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  1. Husband Went Cold Turkey On Suboxon
  2. Oxycodone Withdrawl
  3. What to expect after a 6 month slow Suboxone taper?
  4. Trying to stop taking.Oxy
  5. Day 3
  6. Ambien
  7. 3rd day of this nightmare
  8. Buspar question.
  9. Recovering pill addict husband
  10. Weird feeling
  11. xanax not help (agorafobia) my agorafobia start 7 d ago
  12. Loosing my job of 18 years due to PN.
  13. Lexapro for GERD.
  14. Thanks to CDC doctors scared to prescribe opiates
  15. Desperate to understand how to cope and what the next step is..
  16. I have NEVER seen a more perfect poem, written in the saddest way.
  17. Coming off buprenorphine
  18. Percocet problem.. Want to quit
  19. On Day 10 of withdrawel from opiods, Have an appointment at a methadone clinic
  20. Just need some SOLID Realistic advice Please........Sub-Withdrawls
  21. Another relationship destroyed by Lexopram
  22. Opiate addiction hurts
  23. Stopping Clonidine after sub wd
  24. In Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  25. Question for anyone to answer.
  26. Looking to give/get support quitting perc's
  27. Phenobarbital Edu
  28. Coming on 24 hours clean of perk 10s
  29. Pregnancy + Narcotic Addiction
  30. Terrified
  31. Feeling Guilty and Need Advice
  32. My Journey from Hell to Here
  33. I will beat opiate addiction
  34. I'm tryin this yet again....
  35. Opiate addiction, suboxone and ADHD
  36. this sucks...I feel horrible...and NOW I taper?!?!?!
  37. Switching from Methadone to Suboxone
  38. Psychiatrist said quit "cold turkey"
  39. 65 ur old grammy, trying to taper and/or quit
  40. Help! Day 6 off oxycodone. Need support!
  41. Day 21 oxycodone free!!!
  42. Any advice...going cold turkey off methadone
  43. Lexapro week 4
  44. Day 2 off tramadol
  45. Helping my daughter
  46. Help me break the tween barrier
  47. change in medication
  48. 7th day off methadone 17mg cold turkey
  49. day 4 off subs
  50. Wisdom teeth update for people I talked to about it
  51. trying to get through suboxone withdrawals
  52. I'm so close.....I think
  53. Need your help quitting, must do now
  54. Taper off Opiates - Restlessness
  55. Time to drop my 150mg a day Oxycodone habit
  56. Anyone taken isotretinoin(accutane)
  57. Mental aspect of opiate withdrawal
  58. Old jaw fracture & wisdom tooth removal
  59. Well here I am...Day One
  60. Quitting Norco
  61. Suboxone Withdrawal Summary
  62. Quitting suboxone
  63. Need a quick answer. Please help
  64. Suboxone before oral surgery
  65. Inpatient Q&A - Open this thread if you are considering rehab
  66. 1st day off lortab 10's
  67. First time in rehab! Let's kick sub!
  68. Bupropion er
  69. Percocet WD
  70. Help Please Methadone Withdrawal
  71. OK.. who is looking for a new BFF in recovery? I'm here and ready to work!
  72. TRYING again
  73. I need you guys... Quitting oxy 5th time
  74. 3 months on lortab 10's, 8-12 a day, please help
  75. New here today, seeking taper advice for 30 mg. Percocet
  76. How to wean off Suboxone
  77. New here
  78. Tapering off Fentanyl
  79. Fentanyl Taper
  80. I'm new on here and need help coming off methadone
  81. Night sweats! When will they end??
  82. Fentanyl withdrawal
  83. Relapsed after 2.5 years (opiates) —>trying to get back on the road to recovery
  84. Movies or Series to watch during recovery
  85. No symtoms 36hours in detox
  86. Can lexapro work for me the 4th time around?
  87. At First I Was Looking for Xanax... Now I'm Looking Past It
  88. Day 1 behind me ....again
  89. Recent yearly pill addiction attempting&to taper off. Mental support needed-Longish
  90. 32 days clean,car wreck
  91. Thank you!
  92. Scared to death...no light at the end of this tunnel
  93. Will it get better?
  94. Please help? I have been pain killers for 13 years. Scared to QT.
  95. Serenity Looking for Help
  96. Husband possibly abusing opioids again
  97. Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim safety during pregnancy
  98. Struggling to Make The Jump
  99. Help with oxy withdrawl
  100. DLPA >> L-tyrosine?
  101. Help
  102. Anxiety is getting worse, Please chime in.
  103. On suboxone taper. How do i cut the 8mg hexagons for accurate dosing???
  104. Need support: depression and fatigue after stopping xanax/vicodin
  105. Just need a little support.
  106. Just need to talk....
  107. Need help and not sure where to start...
  108. HELP! want off pain killers
  109. Using Tramadol to ease w/d of oxycodone
  110. Hair Follicle Drug Test Results Interpretation
  111. My friend's story - Biz Prof - Dependency on Opiates, Vyvanse to be productive (long)
  112. On methadone going on fishing trip
  113. Wellbutrin, Valium, or subutex withdrawal?!?
  114. Today I am thankful for
  115. CODIENE - Trying to beat my addiction! HELP!
  116. What are ideas to get the mind and body ready for the sub jump?
  117. help cold turkey opiate withdrawal
  118. Looking to Quit please any advice is good Advice !
  119. Started a huge taper today from Vicodin. What should I expect.
  120. need some advice on Xanax withdrawal
  121. Methadone to Suboxone
  122. In the dark
  123. Nicole Ray Wants Some Help!
  124. In Need of Some Advice
  125. Here I am
  126. Here we go!!
  127. precip withdrawals
  128. Day One w/o methadone
  129. Coming off SubOxone, pregnant, frustrated...
  130. Day 4 off of Vicodin - going crazy alone
  131. Failed Jump from 1mg suboxone after 56 hours
  132. Need help withdrawal insanity
  133. A Cold Turkey/ Withdrawal song playlist that might help
  134. 5 Days In...
  135. Detoxing off 1mg subutex
  136. How long/much does it take for a physical addiction to occur with opiate use?
  137. bowel movements
  138. Other end of addiction
  139. I'm mentally ill, I have questions on medications I am about to start to take....
  140. Mayrod's New Thread!!
  141. Learning the hard way - oxycontin round 2, a taper into insanity
  142. 150mg methadone... stuck on an island of addiction. need advice.
  143. Living with an opiate addict
  144. Can pain doc demand you quit smoking?
  145. Effects of Alcohol During Opiate Withdrawal
  146. Girlfriend on pills after back injury
  147. Day 8 and still no energy!! Ugh!! losing Faith!!
  148. 21 Days Off Opiates - Sleep Advice!
  149. Have I just been getting bad doctors?
  150. Anybody awake??? Day 6 now and still no sleep!!!
  151. Suboxone Withdrawl need help.
  152. Grateful to have found this forum!!
  153. Very poor energy...help please
  154. Suboxone Taper Complete, jumping at .25mg
  155. 90 mg done'. getting ready for cold turkey. anyone tried laser treatment for WD? thxx
  156. Lexapro help
  157. Lies from addiction left me feeling confused
  158. Day 20 clean - Out of Withdrawal and on to PAWS
  159. Need Advice on Times to Take
  160. My Recovery, Hoping to get some support and advice
  161. Need an expert opinion... tapering. Roberts plan slightly mixed up.
  162. Detoxing from 45mg/day of Oxycodone for 4 & 1/2 years straight from an accident .
  163. Pregnancy and subs
  164. What do you guys don't onward off the anxiety?
  165. Suboxone WD Timeline Question
  166. Can I stop taking alprazolam
  167. Help tapering please.
  168. please help me STOP
  169. Thing to kick oxi
  170. TRying to stop Oxycodone
  171. 4th attempt in 3 weeks :(
  172. Sure could use some help tapering off opiates
  173. Ready to be done
  174. Pregnant addicted to opiates trying to get clean
  175. hi guys, new here!
  176. My GF (fiancé) hit rock bottom, she is now away for detox - 1st timer here
  177. Anyone else up?
  178. I need some advice
  179. I will see the light one day!
  180. Is it addiction or need? What do I do?
  181. Great place hope to find friends
  182. Should I change my dosage?
  183. Cold turkey Suboxone detox day -6
  184. Xanax help and questions
  185. My husband is a drug addict and in denial
  186. multiple rx fills
  187. How to get over the fear of the future?
  188. New and need help
  189. Trazodone i am goung to kick its butt
  190. Getting through the day with Sub
  191. It's time. Done with norco.
  192. Kicking tram and co-codamol one blister pack at a time....
  193. My son
  194. Getting off of alprazolam please help
  195. Need help
  196. going from methadone to suboxone (need advice)
  197. Lorazapam
  198. The journey continues whether on the wagon or walking along side
  199. Quitting methadone cold turkey from 30 mg
  200. 3 WAY addiction convo.
  201. I'm ready this time, looking for others to talk to about success.
  202. Detox questions
  203. Short term (Quick) Suboxone detox
  204. Prescription dependency has ruined my 28 yr marriage
  205. day5 and need support to keep going
  206. Disabled Vet - Same Pain Pill Story
  207. My girlfriend is going through methadone Detox
  208. After six long years, I am off opiates, but not out of the wood yet. Please advise.
  209. please help gonna do cold turkey tomorrow
  210. Addiction or only resort?
  211. The end of the rope
  212. Scared! Kicking 400mg of oxy a day.. CT or Suboxone?
  213. Extreme CODEINE withdrawals Post Surgery
  214. Need some encouragement, trying to kick codeine.
  215. klonapin
  216. Living with a bipolar meth addict-Help!
  217. Suboxone detox question
  218. How meds show on drug screen
  219. trying to come off suboxone.
  220. Ruining my life
  221. Fentanyl wean down
  222. Desperate for help and support please
  223. Please help I need to get off codeine
  224. Perpetual State of Withdrawal
  225. Just need to talk....
  226. Rock and a hard place...
  227. Detoxing from norco, prescribed for 12yrs
  228. Need some advice on tapering off Methadone.
  229. This is my last try with oxy. 5 day Suboxone detox.
  230. Suboxone question/help
  231. Help needed. Getting off codeine.
  232. Newbie Help! Trying to wean off Tramadol
  233. Feeling alone and depressed- Day 3
  234. relapse. worried sick
  235. How do I make it stick?
  236. short-term depression help?
  237. is my gf an addict?
  238. Day 2- need support please and answers
  239. my wife and I are ready to quit abusing oxycodone
  240. question about stopping 8day suboxen habit
  241. From methadone to saboxone???
  242. Day 4
  243. Need help through w/d, I'm scared and feel alone
  244. Suboxon issues
  245. Been on Suboxone for 3 years. Want to stop. Paralyzed with fear. Please help!
  246. Chronic Pain/Methadone for 1.5 months. Need advice.
  247. I'm back
  248. need hydrocodone info please
  249. I'm Still Here Camilla46
  250. I Had My First Good Day Today!