled it here. I am not allergic to this one, but I don't find it to be very effective. I believe this one is only avaiable as a suppository, which many people find useful, as there is no risk of vomitting it back up like a pill.
    Not sure whether to call this a drawback or an advantage, as rectal administration is never pleasant.

    In the hospital, I have been told that most people can't tollerate REGLAN. Luckily I am not one of those people.

    Recently I had several "facet joint blocks" in addition to a "cortisone epidural" performed on my lower back. Before the procedure, I was hydrated for 1 hour. Then they brought me back to the Operating Room and administered an IV chemical cocktail of
    MAC isoflurane + a strong narcotic which felt to me like a high dose of Dilaudid or maybe a lower dose of Fentanyl (they wouldn't tell me what it was) + an ANTI-EMETIC which the surgeon said was CLEANER, STRONGER, MORE EFFECTIVE, and MORE WIDELY TOLLERATED than Reglan. Unfortunately, the cocktail hit me like a ton of bricks, and I passed out before I could memorize the name of this miracle drug. All I can remember is asking one of the doctors what the anti-emetic was and her telling me something starting with the letter "Z." I have been unable to find the rest of the name, maybe you know it?

    Well, these are all of t anti-emetics I know of. I hope this helps you out. Please contact me at if you know the name of the one that started with "Z."

    Have a goodun!

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    Slig7 may be right about 'anti-emetics'(meds that help nausea and vomiting) but that really doesn't address your mother's situation since she is taking Reglan as a 'promotility agent' (a medicine that improves stomach emptying).
    Do you know why your mother has a problem with stomach emptying? Diabetes is a common cause (it can cause 'gastroparesis' or paralyzed stomach). Another, older choice, of promotility agents is erythromycin, an old antibiotic. Zelnorm is a newer med that can also work.

    Slig7, the anti-emetic you were probably trying to remember was Zofran.

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