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  1. Wellbutrin bad reactions
  2. Starting Suboxone, scared to death!!!
  3. Drugs.com requests your help
  4. Drug Interactions with Paxil?
  5. can i return to pain management
  6. Does methadone become more addictive the longer that you're on it?
  7. Klonopin and Vicodin
  8. ROBERT325 I NEED YOUR HELP!! Want/Need to get off suboxone - Please Respond :(
  9. Skipping suboxone does and taking roxys, next morning will i get kicked into W/D?
  10. sleeping pills and weed
  11. Can somebody identify this drug?
  12. So now it is 330am and can't sleep;withdrawls
  13. Concerned son....would like an opinion of current treatment plan for my mother
  14. Mixing Xanax Trazodone and Abilify -- Scared!!
  15. Methadone Side Effects
  16. Too many prescriptions causing foggy head
  17. First Week of Adderall XR (what to expect)
  18. Possible allergic reaction to Ritalin?
  19. xanax dr in new york
  20. Back, neck, pain/headache
  21. 7 panel drug screen?
  22. Celexa/Lexapro
  23. Ive been on Suboxone and just got kicked from program. Dunno why?
  24. (White) grapefruit juice and clonazepam?
  25. prescribed oxycodone, but wanna try hydromorphone, will it matter in urine test?
  26. question about clonidine
  27. Is there any more sleep meds for me to try
  28. Robert_325 Melinda7.? MS.Contin W/Drawl/Suboxone questions
  29. What does tranquility concentrated bath salt really contain
  30. Diazepam (valium) and mixing
  31. Adderall NOT working!!!
  32. Here is diagnosis record, what kind of drug should the patient take ?
  33. How can I find some anti-rejection medicine?
  34. Hair loss with Crestor, Trilipix or Metoprolol?
  35. Problems w/ my meds & testoterone levels
  36. Robert325 plz help! Can u start taking Subutex w/o having 2 wait until u r in w/d?
  37. Need help Wanna stop using
  38. Ok Here we go again.... Jumping off subs at 2mg
  39. Could use some advice please
  40. Med change
  41. Oyycodone/apap
  42. NEED quick answer plz!!
  43. Lexapro-Hot Flashes won't stop!
  44. Fentanyl Withdrawl
  45. Percocet Dosage
  46. Clonazepam (Rivotril)
  47. Worried about APAP
  48. Clonidine Patch Help Please
  49. Will Opana work with Methadone?
  50. Better alternative to Prozac in fighting depression
  51. Paxil: one of the most addictive, and with the most side effects!
  52. With or without tylenol?
  53. took 3mg of Lunesta nightly for 2 to 3 months and I can't get rid of the side effects
  54. switching from norco 10/325 to Opana, need info!
  55. Wellbutrin newbee
  56. Blues.. roxies need information
  57. Breakthrough meds on Methadone?
  58. Diazepam Expiration question
  59. Long Term Buprenorphine Use & Taper
  60. Switching from Subutex to Suboxone
  61. Paxil and a sleep aid?
  62. So tired but stimulants have NO effect!
  63. Addiction as a Disease
  64. The new op oxycontin. very important
  65. Drugs used to treat severe dep & psychosis
  66. Drug Interactions?
  67. Kicking your Oxycontin Addiction
  68. antabuse and valium?
  69. poor memory and memory loss
  70. suboxone and quitting
  71. Alprazolam withdrawal advice
  72. On subutex but dr. Wants me on fentanyyl patch
  73. For people taking lisinopril
  74. Subuxone for pain management.
  75. all doctors should do this
  76. How much of a difference is there between brand name & generic with these meds?
  77. Purity of Pharma drugs?
  78. False-Positive UA; Please Help
  79. Switch from Fentanyl 50 patch to Opana ER
  80. How to drop dosage from Methadone to Morphine
  81. Possibly going to start OxyContin...
  82. question from hydro to tramadol
  83. Problem with "Robert's Method?" (Long)
  84. Subutex and always sleeping
  85. i need some help with ambien
  86. going from methadone to subutex
  87. Long term effects of taking Roxicodone
  88. Switched from Methadone to Suboxone... Need Advice
  89. Life with a Percocet Addict = Need Advice
  90. Going from Methadone to Subutex on Wed.
  91. Is there a medication called "Dconsuit" ?
  92. About to start Suboxone/Subutex, WORRIED
  93. Second time on Sub-all I want to do is eat!
  94. Oxycontin use
  95. Sertraline causing throat problems
  96. Urgent-17yr old daughter taking 8-10 xanax bars when she parties!
  97. Single 2mg dose of Klonopin, possible drug test 2 days later...Do I have any chance?
  98. Is it dangerous when white pills turn pinkish?
  99. Methadone tapper anyone know?
  100. does 20mg oxy IR= 20mg oxycontin er?
  101. Buprenorphine and depression/anxiety
  102. Which opiate has the least severe withdrawal?
  103. Temazepam
  104. Oxycontin and Prozac Effectiveness?
  105. abilify?
  106. want to stop Wellbutrin can I?
  107. Drug Testing Percocet and Opiates
  108. When will oxycontin leave your bloodstream?
  109. Hydromorph Contin testing?
  110. How many milligrams of Lorazepam is equal to 4mg of Klonopin?
  111. I missed my Methadone dose will they decrease my dosage tomorrow Help iam freakingout
  112. Will Methadone show up in a 5 panel test??
  113. Does Methadone Cause Tooth Decay?
  114. Xanax right for me?
  115. muscle twisting and tightening?
  116. Adding Anti-Anxiety Drugs to Wellbutrin
  117. wondering why>?
  118. ~~ Does Oxycontin come in 5mg ~~ !!!
  119. cogentin for benzo wd
  120. Norco after suboxen
  121. Too many medications
  122. Pre Employment drug test- lorazepam and dilaudids
  123. Pristiq or Cymbalta
  124. propoxyphene >> vicodin
  125. Differences between Amlodipine
  126. Lyrica
  127. Ativan withdrawal?
  128. Lorazepam/Ativan
  129. Lexapro and (Permanent?) Tinnitus
  130. ADHD Medications
  131. Opana- will I have withdrawals?
  132. Is it ok to take suboxone for methadone withdrawal?
  133. Please help me with Headache
  134. vicodin long term effect?
  135. If you take Suboxone for a few days will you have withdrawels when you quit?
  136. is 10mg oxycodone ir back??
  137. Suboxone/Premature Ejaculation
  138. how often can i take flexeril 10 mg for menstrual cramps?
  139. Anyone had bad experiences on oxycodone and xanex combination
  140. Question about starting Lexapro
  141. Norco to Lyrica
  142. how long till your dependent on soboxon?
  143. Opiate and weight gain
  144. I just found out that my 2 medications have a moderate drug interaction warning
  145. Difference between Norco and Vicodin (hydrocodone)
  146. How Long?
  147. PLEASE HELP, I can't tolerate Drugs! What is wrong with me ?
  148. Oxy totally changing it's effect???
  149. Need help with norco please read me!!!!!
  150. Quit Oxys, now taking Suboxone and need advise!
  151. Anti-anxiety Meds causing MORE anxiety
  152. Rapid sleep PM. Is it safe to take?
  153. please help
  154. Will Morphine show in a urine test for oxy?
  155. Best Sex Performance Drug or Combinations or Drugs??
  156. Darvocets (propoxyphene)
  157. One hit of marijuana and water...
  158. Help with new med=iroxycodone
  159. How to split roxycodone
  160. Topamax and Abilify
  161. Oxycodone detection time
  162. where can I find information?
  163. Ramipril Advice please
  164. APO SULFATRIM DS cervical bleeding side effects
  165. Will Midrin cause me to test dirty on a UA?
  166. roxicodone and trying to get pregnant
  167. Bystolic interaction/White Coat Hypertension
  168. Getting concerned
  169. xanax to ativan?
  170. Lexapro killed my sex drive--help!
  171. Drugs? What Drugs?
  172. depression/anxiety med question
  173. Severe Anaphylaxis Reaction To Protamine
  174. Codeine - Hypothetical Question
  175. Effexor XR
  176. Propranolol
  177. mixing narcotics
  178. Norepinephrine
  179. detox or rehab in New York area
  180. narcotic refills
  181. methadone dosing??? why so high??
  182. methadone drug test- help!
  183. Is taking 20 mg's of prozac and and 20 mg's of adderall dangerous?
  184. Decadron Injection For Gout & Knee Damage Pain Relief?
  185. long term use of Betadine solution
  186. Suboxone/Lexpro withdraw
  187. Xanax -- Memory Loss???
  188. I plan on getting off methadone soon.
  189. Paroxetine Interactions
  190. Prednisone - ANY ALTERNATIVES for R.A.?
  191. New Member with Question about Xanax XR
  192. Chronic pain
  193. How does a pain patch work exactly?
  194. Can anyone help me wih a question on suboxone and methadone?
  195. Can a GP prescibe suboxtex?
  196. Kind of scared, of seizures?
  197. New to Adderall
  198. Simvastatin
  199. Strange smell from Vicodin?
  200. Oprah Show
  201. Step up from Lortab?
  202. Hydrocodone >>. Morphine Sul.
  203. Strength of this >>. Lortab 10's?
  204. Oxycontin >> methadone
  205. Codeine withdrawal and restless legs
  206. Hooka???????
  207. Want to maybe switch to Propoxephene (Darvocet)?
  208. excedrin?? please help..
  209. Risperdal Withdrawal?
  210. Norco 10 - daily dosage
  211. Why does Adderall cause acne?
  212. Avinza.. Kadian? Morphine?
  213. need help
  214. what helps with methadone withdrawl?
  215. Why does methadone make you so itchy?????
  216. What is too high a dose of Methadone?
  217. Help needed please-Pethidine & tramadol switch to hydromorphone/palladone?
  218. Fentynal 100mcg patch >> Methadone
  219. Xanax short term use question
  220. Tramadol Question
  221. Suboxone question?
  222. My marriage with painkillers finally ended....
  223. Is it possible to use hydrocodone for suboxone?..
  224. Taking Lexapro 20MG with Carbatrol 300MG
  225. Understanding Xanax dosage...???
  226. Antabuse affecting private pay insurance
  227. Oxycodone IR question
  228. Started subox. yesterday
  229. ? about OC-10 >>. 10mg Percocet...
  230. SUBOXONE: spit/swallow
  231. Oxycontin & Lyrica
  232. Suboxone Question
  233. confused
  234. Drug Interaction??
  235. Celexa - Anyone with a positive experience?
  236. There's an inequality going on by territory that's not fair
  237. Why is my Suboxone making me feel like this?
  238. Loritab Withdrawl
  239. Methadone for Menstrual Cramps
  240. Suggestions please.
  241. W.T.Frigg?????? WHAT is Savella????
  242. Understanding drug interactions
  243. New info about Vicoden????????
  244. Question on bad interaction to Methadone
  245. Norco?
  246. Pain management issues regarding Toradol IM, Cesamet, Remoxy and Oxytrex
  247. OXY ER question
  248. If I take prescribed tramadol daily, will it make hydro/oxy not work anymore?
  249. should i be worried about using a Fentanyl Pain Patch?
  250. Methadone cause headaches?