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  1. New and need help
  2. Trazodone i am goung to kick its butt
  3. Getting through the day with Sub
  4. It's time. Done with norco.
  5. Kicking tram and co-codamol one blister pack at a time....
  6. My son
  7. Getting off of alprazolam please help
  8. Need help
  9. going from methadone to suboxone (need advice)
  10. Lorazapam
  11. The journey continues whether on the wagon or walking along side
  12. Quitting methadone cold turkey from 30 mg
  13. 3 WAY addiction convo.
  14. I'm ready this time, looking for others to talk to about success.
  15. Detox questions
  16. Short term (Quick) Suboxone detox
  17. Prescription dependency has ruined my 28 yr marriage
  18. day5 and need support to keep going
  19. Disabled Vet - Same Pain Pill Story
  20. My girlfriend is going through methadone Detox
  21. After six long years, I am off opiates, but not out of the wood yet. Please advise.
  22. please help gonna do cold turkey tomorrow
  23. Addiction or only resort?
  24. The end of the rope
  25. Scared! Kicking 400mg of oxy a day.. CT or Suboxone?
  26. Extreme CODEINE withdrawals Post Surgery
  27. Need some encouragement, trying to kick codeine.
  28. klonapin
  29. Living with a bipolar meth addict-Help!
  30. Suboxone detox question
  31. How meds show on drug screen
  32. trying to come off suboxone.
  33. Ruining my life
  34. Fentanyl wean down
  35. Desperate for help and support please
  36. Please help I need to get off codeine
  37. Perpetual State of Withdrawal
  38. Just need to talk....
  39. Rock and a hard place...
  40. Detoxing from norco, prescribed for 12yrs
  41. Need some advice on tapering off Methadone.
  42. This is my last try with oxy. 5 day Suboxone detox.
  43. Suboxone question/help
  44. Help needed. Getting off codeine.
  45. Newbie Help! Trying to wean off Tramadol
  46. Feeling alone and depressed- Day 3
  47. relapse. worried sick
  48. How do I make it stick?
  49. short-term depression help?
  50. is my gf an addict?
  51. Day 2- need support please and answers
  52. my wife and I are ready to quit abusing oxycodone
  53. question about stopping 8day suboxen habit
  54. From methadone to saboxone???
  55. Day 4
  56. Need help through w/d, I'm scared and feel alone
  57. Suboxon issues
  58. Been on Suboxone for 3 years. Want to stop. Paralyzed with fear. Please help!
  59. Chronic Pain/Methadone for 1.5 months. Need advice.
  60. I'm back
  61. need hydrocodone info please
  62. I'm Still Here Camilla46
  63. I Had My First Good Day Today!
  64. Anybody else struggling to sleep?
  65. 47 Years Condensed To 500 Words Or Less, I.E. My Story
  66. Where is the link to journal or just write your story?
  67. I'm so scared. Just starting day one
  68. I need help or I am going to die
  69. Horrible leg pains
  70. So tired of this life
  71. I messed up and need support
  72. 12 years suboxone user finally starting to taper help
  73. 9th day Suboxone detox - not fun
  74. where to start
  75. My Methadone Journey and Withdrawals
  76. Ready to come of Percocet 40mg a day addiction
  77. Needs advise on 6th day suboxone detox
  78. Day 2 Detox on using subs but RLS & Shivers are getting the best of me
  79. Today was induction day and I feel horrible
  80. Really scared... any support/encouragement greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  81. First Post. Need advice on coming off Oxy onto Subs? Need advice & support
  82. Day 3 Almost Over but help!!!
  83. 3rd times a charm...ready to HEAL
  84. getting off percocets and oxy 80 mg need help
  85. Spi-emi Codein addiction
  86. Taking the Plunge
  87. Tough love ...
  88. need some help...
  89. I am too scared too leave my drug addict partner
  90. Codein addiction
  91. Relapsed need help.
  92. Norco withdra
  93. still there
  94. How much suboxone should I start with?
  95. What happens next? I need some direction...
  96. C/t from opiate hell...interesting method/story
  97. At the end of my rope
  98. I think i have a problem? Benzos
  99. How do I confront someone who I suspect is doing drugs?
  100. Percocet 10/325 withdrawal
  101. Subutex Withdrawal - need some words of encouragement
  102. Pregnant & need help !
  103. Saying Goodbye to 8 Years of Suboxone Might be Easier Than I Thought
  104. Finished detox off suboxone - can I take my prescribed norcos?
  105. In serious need of help getting off suboxone
  106. Sub Taper
  107. It Is Possible !
  108. 2 days clean tomorrow noon - after relapse
  109. Old Problem, New Problem
  110. Nearly two years sober.
  111. Suboxone withdrawal AND roxicodone
  112. Kicking Roxy's with Suboxone. Need help!!!!
  113. Really need to get off subs! Have one 8mg strip left.
  114. Help! Over 48 hours into hydrocodone withdrawal
  115. Norco withdrawl with shoulder jitters
  116. In Need of Advice (Oxycodone)
  117. Confused about addiction
  118. 4-8mg of Suboxone for 9 days can I quit?
  119. High spiky blood pressure. Permanent or Temporary?
  120. a story of sucess
  121. Sticky situation
  122. It's time! my new life awaits
  123. I need help (Going off oxycodone today after a full year of use)
  124. Sub taper before I go too far
  125. Back pain and Insomnia... can't overcome
  126. I feel like I'll never be able to be completely "sober". Is this just weak thinking?
  127. Please someone help me with sub taper plan induction process ???
  128. feels like this is my last chance to get clean
  129. Finally starting. Need support. Still alone and scared
  130. day 2 off suboxone. anyone wanna ride with me?
  131. Day 2 This is the worse pain I have ever felt in my LIFE
  132. "Help" I need to start subutex/suboxone therapy
  133. Need advice please
  134. Day 10 off oxycodone - the mental fog has lifted
  135. Call in the comfort groupi this is so hard
  136. Need advice on using subutex for methadone withdrawals
  137. Day 1 of Suboxone Detox
  138. Not sure how to ask this question because Baclofen is Evil
  139. Pupil size
  140. Tapering options
  141. My girlfriend is coming home from rehab, what should I expect?
  142. Guilt is eating me alive
  143. help me help me
  144. Going cold turkey
  145. 2 days left on methadone
  146. Urgent help x.x Doc messing up with antibiotics?
  147. Feeling crazy on Lexapro can i stop cold turkey without withdrawals
  148. Help suboxone withdrawal
  149. Methadone instead of Oxycodone?
  150. Please don't tell me I'm crazy. day 5 after jumping from a high dose.
  151. Boyfriend relapsed
  152. Norco Withdrawal
  153. Fentanyl to subutex rough time
  154. 11 days off opiates
  155. What to do / GF struggling with quitting Suboxone
  156. I need help Stuck on Stupid
  157. Relapsed After 3 Months
  158. Doctor Cut me off Adderall Cold Turkey
  159. Tramadol Withdrawals
  160. Please! Need help with taper plan!
  161. My tapering plan - please help
  162. Been off suboxone for 8 days now...still feel really bad
  163. Lorazepam Withdrawal
  164. Is this normal, am I normal to feel this way? Please help? I'm scared!
  165. Suboxone/Precipitated Withdrawl...what next??
  166. Almost off suboxone!!! A few questions
  167. Need some support please!
  168. Failed suboxone detox
  169. Suboxone - down to .75mg - Now going up again - help
  170. I'm back
  171. loperamide
  172. Quitting methadone
  173. need to know about dones
  174. Loving someone addicted to opiates
  175. Methadone questions
  176. So hard to function
  177. Boyfriend in trouble - pain pill withdrawal
  178. standing on the ledge, scared to jump!
  179. Worried and paranoid pls. Help
  180. Sub detox need help
  181. Subutex Withdrawl
  182. Alone and scared
  183. Tramadol dependency. DR. weaning me off
  184. Advice on coming off of 5-6 10 mg hydrocodone daily
  185. Unplanned suboxone withdrawal - HELP
  186. Trying to tapper off klonopin
  187. Minor fentanyl relapse
  188. over 4 days sober mommy
  189. Withdrawal Klonopin bad nausea
  190. feeling weak today
  191. needs advice
  192. My Story and a Call for Help
  193. Tramadol is EVIL!
  194. Pre-Employment Physical Question
  195. Norco to suboxone ?
  196. I'm 20 And Have Chronic Testicular Pain...Need Support PLEASE?
  197. Please Help Me with my Sub Induction
  198. 14 days clean, when does it get easier??
  199. 6 Years ob Suboxone... Time To Get Off
  200. BREAK the CYCLE ?!?!
  201. Day 4... So far so good
  202. Help with Withdrawal
  203. I Fall Dow, But I Get Up Again
  204. I just want my life back.
  205. Need your help......please! =-)
  206. Please help, feel like I'm dying
  207. left my opioid addicted husband - will he ever understand why?
  208. Oxycontin and Tramadol
  209. 10 years on Methadone and Oxy, severely reduced, but need advice (please)
  210. Just another sub addict
  211. Shadys back..tell a friend...
  212. need some help and support with tramadol withdrawal
  213. Going CT on Sunday (8/16). HELP PLEASE.
  214. bothered by my dreams
  215. forced to come off subs after years...I'm SCARED
  216. I need subutex/suboxone withdrawal success stories!
  217. Subutex and pregnancy
  218. Ativan withdrawal please help
  219. Little Orphan Hope Has No Home
  220. Loperamide and suboxone
  221. Dating an addict...
  222. Let's try this again
  223. Suboxone nightmare
  224. Can I expect bad withdrawal from Oxycodone?
  225. My wife is in recovery and I need help
  226. 33hrs in and I don't know how much I can take... Help?
  227. I am pregnant. Had to forego my anxiety meds, plus paternity situation!
  228. I need some advice on my medications.
  229. When can I start my subs?
  230. Cold turkey today July 27 log
  231. Stopping the devil pill journey
  232. Trying to get my life back
  233. Can Metoprolol cause hair loss?
  234. My Wife is a recovering addict, how do I live with this?
  235. HIV and Drug Related Neuropathy
  236. Tapered suboxone to .15mg, skipped days, relapsed on DOC, now here
  237. Husband just went to rehab
  238. Suboxone Taper Too Fast?
  239. Please need suboxone advice !!!
  240. How to take Suboxone the RIGHT way
  241. Help with hydros
  242. Codeine addiction
  243. Getting off Seroquel Help
  244. 96 hours Norco Free Wanting to Go Back
  245. My story of suboxone addiction hell..Please pleasee Read
  246. HELP Chronic headaches for over 8 months now
  247. First time and need help....
  248. Is Opiate tolerance permanent?
  249. Anti Depression Drugs
  250. Specific Case: Quitting Xanax XR 4mg