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  1. ROBERT need help w/ suboxone taper
  2. Klonopin/Vicodin HP withdrawal- help would be appreciated
  3. can i take .5 klonopin 3 hours before 15 mg percocet?
  4. 24 hours without percocet
  5. Xanax?
  6. Suboxone shelf life?
  7. Robert 325 please help with tapper
  8. Withdrawl from Methadone MMT treatment
  9. percocet addiction and withdrawal
  10. adhd opiate withdrawal
  11. MaisieC or Robert-Stop here please!!!
  12. Is suboxone right for me?
  13. what is better for breakthru pain?
  14. Suboxone withdrawl
  15. 3 weeks off Suboxone...A few questions.
  16. I am stabilized on Methadone and off of the streets...what now?
  17. Suboxone Withdrawal - Story
  18. Important Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Question
  19. Day 7 of Oxy-Free; Beginning to feel like im gonna make it this time
  20. Day 3 on Suboxone...Little Scared Whats to Come
  21. Starting Suboxone tomorrow
  22. How to break a several year Opiate addiction! LOOK
  23. CRPS/ Looking for Mottam?
  24. Why do people take opiates?
  25. Would a few shots of Whisky help me?
  26. Suboxone Withdrawal Please help
  27. Suboxone or Methodone..HELP..........
  28. Fentanyl Withdrawal Times
  29. Fentanyl to Sub, Help Please
  30. Best Route For Fibromyalgia Treatment
  31. Trading Lexapro for Prozac to Lose Weight?
  32. Previously Addicted - Now In Pain
  33. Best drug for Social Anxiety?
  34. Subutex, Can it cause Pain in Hands And Swelling?
  35. Suboxone might be easier to stop than you think
  36. Sub Question
  37. Anyone out there with Borderline Personality Disorder?
  38. oxy withdrawl and depression
  39. Coming off suboxone
  40. Suboxone or Methadone??? HELP!
  41. Fibromyalgia-need advice from those who have it
  42. tramadol destruction
  43. Withdrawing from hydrocodone...26th day...is anyone out there at the same place?
  44. BF withdrawing from Suboxone day 6
  45. Is this morphine withdrawal?
  46. I am clueless how to help my son
  47. And now it's time for my Suboxone withdrawal diary...
  48. Will I withdrawal from taking vicodine for two months
  49. Norco addiction; trying to stop
  50. ZOLOFT TAPER...Advice and experience MUCH appreciated!
  51. Getting off OC's Please Help
  52. Pregnancy & Lyrica?
  53. stop taking oxycontin
  54. Jumping off 150mg methadone - 5 days without a dose - can I take Subutex yet?
  55. Hopeless. Need prescription of xanax.
  56. Hydrocodone ...angel or devil?
  57. worried about a false-positive drug screen...
  58. Oxy withdrawal: 5HTP and PAWS
  59. Recovery from painkillers
  60. Please walk me through Suboxone taper..
  61. Small dose (Ithink...) Suboxone taper
  62. addicted to feeling different
  63. Methadone to Buprenorphine Switch
  64. Is it possible to switch to Dihydrocodeine to get off Subutex
  65. Lamictal question - Please Help
  66. Suboxone withdrawal
  67. >>>>>> WITHDRAWAL/DT symptoms
  68. Long term side effects of withdrawal
  69. Daughter stopped oxy-cold turkey & cant sleep
  70. 10w Pregnant, Can't Get Off Xanax
  71. Switching from Methadone to Suboxone
  72. percocet and oxy addiction, day 4 cold turkey...hopeless??
  73. OK... I'm detoxed... Now what?
  74. hot flashes and suboxone?
  75. Horrible Hydro world from Hell
  76. DEA at doctors office - is this Normal ?
  77. Another casualty of OxyContin
  78. Relapsed again! So disappointed in myself.
  80. Losing Weight after Lexapro
  81. What i wasnt told about the devil! (Suboxone)
  82. How many people feel like MMT is a racket
  83. Multiple narc scripts one month, flagged?
  84. Addicted to Oxy's and Vicodin, PLEASE Help
  85. Single Dose of Suboxone for withdrawal
  86. Hospitals/doctors labeling you a "drug seeker"
  87. percs are ruining my life
  88. vicodin addiction..rehab??
  89. Great >>>>>>/Suboxone/Benzo Detox...
  90. Weight Gain with Lexapro & Celexa or just 1 or the other?
  91. Suboxone for 5 days-chills- withdrawls? I'm SO lost! I took a vicodin :(
  92. Broke my toe & on Suboxone. :(
  93. withdrawls/howtoquit?
  94. Withdrawing from Methadone................
  95. Suboxone Taper. Please Help!
  96. New here:Need help with my subutex taper please
  97. Subutex Induction Help Needed - >>>>>> User
  98. One Month On Xanax...Coming off now...
  99. Suboxone induction - Robert
  100. ? for Robert_325 Suboxone or anyone who can answer.
  101. First Opiate Withdrawal Remedy that Works!!!! Guarantee no Withdrawal Symptoms
  102. How I finally broke my Tramadol habit
  103. Inpatient Methadone Detox -- please help
  104. Opiate withdrawl, What do you think?
  105. Need Help Kicking Oxycontin / Percocet Addiction - Please Read-Several Questions
  106. R.A. - Prednisone - ANY ALTERNATIVES??
  107. How long does precipitated withdrawal last?
  108. Suboxone..and the police.....
  109. Subutex/Suboxone/Methadone questions
  110. Today was the day
  111. Hydrocodone Acciction - I live in a third world country
  112. Doctor Shopping.............
  113. Looking for info from an RN on the Forum
  114. Tramadol addiction and chronic pain management
  115. Need to stop these blues... dont know where to begin...
  116. No_More_Tram's Suboxone Detox
  117. Weening Off Of Oxycontin / HELP!!!
  118. Starting Suboxone Tomorrow (hopefully)- NEED HELP!
  119. Allergic reactions 6 yrs. post chemo
  120. Help! Suboxone wd after day 12
  121. Need Help Kicking Oxycontin / Percocet Addiction
  122. Courious !
  123. every thread, same prob. plesse help. perc wds. im serious as a heart attack
  124. I guess this is it...
  125. Cold Turkey >>>>>> Detox
  126. Suboxone, what should I do?
  127. Vicoprofen
  128. Effexor Induced Mania/Impulsive Reaction
  129. Xanax. What a horror.
  130. Making the switch: Methadone to Suboxone
  131. Meralgia paresthetica
  132. Ambien Taper?
  133. Opiate Addiction..(how do i get off them)
  134. Parenting and our ADDICTION
  135. Can you transfer from Lofexidine to Clonidine for opiate withdrawals?
  136. Xanax rehab time frame
  137. LondonToLA's Suboxone Thread
  138. Subutex Withdrawal
  139. My Hydrocodone Addiction Story
  140. MORPHINE dose ???
  141. cpap and headache
  142. need massive help beating Vicodin/Norco..plz
  143. So many conditions..Valium istead of Xanax?
  144. Blackouts After 45 Days Clean From Opiates
  145. Suboxone Is A Wonder Drug
  146. perc 10 to oxycontin 80...OVERKILL?
  147. Methadone Withdrawal relapse
  148. norco/lortab/methadone for SERIOUS anxiety!?!
  149. methadone..detoxing alone..help..scullcap..herbs..perscript drug help withdrawal??
  150. Newly prescribed Paxil. Xanax making it worse?
  151. Left Temple Swollen and Painful
  152. 4 days clean
  153. percocet withdrawal >>. oxycontin withdrawal
  154. Lexapro withdrawal
  155. Effexor+Lamictal no longer working
  156. Army drug testing for Xanax and Suboxone
  157. 215mg Oxycodone Per Day. Addicted or needed? 3 Herniated disks, any other options?
  158. Lexapro Withdrawals and weight
  159. Liittle cousin
  160. Suboxone Taper
  161. My Addiction to Tramadol 60+ Pills Per Day
  162. day 3 no methadone no withdrawl
  163. Any experience or opinions about Ibogaine Treatment?
  164. My first dose of Suboxone
  165. Eczema Help
  166. My Ugly Story
  167. Diplomate of American Board of Addiction Medicine
  168. Anything to reduce Subutex Withdrawal?
  169. Wellbutrin
  170. codeine craving - my will power is vanishing
  171. Risks to being on suboxone the rest of your life (age 26)?
  172. Opiate W/Draws--Off 5mg suboxone cold turkey
  173. Things we need to know...
  174. Codeine Phosphate addiction + withdrawal
  175. wife needing help
  176. I need HELP! quick
  177. Suboxone taper - Is it really that easy.....?
  178. Length of Time on Percocet regarding Withdrawal
  179. trying to quit
  180. Vicodin not working...
  181. Is Oxycodone a good alternative to Methadone??
  182. Time to get off
  183. Tapering and insomnia
  184. Need To Stop Oxycodone Addiction - Only Take Once Per Day - Please Read
  185. Over-Focused ADD?
  186. Tired of Suboxone
  187. xanax and seizures.
  188. ADDerall confusion
  189. Chronic pain and wanting to get off my pain meds
  190. Suboxone and Klonopin
  191. Day 2 of no methadone...
  192. What non opiod painkillers are available?
  193. Do I still need Citalopram ?
  194. Impatient Methadone User
  195. ok back. take 2 but need advice asap - suboxone
  196. need help pleaseee can somas help with vic w/d
  197. Please Help!!! Suboxone withdrawals
  198. 11 days off Oxy, now to kill my last vice
  199. Antianxiety NON-DROWSY med
  200. Percocet/oxy withdrawal advice, please!
  202. Toe Nail
  203. Lyrica/Dilaudid
  204. Need Help!! Buspar not working for my anxiety!
  205. elderly addicted to vicodin
  206. at home Lorazapam detox
  207. Questions about Detox/Drug Rehab
  208. Taking Suboxone during Suboxone withdrawal
  209. Effects of Methadone usage-starting Suboxone
  210. Last OC usage need help
  211. Ultram Contraindications...help please
  212. Cymbalta and increased blood pressure
  213. Help, my new granddaughter is going through withdrawal from methadone
  214. Percocet w/d help??!!
  215. Cold meds causing severe anxiety
  216. Beware of roxicodone
  217. I'm finally off vicodin after 3 years. I GOT MY LIFE BACK!
  218. Help with w/d from Oxycodone
  219. Can you share your story?
  220. New here - want to get off methadone!
  221. Chronic Pain- Percocets No Longer Working, Fentanyl Patch Next Step- Need Help
  222. I'm back and I'm an addict...I need advice!
  223. fell off the wagon after 10 days
  224. Life going cold turkey of Percocets
  225. Tramadol and Restless Arm Syndrome
  226. YAZ for PMDD
  227. New to sub - advice plx
  228. Suboxone Treatment in Ontario
  229. solution to counteracting weight gain from seroquel
  230. Problems with anxiety, depression and breathin
  231. I'm addicted to Percocet, can you help me?
  232. Help! Can Oxycodone cause depression?
  233. Anything to minimize Klonazepam cravings?
  234. addicted to everything..mostly vics
  235. Anxeity, Paxil, Xanax?
  236. Pain and Sleep Meds in Jail
  237. From Dones, to Oxy to Dones, now Subox?
  238. just diagnosed with fibromyalgia along w/other problems-sub doseing part 2
  239. Clonopin
  240. Will I get Addicted?
  241. Suboxone and Pregnant
  242. I need help.........
  243. Percocet and Ambien Withdrawls. Help Please!
  244. New Percocet / Alcolol Question - HELP!
  245. Tramadol addiction---help???
  246. Percocet and Alcohol Question - Help!
  247. subo withdrawl
  248. Suboxone Questions
  249. Cold turkey with a bit of bread, and a little mayo..
  250. Need help, starting Suboxone tomorrow morning