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  4. Robert325 can you help?
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  15. qeastion for robert
  16. Suboxone for pain
  17. where do i go from here? methadone taper advice please?
  18. threatment for low testosterone?
  19. Question about Tramadol
  20. Effexor ER
  21. social anxiety medication?
  22. Klonopin' extended peak...
  23. Adding a second drug onto cymbalta?
  24. Get off Lexapro the relatively easily way
  25. percocet wd question
  26. Elmiron anyone?
  27. Non Habit-Forming Sleep Medicines
  28. what is cymbalta like?
  29. could this ever work?
  30. Lamictal an oldy but a goody
  31. questions about lidoderm >> fentanyl patch? and indomethacin and cyclobenzaprine
  32. is this a symptom of w/d if so what can I do?
  33. Robert- need your help! Suboxone!
  34. Weight Loss and Lexapro
  35. Subox withdrawl at .5mg getting hard
  36. Help SWIM have fun with Ritalin and Concerta
  37. Oxycodone >> Hydrocodone?
  38. Options for getting drug free - help for money!
  39. Adderall addiction hell
  40. Meds.
  41. Mixing citalopram and lorazepam
  42. How soon have you started exercising after recovering from your addiction?
  43. Oxycontin How they work
  44. Suboxone day three bad mood n missing my high
  45. inpatient detox for suboxone??
  46. Started suboxone.. Headache/leg cramps
  47. Advice with Suboxone
  48. desperate for help opiate addiction
  49. I'm a pharmacist and I need help...
  50. Arthrotec
  51. Jumping off at 15ml methadone
  52. Precipitated Withdrawal Question - PLEASE HELP
  53. to any Adderall patients, please answer
  54. Help + need info related to suboxone plz
  55. Severe Saphris side effects
  56. Ambien for sexual disorder?
  57. Another Tramadol Victim
  58. Lonely in Recovery
  59. im back...robert.....help subutex
  60. Getting off of Subutex help needed :)
  61. xanax withdrawal at 1mg per day?
  62. I'm having trouble taking suboxone...
  63. Robert_325, please help with taper schedule!
  64. Anyone NOT gained weight on Lexapro?
  65. Switching SSRI's? and Lexapro Insomnia!
  66. Depression, Urgent info requested
  67. Lamictal and Depression - Please Help
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  69. I am on what I now know is a ridiculous dose of 16mg Sub per day. So scared. Pls help
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  73. ** Lexapro - I want to get off of it - Questions **
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  75. My sad, stupid Emsam story
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  79. suboxone detox
  80. Looking for some genuine input on personal subutex withdrawal experiences..
  81. Tramadol
  82. Dode (powdered poppy pods) withdrawls
  83. liquid morphine
  84. Am I The Only One Not Suicidal From Xanax Withdrawal?
  85. Ramipril Advice needed
  86. Help W/ RLS
  87. Ambien - Does it make you do this
  88. Effexor help
  89. Seroquel experiences?
  90. just getting started
  91. Off Subs for a month now. Thanks all
  92. Effexor withdrawal - how long with this hell last?
  93. off suboxone help
  94. Help W/Subutex Taper from opiate dependecy
  95. the liquid taper method
  96. Suboxone help. Helping my brother ween
  97. In the midst of a subutex taper...about to jump....advice?
  98. Ultram Questions.....
  99. Help!!! Inpatient Medical Detox to Get Off Methadone (or opiates generally)???
  100. Starting suboxone taper today
  101. under 1mg..
  102. methadone to subutex (buprenorphine)
  103. has anyone used new generic subutex??
  104. Suboxone and Dental Treatment?
  105. I just started Lexapro - what I should expect & what meds I should I stay away from?
  106. Generic Subutex now available
  107. Has anyone had a setback with an AD and have you eventually gotten better with it?
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  109. Transition from OxyContin to Opana
  110. Questions for chronic pain suffers only
  111. Traveling With Suboxone
  112. IS it safe to take a Valuim at night, while being on Suboxone
  113. Oxycodone Addiction
  114. new here/same old story/pk's &subs
  115. Low dose naltrexone therepy for Suboxone PAWS
  116. I need help with tapering Suboxone
  117. The THOMAS RECIPE Detox
  118. HELP!!!!! Need some advice PLZ!
  119. Is Suboxone Right For Me? HELP!
  120. Adderall looks changed?
  121. Flagged for Robert 325 and Musicman and anyone else who can h-bizzare suboxone issues
  122. New to suboxen
  123. FENTANYL Patches -new kind??
  124. 20mg Methadone to 4mg Subutex
  125. Ativan
  126. Robert_325 i need your advice, PLEASE
  127. Percocet W/D
  128. Effexor XR
  129. Suboxone and MY withdrawals
  130. Need Help, not even sure what kind
  131. Rocky withdraws
  132. Cold Turkey off Suboxone
  133. Gabapentin Taper
  134. Robert, had my surgery, ready to move forward.
  135. Want off Suboxone
  136. Suboxone Taper - Killer-oxy
  137. Opana ER side effects...
  138. advice about wellbutrin please...
  139. What drug should I request
  140. Please help-Switching from Lexapro to Pristiq
  141. using Subutex for two week rapid taper
  142. adderall for depression
  143. Pregnancy and Suboxone
  144. bad effexor withdrawel
  146. Seroquel XR Side Effects; is this one?
  147. your favorite pain med
  148. NEWBIE needs info and advice real bad
  149. How is Tramadol metabolized? Kidney or Liver
  150. Accutane Side Effect
  151. Suboxone
  152. Bestfriend going downhill.....
  153. "Suboxone Hangovers" - Sick from Suboxone
  154. Combining Ritalin with an antipsychotic
  155. Adderall Side Effects
  156. Suboxen-Day 2-need help of Robert & all
  157. is ativan stronger than xanax?
  158. Beware Ambien
  159. Five Days to Rehab and scared HELP
  160. Meridia
  161. ativan >> xanax
  162. Have Suboxone, still have withdrawals. Help!
  163. I know you see this alot but HELP
  164. ultram
  165. Robert_325, Suboxone questions....
  166. Combination Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Depressant Drug
  167. Sugar Free Actiq?
  168. OK i'm ready for the nightmare to end , pls tell me I can do this
  169. Cure for Lactose Intolerance?
  170. Side Effects if you drink and take Cialis
  171. hydrocodone
  172. is this normal for lexapro?
  173. Tramadol causing "strange" feelings.
  174. Depression
  175. new xanax rx
  176. Switching from daladid to methadone for pain management...
  177. Robert! I'm at .5mg levels and need advice!
  178. Lexapro
  179. Testing for soma
  180. Lyrica Questions
  181. What Pharmacy Has The Green Xanax?
  182. Topamax
  183. Quitting Suboxone
  184. Questions about Adderall...
  185. Off Suboxone successfully!!
  186. Would any of these pills help with my withdrawals?
  187. Just started Tramadol....
  188. LEXAPRO...5mg/day...Is this dose too low???
  189. When will I be back... what has Lexapro done?!
  190. Subutex!! It works!! Start tappering..robert
  191. Please Help-Bad Vicodin Withdrawls
  192. New-Happy to find this forum...
  193. ADDerall Confusion- 3 stories in one
  194. Cravings have not stopped AT ALL on sub
  195. 20-16mg sub for 5 days!!!! What to do from here robert
  196. From Oxycodone to Opana? What to expect?
  197. Provigil Side Effects
  198. Oxycontin, Suboxone, & Percocet Situation
  199. Suboxone, stopping after 3 years
  200. xanax >> valium
  201. Adderall concerns
  202. Having trouble stopping vicodin and Suboxone
  203. Hydro to Oxy to Suboxone Detox Duration?
  204. Substance Abuse Center
  205. Methadone & Drug Test-Please Help!
  206. Has anyone tried Topomax or depakote to treat chronic headaches or chronic pain??
  207. ultram/suboxone
  208. Drug test question please help!!!
  209. hydroxyzine causing all day drowsiness
  210. Day 3 of trying to kick percs, oxys
  211. Zoloft question
  212. Will someone tell me how long it takes for sub?
  213. Please Read................I Need Help!!
  214. Suboxone is no fun
  215. abilify and weight gain anyone have this?
  216. Suboxone Cold Turkey?
  217. concerta help
  218. Fentanyl patch side effect help
  219. Serious Question On Long Term Adderall Effects. please any feedback appreciated
  220. Medication Switcherooo!
  221. fibromyalgia and ultram
  222. Suboxone Doctor Visit. Not What I Expected
  223. Suboxone and toothaches?
  224. What made you relapse after being clean long term?
  225. Alcohol & Opiate Addiction
  226. Flexeril for fibromyalgia?
  227. Klonopin And Xanax...Help would be nice
  228. Methadone Withdrawal and Suicide
  229. Suicidal thinking after an increase in Lexapro?
  230. Suboxone isnt working for me.
  231. First few days on Suboxone... what to expect?
  232. accidental Rilatin overdose??
  233. Lexapro weight gain
  234. subutex >> Suboxone ROBERT HELP
  235. Pristiq-HELP!!!
  236. Suboxone/subutex therapy
  237. first time on effexor :(
  238. percaset verse norrco
  239. Ritalin >>. Adderall
  240. how long does methadone stay in system after stopping
  241. Lyrica
  242. Hydrocodone Testing
  243. Problem with Suboxone tablet dissolving correctly
  244. i need pain relief ...
  245. Cymbalta and Adderall XR
  246. Suboxone to Subutex
  247. Chantix
  248. Sertraline and a Rash?
  249. OTC >>. stronger pain meds
  250. Suboxone Not Working This Time... Help?