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  1. I need to talk... If you have experience with opiates and suboxone pls help
  2. ? about Methadone please
  3. Living with a drug addict
  4. I feel like I'm in hell living with my addict husband
  5. the elusive suboxone induction
  6. relapsed..
  7. robert, melinda and anyone else in houston
  8. Advice About Drug Addicted Husband
  9. Retarded Taper
  10. Almost (Suboxone) quittin' time.
  11. I never got diarrhea .... Is it still to come?
  12. Trying to Quit Suboxone (READ THIS NOW)
  13. Day 8-i know it gets better but could use encouragement
  14. First day of the rest of my ...
  15. Soma overdose
  16. I'm gonna EXPODE!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Can someone help me before my life spirals out of control...
  18. How do u know when ur red flagged and where can you find out the info
  19. Suboxone Question - Initial Visit Question
  20. In love with an addict.. please help!
  21. (TAPERING)How do i determine exact mg to take?
  22. Help from Robert 325 please!
  23. 4th day off norco-never underestimate the power of this board!!
  24. Please Let This Work
  25. Methylphenidate - Help!! I don't know where to go for my addiction to stimulants firs
  26. 30 E 653 Morphine Sulphate compared to Oxycodone 7.5
  27. My girlfriend is an addict, how can I help? Or can I help at all?
  28. Upcoming Tramadol Withdrawal Need Advice
  29. Sunshine's Sub Taper & Practical Ramblings by Rick
  30. tapering off suboxone strips.neone else??
  31. Robert_325 I need your assistance, please help
  32. Methadone, xanax, pot
  33. Bye for now
  34. My finace is an addict. Please help me.
  35. Suboxone Help... Im lost here!
  36. 5mg Methadone after 7.5 loritab?
  37. Suboxone Effects
  38. Just started taking Lexapro..should I quit?
  39. 12 days clean
  40. ive never heard of this before
  41. Issue with going on Suboxone
  42. Robert_325: Pls help asap Ashton adjustments
  43. Starting Suboxone
  44. Waking up with headaches ( a lot )
  45. Need Suboxone Taper Advice!!!
  46. Robert's suboxone taper
  47. Dont know if I should post this or not!
  48. Pharmacy getting nosy
  49. Please share your experiences with coming off suboxone.
  50. Suboxone withdrawal and pregnancy-Robert? anyone with experience?
  51. Sick Sister on Suboxone
  52. Loving An Addict- and feeling like an enabler. HELP!
  53. Any problems with Ambien working good some nights, and other nights not?
  54. poisoned by suboxone?
  55. we need to get this straight
  56. Methadone...A Less Addicting Pain Pill?
  57. online NA chat
  58. Dogluver's Suboxone taper
  59. Desperate for some ans-currently detoxing nd pregnant!!
  60. How long to wait to take sub after 1 dose of methadone
  61. Tramadol
  62. Any chance of success/happiness when dating an addict?
  63. Pain Pills... The slipperiest (probably not even a word but fitting) of slopes...
  64. Would you call the police or just walk away?
  65. feeling worse than before!
  66. Went up several miligrams, now what>?
  67. I need help dealing with PAWS
  68. Question for Robert going back on suboxone.
  69. Robert/Henry, please help fentanyl w/d
  70. Robert—Ativan withdrawal pl help!
  71. Addicted Father...Sick Bother...Please help :( !
  72. From Klonopin to Temazepam. Advice please.
  73. drug test and what shows up----helpp
  74. Iam a failure again!!
  75. Getting off methadone by Suboxone or not ?!
  76. The power of sobriety, the fear of sobriety.
  77. benign essential tremor and vasculitis decease
  78. my boyfriend is addicted to oxy and will be detoxing..help/suggestions please
  79. Suboxone 8mg strips.. I need help
  80. Subs..down to .5mg or 1/16 of films..still w/d symptoms
  81. Help with withdrawal
  82. Just...Need to talk ..
  83. Gabapentin for Oxycodone withdrawal..working?!?
  84. Detox Diary: please share your stories!
  85. Need serious help with girlfriend's sub tapering
  86. Fear of "Doctor Shopping"
  87. I can't seem to find my thread I was on...
  88. The DEA and Doctor Shopping...EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS!
  89. What to do..husband addicted to Meth
  90. Methadone to Suboxone-very worried!!!!!
  91. First time post lurker since 2008
  92. What is going on with my Memory?
  93. How much is 1MG worth?
  94. major panic issues
  95. suboxone Induction question
  96. Getting Married in 4 weeks and detoxing
  97. Marijuana User questions about drug screen
  98. admitted to my gf I was using - need advice
  99. Seeking assistance from Robert_325 for a short term suboxone taper
  100. Please help, percocet question
  101. Another Detox Question - Specifics (Methadone)
  102. Suboxone tapering help please!!!
  103. Physically dependant on pain meds, need help
  104. Please Help Need Some Guidance Please (Actually Scared To Death)
  105. Do we make recovery harder than it really is?
  106. I need help....
  107. Suboxone - Worth it?
  108. Severe perk addiction. Need help please!
  109. Life after suboxone, how do you feel?
  110. Neurontin owns him
  111. How long before suboxone is out of my system considering the following...
  112. Hydro/Oxy Home Detox - Have Questions
  113. Suboxone - Self-Induction at home - Long but please read
  114. Colonoscopy in 3 days..on suboxone..
  115. HELP methadone is NOT FOR ME! Clinic not cooperating w/ decision!!
  116. Help? I'm losing hope... Boyfriends an addict
  117. Boyfriend addicted to Oxy's - do not know what to do...
  118. Salty's voyage - advice on percocet Taper
  119. Losing Hydrocodone tolerance completely
  120. Day 12 off Methadone
  121. experiences with rapid detox?
  122. Who said Yawning means your tired!!??
  124. what to take between methadone and suboxone?? 72hrs going to be hell!
  125. suboxone doctor in ontario canada?? please help..
  126. I did not know pain meds make more pain & Xanax make more anxiety please help me..Tha
  127. New question on suboxone?????
  128. beat the withdrwals from opietes but now i have xanax problem
  129. ~~ Advice needed...Fiance quit opiates...But I DIDN'T !!
  130. Need advice, adult daughter, oxycodone dependent
  131. Stuck on suboxone, need help!
  132. Husband's addiction i'm in over my head..
  133. Need Robert! Subutex induction/taper -
  134. Medication for confidence
  135. Need encouragement on detoxing from Opiates
  136. using suboxone to come off Methadone
  137. Tappering off 17mg of methadone now..
  138. Not Sure How Bad it Really Is
  139. Stimulants, Addiction, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...
  140. I am praying that you feel better soon Robert~
  141. getting off methadone and paranoia
  142. I just quit taking Tramadol 2 days ago and I'm going through withdrawals
  143. Find Roberts Comments, take it to heart - my 2 Cents (or 2mg) getting off suboxone
  144. cant take it anymore
  145. trusting my addict husband again
  146. Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal >>. Benzo and Alcohol withdrawal
  147. Help my with vicoprofen taper schedule ..
  148. Can u take different SAO's help sub withdrawals
  149. Need encouragement - suboxone taper and struggling
  150. Frustrated with Doctors
  151. Please help: xanax dosage question
  152. Help with caffeine withdrawal?
  153. Is suboxone a good choice?
  154. any hope when dating an addict?
  155. C/T experiences w/smaller doses of vicodin/norco
  156. NEED support badly: microdoses of subs
  157. A quick update.
  158. Right Way to show Tough Love
  159. On the road to recovery :)
  160. New here, need help with saliva drug test PLZ.
  161. Found the source of my anxiety...maybe.
  162. Need suggestions
  163. PLEASE HELP. Started day 4 of CT.
  164. Tried to skip day - failed.
  165. HELP starting a short suboxone detox in the morning i need advice
  166. was i kidding myself?
  167. Finally quitting oxycontin
  168. I have fallen once again..w/d
  169. Vicodin to fentanyl, need advice!!
  170. Its raining and I'm thinking about buying drugs, Help.
  171. Need Help Staying Strong
  172. another pill head story?
  173. What I'm I doing wrong? Subs detox is the worst!
  174. My very short term suboxone detox
  175. Robert- Yes, a little help at the end!!
  176. What happens with a large tramadol overdose ?
  177. Day 14 Clean. My stomach. and Screen Name
  178. Has anyone had an medical emergency while on Subutex and had to go to the ER?
  179. On Subutex and need help help with cripling back pain-don't know what to do
  180. Hi Robert, are you there? Please answer?
  181. Advice on dating an addict
  182. Really feeling bad about what I did last night. Trying to talk about it one more time
  183. Suboxone and vicodin
  184. Attempting to use liquid suboxone for small doses.
  185. This mssge is for robert325
  186. Clonidine - Does it Help
  187. Xanax to klonipin taper...
  188. suboxone and pregnancy
  189. Last pill today @ 11am
  190. Do you ever feel judged? Like some folks see you as a sad/scary junkie?
  191. The Doctor said no to Suboxone and no to xanax
  192. Norco addiction...just tossed my pills
  193. I want more wellbutrin. Should I ask for it?
  194. precipitated withdrawls?
  195. R is for Relapse
  196. Not Feeling Good on Subutex
  197. Picablue's suboxone taper thread. Please cheer me on!
  198. So bored
  199. c/t from 4-6 day vic habit
  200. 5 day oral steroid taper for RA,MS etc.
  201. I Can not believe I relapsed...feel so ashamed.
  202. Yes! I'm glad I found this site.
  203. RELAPSe
  204. Best things for opiate withdrawal? Please help
  205. 11 days off methadone.
  206. Another iboga death recently
  207. Xanax question
  208. Been on subutex for 3 weeks...some questions
  209. 22 years of this is enough
  210. question about ativan
  211. Suboxone films? Are they useful for tapering?
  212. Late Nite Thread For Anyone
  213. Day 35 clean: Feel guilty about any substance now.
  214. Amanda, Annie, and my story
  215. poppy tea... suboxone or a home taper... what is the best way to quit?
  216. Concerned Girlfriend..need advice on opiate abuse
  217. 8 yrs of percocet, 2 yrs subox: till 3 days ago. Any help is appreciated.
  218. One is too many, 1000 is not enough- One last time w/d
  219. I need Help With Suboxone Film! :(
  220. Cancer Patient addicted to Norco Day 7 on Sub.
  221. Will they call each other?
  222. When Do You Start to Feel Again?
  223. Addicted to Endocet?!
  224. Getting ready to dive back in!
  225. ROBERT_325 or anyone HELP. SUBOXONE taper schedule.
  226. HELP precipitated wd 24 hours now please please please help me
  227. Going to sub doc today at 1pm
  228. Have Questions About Methadone clinic
  229. Ibogaine
  230. I am done
  231. Need your help fast
  232. For Real This Time!!!
  233. Advice please lexapro
  234. When Does The Energy/Motivation Come Back?
  235. Vicodin withdrawal or food poisoning, please help a very concerned individual
  236. Suboxone -- LESS is MORE ?
  237. Suboxone/clonazepam & weight lose!! HELP ME!
  238. Need help opiate withdrawal
  239. Methadone and Sore Bones/Knees Please Advise?
  240. Doctor Shopping
  241. Suboxone and Withdrawal Questions
  242. Starting to Lose it Guys/Gals
  243. Chronic sneezing after opiate withdrawal?
  244. Feeling Like a Walking Zombie Please Help
  245. After Opiate Use: Is it mind burnout or the opposite?
  246. Robert, Could You Please Help Me?
  247. Help please just started subutex
  248. Prescription denied?
  249. Seeking help....Please?
  250. Sub taper help from Robert 325