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  1. Army bound/ Anxeity,panic attack
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  20. Suboxone Wean
  21. No withdrawls??
  22. I need support & tips for getting off vicodin
  23. Wondering if your hooked?
  24. What does it mean when someone says they are taking 30's?
  25. My daughter said she was ashamed of me.
  26. Probably the darkest days of my life........
  27. anxiety while on suboxone
  28. Do you miss the energy of the pills?
  29. how long to wait before taking suboxone
  30. Today is my 10TH DAY!! (sorry, started new thread)
  31. need to taper off roxicodone
  32. I'm withdrawing from opiates, and it's hellish...I'm on day 5...please respond! :(
  33. Pbs....
  34. Please explain & convince why vic is so bad..help
  35. alright lilbri, didn't get my daily up dose from you
  36. Have to Speak Up.
  37. 10 pm tonight...I'm 1 week clean!!!!
  38. Veteran Vicodin Addict
  39. Exreme anxiety, medication not working
  40. To a new life without Vicodin...
  41. need your help please robert
  42. No na where i live!!!!!!
  43. Methadone detox!
  44. Missed my dose of Methadone today help!
  45. Lazy ass drug addict needs help (serious)
  46. Getting off Methadone
  47. Cold turkey question, help
  48. Trazodone for anxiety/panick attacks? Less sleep side effect!?!
  49. Newbie needs help!
  50. pain killers for surgery not working
  51. scared to get off Methadone
  52. Hoping for an answer...
  53. only took 1mg of suboxone today
  54. someone help me is my bf back on painkillers????
  55. Doing great on Methadone!
  56. Glad to be here
  57. Pregabalin & driving
  58. will 5 suboxone help me stop taking pain pills?
  59. How many is too many?
  60. Opiate Drug test
  61. problems after getting clean
  62. Darvocet..
  63. Methadone for Lortab withdrawals
  64. Sexual Side Effects
  65. weight gain / Methadone
  66. Suboxone 4 days off help
  67. Tappering off
  68. No Oxys, 7 Methadone, left what to do?
  69. on sub, perscribed codiene for pneumonia, can i?
  70. remember alonenomore? MY SON NEEDS HELP
  71. Vyvanse
  72. Need to taper off MS Contin (morphine)
  73. Sertraline (Zoloft).. need advice
  74. New & alone - 1st week on suboxone
  75. Is "Endocet" considered an opiate ?
  76. Can you mix Percocet and Morphine?
  77. Off topic, but...EMG test anyone?
  78. Vicodin and severe muscle weakness
  79. Intervention on A&E...
  80. using methadone to detox
  81. quick question about >>>>>>
  82. My son is using adderall unprescribed
  83. what happens if you go to ER for opiate withdrawal
  84. Question About Xanax
  85. has anyone ever tried waismann detox program
  86. Can Effexor (or any other SSRI) stop working
  87. taking valium with vicodin
  88. Cymbalta for pain
  89. Methods To Avoid Tolerance??/
  90. A question about how to take suboxone.
  91. Finally off opiates and on Methadone!
  92. Started on suboxone yesterday have a couple questions.
  93. Dermatomyositis
  94. Panic attacks/anxiety-general physician or psychiatrist?
  95. Hurt...Lyrics
  96. Suboxone Appointment Today - Worried!!!
  97. Oxycontin update
  98. Recomended waiting period between Suboxone and Methadone Use
  99. My Boyfriend is an Oxy Addict..
  100. help i caught my boyfriend using >>>>>>e..
  101. Help.. just took 60mg Roxicodone IR
  102. pros and cons of methadone maintenance
  103. Forum members - HELP ME OUT - I am a Police Officer
  104. Opiate effects on vision - sensory system..?
  105. Arguing with my doctor about Suboxone
  106. Suboxone with percocet
  107. the perc dude
  108. How do I start? Im an addict and I need help
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  110. Vicodin,suboxone, new job and medical records
  111. Addiction or dependence?????
  112. I found this MOST informative: SUBOXONE
  113. Help my boyfriend is a drug addict and lying!
  114. Thought I'd share. Vic' addiction and withdrawal story.
  115. Switching from >>>>>> to suboxone....
  116. Thomas Recipe Needed
  117. Finally! Real help with opiate addiction! --Legitimate Suboxone Perscription!
  118. Help, I need your opinion and thoughts...
  119. Hi...I really should be doing my homework but...
  120. tapering schedule?
  121. What to expect at a methadone clinic???
  122. When will I sleep well again? (Methadone detox)
  123. Have you ever taken more suboxone when you did not feel good
  124. Subutex??
  125. Codeine and Hydrocodone Tolerance
  126. Any musicians on suboxone?Worried a little.
  127. Caffeine & Benadryl (poss. bad effects??)
  128. Day 5 no pills, need help
  129. Am i experiencing withdrawal or am i suffering from somthing else?
  130. Suboxone and OxyCodone HELP!!
  131. Kicked the habit!..but blood work...
  132. Can someone help me please?
  133. Update on me
  134. Ready For Reality! My Intro!
  135. Sexual side effects from opiate withdrawal
  136. Oxycodone info
  137. Is it ok to stop Suboxone after 3 days?
  138. Questions about xanax
  139. question regarding suboxone/subutex
  140. Is there any sleeping meds you can take while on Suboxone?
  141. down to 2 five mg of vics from 20 tens a day
  142. Drug dreams, lets talk.
  143. Advice:How to kick MS Contin 15 mg dependency
  145. short term detox using methadone
  146. >>>>>> to Suboxone
  147. Subs and Ambien
  148. side effects of taking BENICAR
  149. Suboxone for Tramadol withdrawals?
  150. cocaine and suboxone
  151. Clamydia
  152. Please answer/penicilin -shot
  153. Thanks for the COWS (Clinical Opiate Withdrawl Scale and "my life"
  154. trying to quit perc habit
  155. real concerta overdose
  156. Please help, I can not take Suboxone!!!!
  157. Steps to Suboxone Treatment
  158. suboxone, depression and brain chemistry
  159. oxycodone dose when should i be scared?
  160. Employer Drug Tests
  161. Too many vicodin
  162. Do mushrooms show up ina urine test???
  163. Mixing Subo. With Meth.
  164. Omeprazole - side affects, please help
  165. How to get off Suboxone
  166. Is it safe to mix diet pills and xanax?
  167. Detoxing from SUboxone
  168. vic w/d
  169. 80mg Methadone pill >>. 200mg S Contin pill
  170. Back from the doc and royally screwed
  171. pharmacy gave me too many pills
  172. some drug testing questions
  173. how bad is a one bag a day >>>>>> habit
  174. Suboxone induction tomorrow...a little nervous
  175. methadone maintenance to suboxone
  176. On Suboxone 43 hours. Low energy and appetite. Suggestions?
  177. I'm 100% positive adderall ruined my life.
  178. how to handle someone else's addiction
  179. new to sub...wondering and freaked
  180. what to expect from the dr prescribing suboxone
  181. valium and klonopin for thomas recipe
  182. Pills you can't crush??
  183. Update on Me
  184. how long does it take to get hooked on klonopin
  185. Can Ultram & Ambien be taken together?
  186. what to expect on day one of suboxone
  187. My husband is an addict......
  188. Coricidin Overdose
  189. Withdraw Diazepam with Valerian
  190. Runnin low on suboxone...
  191. End of day two being Suboxone free
  192. how long does it take you personally to go into opiate withdrawal
  193. suboxone short term
  194. help hotline? i need to talk to someone. anyone.
  195. last tag line didnt work. on day six. does naltrexone work?
  196. Hooked on Klonopin/Xanax for 5 years now and wants off!
  197. Many METHADONE questions... just started treatment need answers!! :)
  198. PLEASE HELP!! - Suboxone Help -
  199. Help,my husband is addicted to pain pills
  200. The only thing that really worked to get dh off opiates...
  201. ~ ~ Disgusted.....
  202. percocet / roxicet withdrawal headaches
  203. amphetamine addiction??
  204. Adderall Addict - want off HOW? HELP!
  205. Dextromethorphan Abuse - CCC-Need advice
  206. Was your experience with suboxone good or bad?
  207. Got the Lamictal Rash!
  208. Oxy Withdrawls
  209. Addicts parents need advice...
  210. allergic reaction; who's to blame?
  211. Anxiety & Panic Attacks-Xanax, Klonopin & Depakote ER-Advise PLEASE!!!
  212. Need Advice!! Any is greatly appreciated!
  213. Tramadol and buprenorphine
  214. Tapering schedule for MS ER?
  215. weaning of norco's
  216. Methadone -FedUp with the Lies -Suboxone help?
  217. Help! Suboxone is making me
  218. Trying to stop suboxone help!
  219. Subutex for Methadone detox. Thank God.
  220. adderall, withdrawl/detox, weight gain
  221. Pls hlp me METHADONE- pros >> cons
  222. OMG PLEASE HELP ME w/fentanl patches!
  223. opium cravings - how does one get over it?
  224. First Post!
  225. Should I take Effexor?
  226. Suboxen withdral - first forum
  227. How can I get off cymbalta???
  228. need advice on suboxone cause my doc knows nothing!!!
  229. signs of a cocaine OD
  230. Provigil And Suboxone/withdrawal protocols??
  231. Need some advice on wifes drug and alcohol use
  232. My mother overdosed
  233. Anxiety attack from methadone withdrawal-Ok to take Xanaz or Valium?
  234. Smoking pot- off Oxy's for 2 weeks- Taking Suboxo - Your opinions Please
  235. This is long, but please read if you're messing with opiates>>
  236. adderall and xanax.
  237. Continued Opiate relapse causing major depression
  238. My 77 yr old mom has clinical dep. and is now suffering also from severe depression
  239. serious question involving ritalin overdose
  240. Positive for benzodiazepines while taking zoloft
  241. Lunesta
  242. Good benefits >>. side effects
  243. I am stuck At Sea and want to come home...
  244. Sleep Apnea from Sub--same on Suboxone?
  245. Opiate Craving
  246. 39th Day of hell
  247. mixing meds
  248. Dextox from Methadone to Vicodin to Suboxone
  249. Ativan-no Effects
  250. Seroquel and Kratom