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  1. Codeine? or Steroids?? Help me please?
  2. Druggie :( PLEASE HELP!
  3. Weaning off of Vicodin & tramadol
  4. This isn't possible is it?
  5. Day 19 on .50 of suboxone-still have withdrawal issues
  6. Think my marriage just ended.....
  7. Xanax >>. Lorazepam???
  8. New to brd=\hubby & I are in deep with Percocet-pls help!!!
  9. How to deal with my husband's denial?
  10. How long does Percocet withdrawal/detox typically last?
  11. Adipex Overdose = ?mg
  12. At a loss with my daughter....
  13. Question about Dr. checking your prescription background
  14. Suboxone sucks!!!!!!!
  15. advice on leaving an addict
  16. taper off ativan
  17. tabcat's suboxone taper...
  18. Finally getting somewhere....
  19. Xanax - Manic Panic Rebound on Wear-off
  20. Partner of Percocet abuser
  21. Robert_325
  22. I want off Suboxone
  23. Subutex /Suboxone ...Data 2000
  24. Wellbutrin side-effects question!!
  25. Opiates-Suboxone-My Recovery Journal
  26. robert please help
  27. Need Help w/Methadone withdrawals
  28. Suboxone detox question- side effects
  29. I'm A Pill Away from Suicide
  30. what was my drink spiked with?
  31. Anxiety and Depression
  32. methadone...
  33. at the end of taper from Vicodin, question about withdrawal symptoms
  34. Intelmetals Own Thread
  35. I don`t know how to write it so...
  36. Need question answered ASAP please...
  37. Conversion equivalents for suboxone & Hydrocodone
  38. Husband left detox saturday- Still seems Drunk
  39. Birth Control Pill without decreased sex drive
  40. i would REALLY appreciate if someone could give me some advice.
  41. Robert please help me with Suboxone
  42. Tramadol success story!
  43. Switch from 10mg of methadone to buprenorphine?
  44. 2 yr vicodin wd.
  45. Unable to deal with a loved one's addiction
  46. giving up on suboxone and switching
  47. Vicodin the reason for all my problems?
  48. Taking the first steps to quit painkillers
  49. will imodium ad and aleve help withdrawals from hydrocodone
  50. i dont know what to do about hydrocodone withdrawals
  51. when will effects from zyprexa wear off?
  52. Please Help
  53. best generic hydrocodone?????
  54. Day 6 on Suboxone, I want to stop taking it now!!!
  55. Quikclot and Coumadin
  56. Husband has vicodin addiction...still...
  57. addicted or dependent (hydrocodone 10mg)
  58. Opiates for depression....?
  59. HELP!!! what documentation is needed to prove VALID/LEGAL prescription to court?
  60. Sub & Robert Help (Sorry Robert!)
  61. Husband is addicted to everything
  62. Need a rapid suboxone taper plan
  63. i am so stupid
  64. Suboxone Side Effects
  65. Hi everyone (robert) it's been a long time but I have a question....
  66. Question about NOT getting hooked on Tramadol
  67. Diclofenac Sodium 100mg ER
  68. Is my doctor holding me hostage?
  69. painkillers...confused, scared, need help!
  70. I need help using Suboxone to kick my Roxy addiction
  71. Lexapro & Shoplifting(implulsive behaviors)
  72. Tapering off Slow-Release Morphine
  73. Need Info on Opiate Withdrawal Technique
  74. HELP!!...serious vicodin addiction
  75. Pregnant and on Percocet, help!
  76. help getting off vicodin
  77. Numb hand from >>>>>> injection..hlp?
  78. Root Canal 2morrow; on 2mg Suboxone; what to do?
  79. questions with CT percocet withdrawal day 5
  80. Help getting off Vicodin, Xanax, and Ambien :P
  81. Inability to be Happy, Excited, In love...
  82. Christian wife needs advice
  83. Looking for Robert. Again... :)
  84. from Norco to Percoset
  85. Seroquel Withdrawals
  86. Can a drug test tell a month back on oxycontin
  87. My Suboxone Withdrawal Diary
  88. Detox Diary.. Day 1 Phase 1 "Weaning off Lortab"
  89. Hey guys
  90. Should I take methadone?
  91. I just want to know im not dying...please!
  92. Should I ask my doctor to help me wean off Lortab?
  93. Over-Focused ADD?
  94. Sneezing, Runny Nose, Chills? Is that the onset of w/d's?
  95. 2nd Time detoxing
  96. Gout!!! Help ME!!!
  97. Blood Pressure
  98. nurse, day one of no hydrocodone...
  99. AD and Benzos - need help please
  100. Advice please; kicked out drug addicted boyfriend
  101. Is xanax and sex the only answer???
  102. Subutex, Suboxone working unbelievably well!!! I'M STUNNED!!! BUT...
  103. Starting to withdraw from methadone..need help with questions about how I'm feeling
  104. Suboxone need help please Robert
  105. Methdone withdrawl
  106. Urine test for work - need your alls help on suboxone info!!!
  107. HELP! Husband is addicted to pain killers and alcohol
  108. tapering down w/robert's schedule
  109. Robert... Starting to do the switch to suboxone...
  110. medicare won't approve lyrica
  111. I am trying to WD still-can't get past day 3!
  112. meprobamate - opiate, benzo or barbiturate
  113. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  114. question about chantix/side effects?
  115. Suboxone taper off of Roxi Habit
  116. catch 22?
  117. SSRI's side effects: Lying about side effects
  118. Suboxone
  119. How do I get suboxone in ontario?
  120. help with hydrocodone withdrawals...
  121. Weaning myself off percocet...Help!
  122. Question about depression.
  123. Depakot or Topomax... Anyone tried for chronic pain/headaches? Would love to hear re
  124. Low platelet count
  125. Ear infection prescription caused me to lose more than just my job!
  126. 3rd day off of Suboxone
  127. 3 years on opiates...quitting this month! Need advice re suboxone and OxyContin! :(
  128. Update!!
  129. Where to Go For Noninvasive Treatment for Low Back Pain
  130. Please help (mixing klonopin and suboxone)
  131. Taking Suboxone, But I am in PAIN
  132. Detox from Suboxone, less half mg day/cold
  133. I'm over suboxone....
  134. My Story
  135. Bad Reaction To Geodon
  136. I'm new here-Horrible Suboxone W/D-Can't take it.
  137. OC SUBOXONE need advise
  138. Feeling EXHAUSTED on suboxone
  139. My journey with Tramadol addiction - Long post
  140. Robert need your help!
  141. ADDICTION. & i cant understand.
  142. Thyroid medication-side effects
  143. Day 7 of oxycontin home Detox
  144. Detox from Subutex
  145. Is subutex a pain reliever?
  146. Suboxone "precipitated withdrawal"
  147. Please Help!!! Ambien withdrawals
  148. Need help with Suboxone...
  149. Rapid Detox
  150. Need Advise - Methadone >> Suboxone
  151. information to share about oxy withdrawal
  152. PLEASE<PLEASE help me with the THOMAS RECIPE!
  153. Tramadol Addiction, My Story - Long Post
  154. oxicotyn - INSIDER- Sons new myspace
  155. Please pray for me...vicodin addict QUITTING CT
  156. HPV positive (little help)
  157. Adderall Loss of Appetite: Taking Protein
  158. Boyfriend has a strong heart but takes heart meds! Need help!
  159. Percocet/MsContin/Tramadol circus
  160. tongue pain side effect
  161. does anyone experience a high on suboxone?
  162. Suboxone or no? Need advice quickly, have til tomorrow to decide.
  163. I think I got caught doc shopping
  164. Migraines...what to do next?
  165. Desperation
  166. Quitting suboxone, down to 1mg
  167. pharmacy cut my script in half >>>Can they do this?
  168. Drug dreams
  169. Help need info on suboxone despertly
  170. ugh...Adderall question (frustrated!)
  171. Suboxone
  172. sooooo i messed up.
  173. Is it really vicodin withdrawl?
  174. I need advice... extra refill?????
  175. Dr. gave me NO info about sub, w/d, PAWS, I wasn't even a candidate!
  176. Mild withdrawal from low dosage vicodin?
  177. Son's Rehab
  178. news for the friends of Robert_325 and Melinda7.5
  179. Methadone to Suboxone
  180. doctor shopping concern
  181. clonidine for detox
  182. clonidine for detox
  183. subutex used for pain!
  184. is it time to ask for an MRI?
  185. Percocet addiction?
  186. making percocet stronger
  187. question on drug testing!
  188. Hydrocodone Help
  189. Finally Done!!!
  190. suboxone and mood swings
  191. Please Help Me
  192. My boyfriend is an >>>>>> addict..
  193. 92 Days Clean w/suboxone
  194. tapering off percocet need help!!!
  195. ? for Musicman
  196. N.A. Question?
  197. robert 325
  198. Suboxone and a speedy feeling?
  199. Suboxone...Now that I'm at 4mg a day???
  200. Please help...I'm at my wit's end.
  201. Need taper program for oxycontins
  202. need help with ongoing >>>>>> addiction...
  203. Seroquel tappering help needed pls!
  204. Methadone cold turkey 3 weeks 1 day
  205. Failed drug test for oxycodone
  206. Glutathione(Non-Aspergillus based)
  207. Robert, others pls. help...super high dose
  208. Pain / pain meds / withdrawals
  209. Need help-super high dose PKs -taper, hospital detox, sub?
  210. CeCe's detox-day 2
  211. Lexapro withdrawal and side effects
  212. Please Help Me.......I am trying to quit
  213. New Here-Starting Suboxone today Robert?
  214. I quit hydro today.On day two..am I done with the worst?help....scaredHi
  215. Welcome to my relapse
  216. tegretol for bipolar disorder...
  217. i dont want methadone, what else is cheap?
  218. day 14 cold turkey 70mg methadone
  219. Pregnant and coming off METHADONE
  220. 13 Days and it's nothing but a memory...
  221. giving birth & breastfeeding on methadone
  222. so day 10 no methadone
  223. I have no appetite taking Bupropion & Seroquel
  224. Please Help. To take Sub or to not take Sub
  225. So day 8 cold turkey methadone
  226. 19 year old son just finished Oxy detox
  227. Oxy habit and bad lungs
  228. coumadin and alchol
  229. a 6 yr old on Zyprexa, Lamictal, Strattera, and Clonidine.
  230. Tylenol Cold expired 2 years ago
  231. Hydrocoodon/need help....
  232. tryin to get clean from opiates...
  233. Starting clean on Monday - questions
  234. My husband is an adict...when is enough - enough?
  235. I need help
  236. Worried over my Xanax habits
  237. Just started a SUBOX program, any input I need to know please reply!!
  238. Question about my suboxone routine?
  239. Getting off Oxy's and Fentanyl Patch
  240. Ready to kick subs
  241. six weeks off Lexapro!!!!!!!!!!!
  242. Panic Attack and Starting Lexapro
  243. Black stool(diarrhea)
  244. How To Quit Pain Medication - The Right Way
  245. No more Suboxone
  246. Suboxone and Dexmethylphenidate :-(
  247. Quick Sub Question for Robert
  248. Robert, please help with suboxone therapy if it's not too late...
  249. Vicodin Dependence - WITH chronic pain. Need a friend to talk to :(
  250. Searching for help for opitate addiction