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Is there an alternative to Ranitidine?
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    Question Is there an alternative to Ranitidine?

    My family doctor put me on Ranitidine 150MG (twice a day) a year ago for my acid reflux. It worked extremely well, however, I can no longer afford to purchase the medication due to now being unemployed and without health insurance. This of course has meant that I'm back to having severe heartburn on almost a daily basis.

    I have looked into purchasing it OTC, however, with needing it twice a day I just cannot afford it at this time and I've already been months without it. To say the least, I am completely miserable and am barely able to sleep.

    Does anyone know of a good and safe alternative that doesn't cost so much?

    Thanks in advance to those who reply!


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    I once suffered from acid reflux, or GERD as they have labeled it. It was terrible, and it started when I was very young. I was reading a natural/homeopathic remedy book my father loaned me, and the author exclaimed that reflux is actually a sign of not enough acids in the stomach, not too much acid. He suggested taking digestive enzymes daily for at least two weeks. I chose a generic brand of Digestive Enzymes, which you could find at any health food or drug store. It did work, and I haven't had any acid problems since.

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