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  1. I’m scared of minor opiate withdrawal
  2. Citalopram Withdrawal. How long does it last?
  3. Bad depression
  4. Froggy's World
  5. Forceout needs community to get through
  6. Switching from suboxone to methadone
  7. Second time around
  8. Cannabis and chronic pain relief
  9. What meds have helped your anxiety? (Long term)
  10. My story with buprenorphine, seeking advice
  11. Has anyone cured their anxiety with CBT?
  12. Duloxetine, fluoxetine and tramadol
  13. Looking for Catrina. Posts keep disappearing...
  14. Stomach issues
  15. Fentanyl withdrawal and Belbuca
  16. Codiene withdrawal
  17. Just stopped taking methadone yesterday 15mg
  18. Our Medicine Costs
  19. Chills after 30 days? Advice please.
  20. Thomas Recipe/ Thomas Recipe2017 OPIATE WITHDRAWAL HELP ME!
  21. 16mg of Subutex for five years
  22. How does it affect the way you think? Do you speak the truth or a pack of lies?
  23. New to all of this and need help
  24. Boyfriend on drugs
  25. idk what I'm looking for anymore...support? someone who gives a hoot?
  26. Don't know where to begin, it's comlicated...help/advice welcomed
  27. 20mg Methadone feeling like - NOT enough
  28. Been a year since I tried stopping subs
  29. Oxycodone 105mg>>>20mg methadone Daily
  30. Tapering off Norco and need support once again! Please!
  31. Went to NA-1st time I said I'm an ADDICT!
  32. Question about paws
  33. Zyprexa withdrawal troubles
  34. Norco quit 4th time hopefully last - help / advice please
  35. Back Again ...Need support !
  36. Super gross question and totally TMI but need answers
  37. My Drug Story, Suboxone Taper Now!
  38. When does the cramping stop?
  39. Hydrocodone withdraw. Help
  40. Married to an addict- when to end it?
  41. Hit my Breaking Point Support Needed
  42. Svetochek sub taper and needs help
  43. Day 1 of Suboxone Withdrawal
  44. Is it too late ?!?
  45. What age is too young, too new, too inexperienced?
  46. Bye bye tramadol.
  47. kratom withdraw
  48. Comin off percaset question
  49. Methadone to Suboxone, please help!!
  50. Really need help !
  51. Update: It can be done
  52. Methadone addiction???
  53. Day16 of Hell in me
  54. Really needing mental support..
  55. Ativan question
  56. coming of codeine
  57. Help getting off of Norcos
  58. Ok here we go!!!
  59. 24 hours/withdrawal
  60. Another short term Sub detox!
  61. New to this forum...
  62. Withdrawaling from opioids
  63. Need Support; C/T From Percocets
  64. Hydrocodone Any Help Appreciated
  65. Suboxone induction help. Roberts plan.
  66. Fentanyl Withdrawal
  67. Advice on Medication change. Its made me worse
  68. 52 hours in
  69. Anyone out there
  70. Emergency Contraceptive is messing up my cycle?
  71. Beginning the taper process
  72. Suboxone and total knee replacement
  73. Melaihdren story and journal
  74. Trying to help my mom cold turkey with Methadone
  75. Black stool as a side effect?
  76. Coming off of methadone......
  77. My story, please offer help/advice!
  78. My story, please helpAdvice/
  79. Help with w/d from oxycodon
  80. Ready to give this another try -- 3rd time the charm?
  81. Quick important question
  82. Still having symptoms
  83. Quitting Oxy, need a support forum
  84. I think ADHD was the reason I was abusing substances
  85. YOU helped save my life: A quick update 9 years later
  86. Trying to defeat this battle.
  87. Help needed. Need to talk
  88. Day 12 off oxyneo. Need serious help.
  89. Day 15 no sub (let there be light)
  90. Incoming Suboxone withdrawal, advice?
  91. Thank you guys and gals! It really does get better!
  92. Day 4 withdrawl from Vicodin
  93. Just one quick question
  94. Panic attack happened today, had to go to the ER.
  95. Any info about Phenibut
  96. Hydrocodone not showing up in urine test
  97. Tapering off 40mg hydrocodone daily
  98. OxyContin wd help :(
  99. I need a little help and advice.
  100. Sub Induction
  101. help..
  102. Accidentally put vodka in my mouth but spit it out, will I pass an ETG?
  103. Worried. Sub induction. Cows sheet.
  104. Sad
  105. Advice/Help
  106. Methadone w/d
  107. Sweats
  108. 103 Days Clean and Sober... Feels Amazing!
  109. Alternative non-narcotic pain meds that work?
  110. Day 4 without subutex
  111. How did this happen?
  112. Me, Myself & I
  113. Panic attack while working out anybody?
  114. Side Effects of Wellbutrin XL
  115. Buprenorphine in a clinical trial
  116. Day 8 off methadone
  117. Short Term Subu WD
  118. Is it safe to take Oxycodone & Solaray Tetra Cleanse??
  119. Ativan need help getting off thia drug.
  120. switching to Methadone for chronic pain after 20 years
  121. Lost...
  122. Hydrocodone 4 weeks
  123. Sub withdrawal question when only took for short time
  124. 7 days in and still feeling withdrawels
  125. Inspiring stories here - need support and friends.
  126. 0.0625mg xanax for sleep
  127. Sex after opiates
  128. Need some support, I'm losing my mind
  129. :(
  130. Just looking for support
  131. Husband withdrawing from Methadone
  132. xanax withdrawal
  133. I'm ashamed and embarrassed
  134. Where did my post go? Seeking advice to overcome last hurdle in Xanax addiction
  135. Long time lurker... looking for advice
  136. Am I doing the right thing?!
  137. Just need support
  138. How long does this last?!
  139. Can someone please help explain their experience
  140. Trying to get off sub, but have unique circumstances
  141. Just took my last 3 Norcos and I'm 18 hours out from my Suboxone appointment.
  142. Opiate withdrawal journey
  143. Bupe Blues.
  144. Thirty Hours In
  145. Morphine withdrawal- Thomas recipe - suggestions?
  146. Relapsed after 7 yrs on sub, but want off sub this time.
  147. Help me......Several attempts at a First
  148. Starting Suboxone in 7 days. Wanting advice
  149. Should I stay with him?
  150. Finally slept without sleep aids (detox of subs)
  151. Tired of rock bottom
  152. Scared and new
  153. Scared and new
  154. How do I tell doctors I'm hooked?
  155. Can NA or AA help?
  156. New And Scared
  157. Confused
  158. Cold Turkey Methadone Withdraw
  159. Older vet in early stage
  160. Day 2-This Sucks-Send good Thoughts
  161. New And Scared
  162. Day 3- Norco Detox!!!! Nervous
  163. What to do if having surgery???
  164. Scared for various reasons
  165. Don't know what to do anymore
  166. Can withdrawal just come back???
  167. My Worst Nightmare
  168. New here
  169. Starting a quick opiate detox using suboxone
  170. Self Initiated Methadone Taper - Finish Line!
  171. 9 Months Clean thanks to these forums and meetings!
  172. Significant Other is Pregnant and Abusing
  173. I don't know ...
  174. Lost control! !!!!!!
  175. Day 2 after 16 shoulder ops. Kicking ms contin. Norco after years and years
  176. Kicking Suboxone (5 years on)
  177. Tapering off Sub -New to the site
  178. Advice on a short suboxone use to get thru fentanyl wds
  179. Methadone quitting : Need Help with decision of my life!
  180. Going thru withdrawals.. just wanna chat about whatever.
  181. It's been a long & bumpy ride
  182. Hopefully I see the light
  183. I need advice bad
  184. Looking for strength
  185. Am I an addict or am I physically dependent on Norco?
  186. This is my last shot ! Need to not feel alone.
  187. Six years clean gone
  188. I need strength
  189. Need encouragement on quitting
  190. Suboxin withdrawal?
  191. Please Help.
  192. 3 years on sub, started tapering last week
  193. Need advice about going to dr for methadone wd
  194. Anyone else cycle through Seroquel and Xanax to deal with insomnia?
  195. Trying to get through
  196. Need Help Tappering off Oxycodone
  197. Day 13 of methadone detox....and yep I'm still alive
  198. My journey to the bottom
  199. Wife in rehab now what?
  200. Codeine withdrawal
  201. Day 2 Hell!
  202. spouses quitting together, will it work?
  203. The sober life
  204. Day 1 opiate withdrawal need support
  205. First day off Oxy in 4 years Now what
  206. Cold turkey at 10 mg suboxone..
  207. Methadone detox day 2
  208. I am looking for some song recomendations
  209. Please help me
  210. Back to day 1... tomorrow
  211. Getting off Subs
  212. Large dose opiate addiction detox.. help
  213. Husband Coming off of Methadone
  214. In Desperate Need of Advice
  215. Finally quit cold turkey
  216. Feeling again!
  217. Hydrocodone Stuck on the last half a pill a day HELP
  218. Please someone help-xanax detox
  219. Just Need To Talk
  220. 3 day clean
  221. Made the JUMP!!!
  222. Need some info on Melatonin
  223. Day 2 detox off Opana
  224. Generic Opana Detox Diary
  225. Hydrocodone Question
  226. Need some advice, switch to Subutex
  227. Anxiety medication advice
  228. Sub Help please, asap!
  229. Here I am again, month after month
  230. Finally deciding to quit Norco! - Ford's Progress
  231. 15 weeks pregnant, On Suboxone for 3 1/2 yrs
  232. First time for everything right?
  233. 38 weeks pregnant, 15mg norco
  234. Quitting for the last time
  235. Sub Help ASAP....please
  236. Norcos after Suboxone
  237. Day 1 of 30-40 mg oxy withdrawal.
  238. Hydrocodone Withdrawl 3 Weeks + What to expect?
  239. Looking for support while going through Subutex taper while pregnant
  240. EllaOne Panic
  241. Support Needed the Next Few Days for Opiate WD
  242. Dreading the next few days...
  243. Coming off 200mg Chewable Oxy 40 today and terrified.
  244. How do I get off of Zanax?
  245. Day 3 of my Suboxone withdrawals and I took .5mg. Feeling so guilty
  246. Slow Klonopin Taper Plan?
  247. Christmas 2016
  248. Suboxone withdraws
  249. Relapsed..ugh
  250. Relapsed..ugh