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Treatment HPV
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    I was almost two weeks at the gynecologist, and after a consultation and PAP revealed to me that I have a wound and HPV, after which Mrs. doctor gave me a treatment with 12 ovules Cervugid. After 3 boxes of Cervugid ovules i did againg Pap and the test was ok.
    thanks Mrs doctor for this treatment.

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    Default Do not buy creviced ovules

    I am posting my experience here so you don't make the same mistake!

    After searching the internet for cures for BV and HPV, I ran across Cervugid Ovules I noticed that all of the blogs that had listings/information, it seemed like maybe their team were the ones leaving the info (leaving testimonials with instructions on how to take? Questionable...), but I ignored it because I was thinking how else does someone in Romania push their products into the US organically? When I wrote to ask questions, Alex (the creator of the product) was very attentive. I went ahead and ordered two rounds of it, based on our email exchange, I had been dealing with reoccurring BV ever since my colpo, and I was hoping the ovules would just about cure anything and everything, I guess... Of course, it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I used a suppository the first day, and felt a few tweaks inside my abdomen that were unusual. I ignored them, thinking it was the medicine doing its job. On the second day of use, I was getting STABBING PAINS in what I would *guess was my left ovary. They were so sudden and severe that I literally jumped out of my seat as they happened. No, no, no, that is definitely NOT right. I wrote to Alex, to let him know what was going on, he said no one had ever had that reaction. I told him I would like to send back all of the unopened boxes – a little less that $300 worth of medicine that I simply will not use. When something causes pain like that in the body, you’d better listen! All of a sudden, the email correspondence stopped. No response. No refund. No nothing. I can't even tell you if these work or not, because after the second day of using them and the incredible jolts of pain I experienced, I stopped using them. Pain free now, and I looked for a less severe answer. I found boric acid suppositories; ordered them for a fraction of the cost and they worked. Avoid the costly (and painful!) mistake of ordering cervugid ovules. Do not buy them - there is a reason they are not approved for use anywhere!

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