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  1. getting off codeine
  2. Need help... Emergency question
  3. Root Canal
  4. Have bad sleep problems and Need advice
  5. Lying about medical history for narcotics
  6. HELP PLEASE: can pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions?
  7. Need help with oxycotin withdrawal please!
  8. Maryon Stewart working for banning GBL.
  9. Vitamin C - Which Form to Take?
  10. Detoxification Diet?
  11. False Positive for Opiates
  12. Subutex
  13. Long way from Meth to Sub
  14. endocet >> hydrocodone
  15. What's the proper way to ask a pharmacist to order a specific generic or brand medica
  16. Mixing of 2 medications
  17. cortisone injections
  18. Lexapro, I have questions.
  19. Oxycontin and methadone
  20. what to expect?help
  21. Real OxyContin at Walgreen pharmacies??
  22. Memory loss with Wellbutrin?
  23. Offered methadone by pain doc
  24. hi everyone need help with norco withdrawal and staying clean
  25. Need help!!
  26. Pharm in Det area with real OC's
  27. Need to know if Subs is an option
  28. False Assumptions
  29. Arthritis Pain Relief Creams
  30. Possible medication sensitivities?? Or something else?
  31. Cymbalta side effects
  32. I’m FatCat and this will be my journal DAY 19
  33. My body jerk/jumps
  34. Just looking for a quick answer please
  35. Robert_325....Please Assist
  36. Pain Management in San Francisco
  37. Klonopin,Depekote,and Anti-Seizure medications and is there a 24 hour medication??
  38. Please help! Keeping prescription medication safe when travelling?
  39. Methylphenidate Ritalin
  40. Oxycodone show up as meth in a urine test?
  41. Tapering Off Methadone Quite Nicely
  42. Sore wrist
  43. Need help with cravings...
  44. Embarrassing Medical Exams
  45. Methadone to Hydromorphine
  46. Pregnancy and overwhelming nausea!
  47. Vistaril not working after less than a week?
  48. Someone plaese help i am desperate!!
  49. Drug testing question...need help ASAP please!!!!
  50. Changes to prescribed pain medications?
  51. Not happy with pain clinic doctor
  52. Trazodone adverse reaction
  53. Oxycodone & weight gain.
  54. So much pain, little help..
  55. Can you safely split capsules?
  56. New here and kinda shy....
  57. paxil short term start up symptoms and withdrawal
  58. oxycontin to methadone to suboxone
  59. Hydromorphone
  60. New here! New diagnosis and medication
  61. infected tattoo
  62. HCG weight loss
  63. Hair drug test for Oxycontin
  64. suboxone
  65. Drug testing questions. Need help asap!
  66. Bayer Aspirin in a Tramadol Perscription
  67. 90 mgs. Oxycodone per day..I need to stop or cut back
  68. throwing away my OC addiction
  69. opiate use/stomach problems
  70. Do I need to worry about the pharm/DEA and my medications?
  71. dementia
  72. Question about dosage
  73. Possible Job Loss Due To Xanax???
  74. Nurse denied my pain meds.Is that legal?
  75. Questions about Methadone
  76. Update!!
  77. Pharmacy/Doctor question
  78. Paxil to Lexapro Question
  79. New here, with question about my 6yr old
  80. 6 mg daily clonazepam
  81. Chantix
  82. Idiot Pharma Packaging?
  83. methodone question
  84. new to drugs.com/forum
  85. Anyone had experience with a particular pharmacy?
  86. Need Help: Current med's working but..
  87. Legal Herbal Blends
  88. Have I been Red Flagged for narcotic Medications
  89. Prescription Question...
  90. Methadose 40mg
  91. Cold-Turkey Lexapro Withdrawal
  92. Holiday Blues
  93. Hydromorph Contin
  94. Lyrica-do not even try this drug-my advice
  95. bang
  96. Norepinephrine problem
  97. drug reaction
  98. I need help in Jackson, TN
  99. Familial periodic paralysis or hypokalmic PP
  100. Getting prescription filled twice--Is this unusual?
  101. I don't want to get flagged, Question,,
  102. Addiction warning!!
  103. Norco vrs percocet
  104. spinal fusion in neck c 4-5,5-6
  105. Need Help: Medication
  106. Possible hump in my back
  107. Im kinda young... could I be prescribed pain meds?
  108. Drug disposal
  109. Scoliosis
  110. Miserable; can anyone help?
  111. labcorp urine test ?
  112. please tell me what i found in my childs room
  113. Writing a research paper, need help
  114. Need advice for addicted sibling. PLEASE!!
  115. trazodone
  116. Severs hoarseness after taking Fluoxetine
  117. Robert:re Ambien CR
  118. Help! Need Suboxone/Subutex Dr. in Seattle
  119. switching from Methadone to Tramadol
  120. Weening Off Drugs - Important Notes from a Dr.
  121. Problem...Ambien doesn't work!!
  122. Why is clozapine no longer available?
  123. benzodiazapine withdrawal
  124. Wellbutrin with Adderall or Ritalin?
  125. Pain & Ice Cold In Hands, Arms and Feet
  126. Help with Wellbutrin XL, Lamictal and Buspar!
  127. "False", Positive uranalysis
  128. Pharmacy mistake
  129. Help i need new ins that will pay 4 my med
  130. Purpura, bleeding and Quikclot
  131. interactions between suboxone and vyvanse
  132. Another possible opiate OD: Michael Jackson
  133. How long will the depression last?
  134. Need Advice on Pain Medications
  135. Question Re: Medical Advice
  136. ??? About lyrica
  137. pristiq
  138. Question about carpal tunnel surgery
  139. Did he overdose?
  140. Need ideas for 501(c)(3) medicines donations
  141. Generic "Pain Aid" Medication?????
  142. Medical Insurance
  143. had surgery and had positive drug screen for cocaine, what could have caused this?
  144. lost, confused, need guidance
  145. Lidocaine in Pill Form???????
  146. Office Based Opioid Therapy
  147. Anyone experience feeling hot, dizzy...
  148. Has NEURONTIN rotted anyone else's teeth?
  149. medical marijuana and BPD
  150. opana 40mg
  151. addicts and pain management
  152. taken off the fentanyl patch and put on oxycontin
  153. tolerance
  154. Help!! need doctor in Massachusetts
  155. Pain Management in Orange County (Post Surgery)
  156. Energy
  157. Please HELP!Any1 From MO./IL.??????
  158. oxycodone
  159. dr gave me a pee test today
  160. Nausea using Arthrotec
  161. Medication Benefits
  162. Opiate Relapse Question
  163. i think my gallbladder is messed up
  164. drug test question
  165. Suboxone Withdrawl Yikes
  166. I'm really scared, please help me.
  167. Psychologist tips
  168. Painkillers & Sports
  169. pregnat and taking pills will they test baby after born in fl.
  170. drug test
  171. Doctor Flipped Out!!!
  172. Anxiety Medication Questions
  173. Back Troubles
  174. Dexedrine 10mg Caps
  175. Pre employment hair drug test Q
  176. **Vyvanse*-how long to kick in? (ADD med)
  177. BAD ear infection
  178. Asking a doctor for Cialis when I've already been taking it
  179. Someone please i need help!
  180. meprobamate - opiate or benzo
  181. Oxycodone
  182. Tamsulosin Hydrochloride- Side effects
  183. Mixing Prescription and Herbs
  184. Buspirone
  185. Percocets
  186. Am I defeating the purpose?
  187. Need help!!
  188. oxycodone/oxycontin recreational/pain patient pros..step in.
  189. How to discontinue Namenda and Exelon?
  190. Promethazine
  191. Highest single dose of opiate& apap at..Share.PLUS QUESTIONS.
  192. crospovidone
  193. Hi from Canada
  194. Addicts and Lexpro
  195. oxycontin
  196. Will i pass the test?? please help
  197. Getting Treatment for Opioid Abuse...need advice
  198. DETOX From Opiates In Rocky Point-PAIN FREE! NO SICKNESS! 5 DAY RETREAT-Under $1,000
  199. Vyvanse
  200. Please help me
  201. Vivitro >>. Suboxone
  202. Very curious about how you got narcotics
  203. HELP ME, no drugs, but positive test?
  204. clindamycin gel for Acne
  205. Is my doctor lying to me?
  206. suboxone
  207. back pain management
  208. Suboxone Pros/Cons????
  209. Isoniazid causes diarrhea??!!
  210. How long does it take?
  211. Tricor
  212. Is oxycontis better than percs
  213. What's better than....?
  214. How much Tylenol is to much?
  215. How to get a cream without prescription
  216. Which poison? if any
  217. drug effects on ability to get an errection
  218. I really want to quit....
  219. Help with hep c question, need prof advice
  220. Caring for Aging Parents
  221. Antipsychotics / Neuroleptics For Mental Disorders - Comments
  222. Serious question.Knowledgable/Experienced People/Advice Only
  223. Xylocaine Jelly
  224. Hysteria??
  225. Pain Medication
  226. Anti-depressants and no weight gain?
  227. Opiates for anxiety
  228. Research on Drugs abuse that affects youths body
  229. question
  230. Didrex >> generic benzphetamine hcl
  231. Name brand or generic? Why??
  232. difference between hydrocodone and oxycodone
  233. need NDC for Zoladex
  234. what is this pill marked HP/2?
  235. Caffeine and Epilepsy
  236. New Ethex oxycodone doses
  237. What to do When You Can’t Afford Medication
  238. Help Kicking the OC's pls..
  239. Oxycontin instead of oxycodone
  240. Vicodan not working
  241. neuronton, will i still be able to work
  242. Need info on elixirs
  243. Hydrocodone Testing
  244. Generic Wellbutrin for sex drive...
  245. Rx help!!
  246. Seroquel withdrawal
  247. Need help/direction: Tulsa OK
  248. Hypertensive and trying to get pregnant
  249. What drug is he using?
  250. frustrated...please help