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Remedies for gallbladder problems
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    Default Remedies for gallbladder problems

    My sister was diagnosed with gallbladder problems a few years ago and even though she has been told to go on a strict diet and await surgery she is having a lot of problems with bloated stomach and pain with nausea. Is there anything she can take that may help her with the pain and the bloated stomach? Nausea is also a common problem for her at the moment however she has not actually been sick so I am wondering if there is anything she can take that may take the sick feeling away?


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    As I know there is a remedy against Nausea.

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    Stimulating certain reflex points can also help normalize the flow of bile, if someone is suffering from bad gall bladder.
    It involves the use of a combination of acupuncture meridian points, as well as foot and neurolymphatic reflexes.

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    gallbladder complete is a liquid formula sold online for about 25$ and helped a lot of the people in the nutrition office I worked in for years. I think it's main ingredient is organic apple cider vinegar and beet juice which you could pick up at your local natural store. Ginger candies or ginger root is a great combative against nausea.

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