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  1. http://images.ddccdn.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif LucyGoose IS CLEAN
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  40. Lexapro, just started and I have questions.
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  42. is soma safe for addict?
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  45. I'd really like some feedback please re: methadone
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  47. Thanks to everyone here! 17 days off Opiates and had my first good day!
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  50. Oral surgery without Narcotics
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  54. Addicted to laptop
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  57. Serious addiction help & advice!
  58. suboxone film has anyone tried yet.
  59. Pregnant & husband back to drugs.
  60. My last stand.
  61. dealing with my husband`s recovery
  62. done with this
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  64. problems with stratera
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  66. need help please. 7-9 roxy 30mg user a day
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  78. NA meetings..
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  80. To NikNak1
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  82. i need help again.
  83. WOW 4th day SOBER off 360mg oxy ADDICTION
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  85. Boyfriend addicted to Pain pills
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  87. I need to talk
  88. Has your dr ever told you your pain medication was causing your pain?
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  90. new thread...dont want to be chronic relapser
  91. I took xanax for 18 years, and this is how I quit
  92. Denied service of suboxone bc they detected benzo's in my U/A Help!!
  93. Need Info on IOP classes...Don't want to go.
  94. Dilantin effects on menstruation and hair growth
  95. Norco detox, feelings and personal remedys
  96. Robert Please help me. on 30mg Methadone and want to taper to suboxone
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  98. A Doctor
  99. Mike's sub experience from the beginning
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  103. day 9
  104. I am amazed by ALL these HORROR stories
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  111. Girlfriend Slipped
  112. I lost my friends because of Adderall. Will they come back?
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  115. I Did It
  116. back after a few months still clean but still feeling ill most days
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  118. still nuts must be Sleep is so hard and the dreams arghhh
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  137. does the amount of oxy used until the day you stop matter
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  140. *Plan in action*
  141. Lucy: att: Robert
  142. RLS & withdrawal solution worked for me
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  144. Please help
  145. Ashamed very ashamed
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  148. readytoheal
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  161. sooooo tired
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  169. I'm sick with staph infection
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  172. Medication disposal
  173. chronic relapser
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  177. clonidine and methadone withdrawal
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  180. Tylenol Hallucinations
  181. help
  182. Made the choice to change
  183. robert, took last dose at 4:30 eastern time on my way to 26
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  192. please help!!! need to detox from methadone and oxy's using short term subutex..
  193. Here I am again
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  195. Quick Question about Percocet withdrawal >> Vicodin Withdrawal.
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  204. another hopeless soul
  205. Do Not Suffer From Withdrawl, You Don't Have To Anymore
  206. Robert I need your advice and help please
  207. Lucid/vivid dreams
  208. 48 hours off suboxone withdrawal
  209. Need some help!
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  214. every day i stay sober is a good day?
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  226. son is negative to opiodes
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  229. now i lost my job.......
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  231. New to all this
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  240. Neuro Electric Therapy and detox anybody know anything
  241. My Alcoholic Neighbor.
  242. I am on a drug called Trileptal and was hoping some one can help me with a couple Q's
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