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  1. Round, White pill, TEC imprinted on one side
  2. Small Pink Capsule???
  3. (Round?)thick pills with weird X font on and 2 on back
  4. Oval pill with a star imprint
  5. Round white pill "A" on one side, blank on other
  6. Pink, oval-shaped pill. Has MICRON on one side.
  7. White oblong pill with triangle imprint on one side, no number
  8. White, bullet-shapped pill with AG 5 3 imprinted on one side.
  9. Unmarked Circle White Pill-Help
  10. Blue oval pill with 50 on it?
  11. White circle pill with logo imprint, no numbers or letters
  12. Help with pill identification, please!
  13. What is this pill?
  14. Dark green pills, oval shaped. Image included.
  15. Adderall???
  16. HI everyone, i have a question
  17. Hello I would like to identify this pill
  18. yellow, oval, AX, scoring down the middle
  19. i have a question about pill orange
  20. Round white pill with 2 connected g's in shield etching
  21. Small white round with score on one side, hexagonal imprint and symbol on the other.
  22. oval pill - picture of potted plant ?!?!
  23. Peach Pill with "M" on one side and "S" and "I" on the other.
  24. White pill, round, small, imprint A 307 R
  25. Asprin?
  26. So i need help
  27. Whote oblong/oval pill “7 02”
  28. What is the pill with imprint M 734?
  29. Worried Mum needs advice on a pill
  30. Help me please
  31. I have a little question
  32. So i need help
  33. Round pill, yellow coating, cross scored on one side, convex the other
  34. A quick question about P75
  35. Hi there
  36. A quick question about pill
  37. my brother take 2 tab of tramadol . whe half life of tramadol?hat is t
  38. Britt
  39. Hi guys, i have a question about found pill,please help me
  40. Hi guys, i have a question about ID, please help me
  41. So i need help
  42. Can someone help me classify?
  43. I'm new to the group. Please help everyone
  44. how much amount of depakote is safe perday to prevent swellinq and skin rash
  45. problem
  46. white pill imprint C103/008 help
  47. Pls assist in identifying these 2 pills.
  48. help! mint green 403 round w/ what looks like two T's right side up & two upside down
  49. Peach round, scored, "20" other side, uncoated
  50. Round White Pill, Imprinted Z/X or N/X
  51. Please help with identifying a pill?!
  52. Animal Pak Pill Identification. Which is which?
  53. Found pill cannot identify
  54. Please identify - round, off white, M on front and a 3 on back
  55. orangish oblong pill with + imprinted on it
  56. Pill identifier - found half blue with partial imprint
  57. Green round pill with a lightning bolt
  58. White Oblong - R P / H10/325
  59. Oblong pink pills
  60. White oblong pill imprint P500
  61. Need help with pill I'd, only have half to work with
  62. small white round tablet scored on one side with a ringed p e logo on other side
  63. Small Orange A3 pill.
  64. Canadian pill: round white, "8 2" imprint one side, M or W inside hexagon other side
  65. Pill Identification Please
  66. Please Help Identify Red / Maroon 57 Round Pill?
  67. Help identifying pink oval tablet, N 30
  68. White Oval/Oblong Tablet with score down the middle + letters I and C - Please Help!
  69. Light Green Round Pill with Tree Imprint On One Side Need Help with >>
  70. small round, blue pill with "N" or "Z" on one side
  71. White round pill Strange symbol no letters or numbers
  72. Small Yellow Round Pill with Capital L Engraved
  73. Round white pill P 10 on one side
  74. what's this pill?
  75. advise on methadone withdrawal
  76. Small round convex pill, 6mm diameter, pink/orange, letters OR 41 on one side
  77. Blue round pill with D underline 10
  78. What is this pill - with 'No' imprint?
  79. white oblong pill with four vertical raised lines, round back
  80. Pill Identity
  81. Unmarked Red Capsule- White Powder
  82. Bright Pink Pill - can't find any information about it after exhaustive searching
  83. Small round light pink pill with 2 flat sides and plus-shaped hole in center.
  84. Need some help identifying a small round pill with an E on one side
  85. Small pale yellow oblong oval black 27 printed on
  86. Small White Pill With Lowercase U or N and 10 or 01
  87. Small white round pill with 426 and 52 imprinted on it
  88. Purple Pill (Percocet/Oxy??)
  89. White oval tab "79"/ "3"
  90. White Rectangle with Imprint ALPZ
  91. Small White Oval Pill: Imprint - G (space) G - Nothing on back
  92. Very small round white pill. Scored on one side, and has a strange logo on the other.
  93. Square Blue Pill with Round Corners and "A" Imprint
  94. Red round pill, No markings. (Pic!) please help
  95. Oblong white pill with 30 imprint
  96. is hydrocodone 10-325 the same as percocet 10-325
  97. small faded yellow pill scored in half novo 40
  98. Large blue pill!
  99. Is this a real OC 80??
  100. Little blue pill
  101. ALL Clear Capsule- no imprint - filled w/ white powder - Supposedly Adderall
  102. R114 - Small round 5mm white pill
  103. round brownish/orange S35 imprint on one side
  104. Orange APO 600
  105. White - Round - GC 101
  106. Round pink pill G on one side 100 on other
  107. Oxycodone 30mg IR Cor 226 DARK BLUE
  108. round, white, rough, flaky, no markings
  109. Round orange pill 1/2 scored on one side
  110. Please tell me what this pills is?
  111. Blue and Red capsal
  112. Pink Rectangular Pill
  113. Small round white pill k 18 on one side
  114. Light Blue Pills Found
  115. Blue percocet with brown specks?
  116. White oblong caplet G, score, 31, score on back
  117. Egg/Tan 20 Imprint, Round/Yellow 20 Imprint, Four Sided/White 100 Imprint Pill >>
  118. valium pill ?
  119. small round blue "xo" or "ox" imprint
  120. clear capsule filled with tan powder, unmarked
  121. Morphine Identifier? Greenish oval "15" one side think "rph" other. Canadian pill
  122. Little white round pill with 8 and a arrow
  123. Fake oxycodone 30 - any info?
  124. Round pink tablet with imprint "151"
  125. Pfizer 2mg Xanax Bar (Real/Fake?)
  126. Unmarked small capsule: navy/dark blue and yellow
  127. Triangular White pill X 3, Fake Xanax?
  128. Kinda peach pill with d 32
  129. Oblong peach/orange capsule with C | G and H | C
  130. Red (top) and Pinkish (bottom) Capsule with "15" & "apo" on it think it a sleep pill?
  131. Morphine or Dialaudid for pain
  132. Orange Pill, round with raised arrow on one side
  133. white round pill with 10 imprinted
  134. solid blue antibiotics ?
  135. Clear Capsule with K 50 and 3 black stripes
  136. Half Orange Capsule with Yellow Beads/Balls
  137. Oval white M263
  138. Round Yellow "D5"
  139. Yellow elliptical pill with "P-D" on it
  140. Black teardrop/oval/egg pill with "TL" logo/imprint
  141. Found pill in sons room...please help!
  142. Canadian Morphine 200mg, 60mg, 30mg, 100mg, Red, Orange, Pink, Grey Eslon Capsule
  143. white oblong pill PT A515
  144. Yellow oval 106 | S
  145. Small blue pill
  146. white round west-word 290?
  147. small bright blue pill with 'D' marking on one side
  148. white oval 20 oxy
  149. xanax 2mg football?
  150. pink k56 small round pill,what is it?
  151. White Elliptical "3" one side "79" other side.
  152. Oblong Red Pill (no markings)
  153. round blue pill I3
  154. Pink pills I got from Pharmacy in Thailand
  155. DARK BLUE CAPSULE - Sleeping Pill? Help Please!
  156. Xanax - purple 1mg?
  157. Pfizer Xanax Bar 2mg
  158. MSG,blue round-suppose to be 10ml valium?
  159. Round white blank pills in blister package, supposed to be Alprazolam
  160. Small yellow pill, imprint 4 on one side, D on the other side?
  161. round blue pill, imprint 5 oxy one side, scored on other
  162. Blank round yellow pill?? WHAT IS THIS?!
  163. Found a White oval/oblong(?) pill with scored middle with E & an N Imprint (pic inc)
  164. Blue oblong TyC 365
  165. White round pill with large E on front
  166. help me identify please
  167. red / white and green / white capsules brazilian diet?
  168. White pill with "sun" on one side, crosshair-type scoring on other
  169. Round blue pill with 10 imprint on one side, none on the other
  170. Small pink pill-- 5 6 on one side c on the other
  171. oblong white scored DAF 1G
  172. Pill ID: small, orange, round imprinted with '10'
  173. marked only 223 small white round pill
  174. Red circular pill with APO ULTRA on it
  175. round yellow pill 441 over 71 imprint
  176. Small round white pill with M-321
  177. Small round white pill with M-321
  178. brightly orange colored pill, round, unscored and unmarked!?!?!?!
  179. round tablet white, imprinted BMP 206 on one side HELP!
  180. Yellow Round Russian Pill
  181. yellow football 106 S
  182. Clear capsule, beige sandy fill. Meta Imprint
  183. white round pill, 51B
  184. What is a yellow round pill imprinted with 44- 403?
  185. Round, Gold tablet, Pfizer
  186. Small Round Green Pill "P" on one side om on the other
  187. Round white pill scored on 1 side imprinted 325 on the other. What is this?
  188. Round pill, says "oxy 10" and nothing else
  189. Need to identify found pills, white tab V 4810
  190. pill-white-round-E
  191. Pink square pill with A imprinted
  192. small round blue pill - Mylan A 1
  193. HELP! Round yellow pill.
  194. Yellow Oblong Capsule with no markings
  195. Green football?
  196. Oval Peach GG 257
  197. Does Anyone Know What Pharmacy Has Green 1mg Xanax?
  198. Round pill, green and white with an "E"
  199. White, oblong tablet with an "E"
  200. Peach Color - Diamond Shape Pill. 463 9 3 Imprint
  201. Round white pill with I-2 imprint
  202. Found small green pill in daughters room
  203. Large oval off white/yellowish gel cap with no markings
  204. white oval pill with c on one side 2 4 on other side
  205. White, oblong pill with V on one side & 35 92 on reverse.
  206. White oblong imprinted M357. Vicodin?
  207. round, orange/rust colored, imprint I-2
  208. Round, White, IP over 464
  209. White oblong pill with I8 on it. What is it?
  210. Round small orange pill with cross etching
  211. red unmarked capsule
  212. Blue pill with WL 91 and B
  213. peach imprints are 10mg on 1 side & square w 5 dots like a dice
  214. White tab (oblong) imprinted G254
  215. small round red pill with 36W or M36 on one side
  216. Yellow elliptical pill IG/214
  217. small round yellow pill with L463 imprinted
  218. Small, round, white pill with "AN" on one side, "71" on the other.
  219. Oblong, orange tablet, underlined capital P on one side
  220. round white pill with J 246 on 1 side
  221. White scored round pill M and L 51
  222. MD 530 White Pill
  223. small yellow round tablet P on one side, 4 on other side
  224. Blank White Oval Pill / Looks like Vicodin 750
  225. Small, round orange pill - only L marking
  226. Green capsule with no imprint or writing on it
  227. Xanax looking Bar without any imprints
  228. Found oval blue pill AAA 1031
  229. White Pill - No Imprint
  230. Round Peach/orange pill with the imprint AN 41
  231. round brown pill w/ W nothing on other side
  232. small, thick, round white pill w/no markings
  233. Orange - Light orange capsule with "G" and "5"
  234. Blue diamond shape pill 100
  235. Identify pill ROUND RED - Z
  236. What is this pill - hot pink, WL 25?
  237. "novo" pill?
  238. clear oval gelcap looks like vitamin E
  239. Round. blue pill.. Imprinted M on one side & A9 on the other.
  240. Pink/Orange Round Pill 03 or O3 and A
  241. Round light Blue pill W/ Pfizer on one side and BDN and 25 on the other
  242. clear capsule with white powder. No markings
  243. Red or Maroon, oblong, imprint of L217
  244. Dark red/brown oval gel cap with no markings
  245. Red circular pill, imprint Z one side
  246. light pink round pill 44 397
  247. White - Oblong - P C C imprint
  248. Korea--Green Oval DA/SLT; Blue/Light Blue Caplet YH CCL 250
  249. yellow, oblong pill - imprinted V on one side and 3601 on the other
  250. small, round, white pill - imprinted 5191