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Thomas Recipe
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    Default Thomas Recipe

    Hello, is it safe to start taking the ingredients in the The Thomas Recipe if I am still taking methadone?

    I am at a very low dose (under 5ml)
    Does anyone think it would be ok to start on the Thomas recipe while I'm tapering down to my last little bit of methadone?

    Any input is important so I can move on with the next phase of my life. I have been waking up feeling like >>>> because my dose is to low now. So instead of going back up I want to supplement with the Thomas recipe.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Yes, it's absolutely ok to beign taking the recipe now. The only thing I don't like about the Rhomas Recipe is the suggested use of the benzo. I know benzo's can be a help in some situations, but the abuse/addiction potential is so great I would rather not mess with them. Unless you're taking a benzo under doctors orders I would leave it out. Just a suggestion and up to you of course what you do.

    Great job on getting the methadone dose down. I was on it for years and my dose got above 200mgs per day!!! Liquid handcuffs is what we call it. That stuff nearly destroyed me. I got my dose down low and switched to Suboxone then got off that.

    What are your plans once you're almost off? Do you have some kind of support lined up? Just curious.

    We're here if you have other questions or concerns. Plenty of support if you continue to post!

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