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  1. Is Opiate tolerance permanent?
  2. Anti Depression Drugs
  3. question
  4. Specific Case: Quitting Xanax XR 4mg
  5. Robert_325
  6. again
  7. will going back on opiates easy the extended sub wd
  8. OFF oxy- Third times the charm
  9. don"t want stuck on subs,don't want back on drugs!
  10. Suboxone cold turkey
  11. Is Neuroplasticity real?
  12. Mom detoxing from subs, needs advice.
  13. Short term detox for Oxycodone using Suboxone
  14. Just finished Detox from opiates ~ ANXIETY KILLING ME-ADVICE PLEASE!
  15. Determination and a strong will....
  16. Question about propofol
  17. Advice?
  18. Missing operative report
  19. Severe Pain Questions about oxycodone
  20. Another Day 1
  21. Husband Lorazepam 2-3x a day??
  22. 6 years and counting.
  23. Cold turkey day 6
  24. Going cold turkey again!
  25. Day 1 of Percocet withdrawal - alone and feeling really depressed
  26. Mother going through detox. Help?
  27. Support Needed.. Husband is an addict
  28. Wellbrutin questions
  29. Addict daughter and husband
  30. First time detoxing from norco
  31. Here I go!!!
  32. day one of my 3 day skip on my suboxone taper
  33. Getting off Suboxone. Did I handle this right way?
  34. Yes We Can
  35. Prescriptions to methadone, to now quitting...ct.... Help!!
  36. How do I deal with my boyfriend being an addict?
  37. Codeine withdrawl
  38. What should I do? Chronic illness and Ativan addiction.
  39. New, Need advice. Benzo withdrawals...
  40. Help me off this not-so-merry go round of opiates and suboxone?
  41. Husband going through methadone withdrawal... Worried pls help
  42. Finally off lorazapam
  43. Getting off of Methadone 15mg with complications-PLEASE help by sharing experiences.
  44. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  45. I'm starting a taper today
  46. Questions on Subutex 2mg.
  47. Advice on switching from Methadone to Suboxone
  48. Naltrexone question
  49. Hello? Anyone out there?
  50. suboxone + tramadol
  51. Day 20 clean of norco...when does the stomach issues and headaches end?
  52. OxyContin withdrawl HELP!
  53. Sub 12mg at Jump! No choice.
  54. STRUGGLING thru BIG Suboxone Withdrawal...need advice PLZ!
  55. what will they prescribe?
  56. Suboxone taper
  57. Help! New member... I need to wean off of METHADONE!! NEED ADVICE!!
  58. Starting Tramadol WDs
  59. Valium and Percocet withdrawal
  60. Once again
  61. Is there a forum or thread for significant others to ask questions / get advice?
  62. About to do Battle with the WD Demon Need some wisdom and Guidance!
  63. I need to get a grip on this opiate addiction!
  64. How to kick the worst opiate addiction you have ever experienced?
  65. What am I going to do? Forced into going off Suboxone cold turkey... Scared to death!
  66. What happens when I'm done with suboxone? Wil I go back into methadone wd?
  67. Going Cold Turkey!!!
  68. Tramadol & Xanax - need support and a plan
  69. Detoxing from 60mg Methadone a day, please help!
  70. 13 months
  71. How long does it take for Mu-opiod receptors to recover?
  72. how can I start my sub- induction? wouls really appreciate professional advice please
  73. Need advice with first induction of Suboxone please HELP!
  74. looking for answers
  75. Pelvic Pain Mystery
  76. Why is it taking forever for me to feel normal again?
  77. My struggle with DXM
  78. Help - Lexapro Withdrawal - Need Help
  79. Losing my boyfriend what do i do?
  80. methadone CT/ 50 days
  81. Want to cut off your supply to pain pills?
  82. Boyfriend On Buprenorphine.. Can Someone Explain How This Can Effect Him??
  83. Desperate - wife of an opiate addict - help
  84. Urgent. Please read
  85. Is suboxone really a good idea for methadone wd?
  86. Husband is 33 days clean of Vicodin and I'm scared....
  87. 2 weeks Valium (almost daily) - will I have withdrawals
  88. tammy
  89. Helpless and hopeless from opiates
  90. once again
  91. Day 1 and Counting
  92. why don't they switch ppl to a shorter acting opiate to get off methadone
  93. Impossible to get better and get good advice/help when no one responds!!!!
  94. harder the second time
  95. 5 weeks clean and have to start my life over.
  96. Day 2 and hanging on by my fingernails
  97. Been alternating btw subs and Oxys daily
  98. ready to do this... life>high
  99. Suboxone help. Please no bashing
  100. Fiance is going to rehab - should I leave him or stay?
  101. The heart of the matter.
  102. Having trouble with suboxone taper
  103. Having trouble with suboxone taper
  104. A Season in Hell (How I lost all Control) Conclusion
  105. Loved one is an addict
  106. Boyfriend is addicted to drugs HELP
  108. Quit Suboxone cold turkey - Day 3
  109. Best birth control with low-dose of hormones that also helps w water weight & acne
  110. Support needed - dihydrocodeine
  111. Support needed - dihydrocodeine
  112. What you can look forward to
  113. New to site, need help with sub taper
  114. For the ladies : Depo shot birth control
  115. Methadone and Roxi for 5 years Subutex for one month? Questions
  116. Winifred1
  117. Husband is into day 14 - cold turkey vicodin withdrawal.......questions
  118. Suboxone Taper: I need your support
  119. Need Support (Norco)
  120. Thanks for saving me!
  121. There is life after hydrocodone! Be strong
  122. Quitting Suboxone Cold Turkey after 2 years
  123. going cold turkey after 3 years of suboxone
  124. Don't know where to start...all over again
  125. Methadone Cold Turkey
  126. I am so scared.....
  127. an update.
  128. Need some advice please
  129. addicted friend
  130. Horribly Emotionally Unstable from WDs!!!
  131. Any opiate taper help,please
  132. Suboxone Detox
  133. Norco use got worse after father passed
  134. Fentanyl Withdrawl - Going cold turkey
  135. need advice
  136. My Story/Day 2 of Hydrocodone Withdrawals - this sucks!
  137. Detox from Xanax, Welbutrin, and Ambien
  138. Help with a relapse
  139. Rls and opiate detox
  140. 12mg subutex daily for 2 months so far...i want to be on a lower dose
  141. Im scared.
  142. I'm clean!!
  143. I need to talk. I need help. starting withdrawals. again. can't do this anymore
  144. doctor told me several times my muscle twitches are from stress. is this possible??
  145. Help! Quitting Norco/Exalgo cold turkey tomorrow night!
  146. Here I am again ...
  147. Randy35? Hey it's me
  148. New to EMSAM-Have Questions
  149. Need help with a tapering off Norco..
  150. Pain Management First Timer - Questions - Please help!
  151. Big day and full of fear
  152. What to do?
  153. Please take my advice on this
  154. lbeddard
  155. Suboxone Taper
  156. Taking a step towards help.
  157. please help me
  158. Getting my son help need to talk.
  159. Is this what recovery looks like?
  160. Just Venting... Don't know what to do
  161. Messed Up...BIG Time. Am Back At Day 5
  162. What are norcos doing to my body?
  163. New here. Officially done.....again.
  164. Advice for treating ADD and depression
  165. Norco addict
  166. Need to talk
  167. Help please I have two days of methadone left
  168. Hate to be a whinner!!!!
  169. opiate withdrawals
  170. day 1 and i cant stop crying!!!
  171. Not sure how this site works
  172. Suboxone: Best Plan to Quit
  173. PLEASE HELP!! 10 minutes of your time. i need all the advice i can get
  174. Lorazepam .5 mg, Codeine #4, and Zolpidem 5mg, for 2.5 years now.
  175. CTW FROM 8YR RUN @ 120mgs Starting 1/3/15 IN JAIL
  176. day 3 need some support
  177. Going through the ringer again
  178. Questions and confused
  179. subutex re-induction
  180. Can't take it no more
  181. relapse question
  182. 15 year codeine addiction.....day 1 CT
  183. Started Suboxone short term taper
  184. Stopping regular norco use can hardly get out of bed
  185. how long will withdrawals last for me off methadon
  186. husband home from rehab...now what?
  187. All this is new to me
  188. Will taking Vicodin during Zoloft withdrawal stunt the healing process?
  189. Suboxone withdrawal- advice needed
  190. Tell Friends About Antidepressants?
  191. codeine addiction
  192. Just want to talk, day 1 (and counting!)
  193. Round 2
  194. Is it safe to take 100mg of Tramadol in one dose?
  195. What would you do? The blues have me bad
  196. Does Tramadol have as much SSRI in it as Zoloft?
  197. Want to Taper Off Norco
  198. Methadone taper
  199. Limbo
  200. zanex withdrawal day 10 anyone else here been through this?
  201. subutex 4th day sick
  202. MIL sharing prescriptions with BIL
  203. So depressed
  204. Lortab Taper
  205. Beginning my withdrawal journey.
  206. Delayed withdrawals?
  207. No point anymore... I cant stand being a robot anymore
  208. should I start low dose of suboxone for 400g codiene addiction
  209. Day 7 After Jumping from Methadone 29mg
  210. Husband left Monday
  211. Day 5
  212. 48 hours in and just cocked up.
  213. Lost my written prescription
  214. Please help. Living with an addict? :(
  215. On Depakote for seizures. Side Effects like Still Alice
  216. Unable to Shed Weight
  217. Coming off of methadone
  218. NA and AA?
  219. Suboxone Detox
  220. Boyfriend Going Through Pain Killer Withdrawls ... How To Get Through This ??
  221. how can I help him
  222. Can Imodium help with withdrawal?
  223. Quitting methadone
  224. I finally did it....
  225. Oxycodone Withdrawing - Help!
  226. I just need support that this will get better (fentanyl)
  227. From methadone to oxy to suboxone all doctor directed/ third day on sub and very sick
  228. Just looking for some support
  229. Walking the line...
  230. .25 mg sub ?
  231. If I take a lower dose for 1 day..
  232. Having a hard time
  233. need support on oxy detox
  234. need advice-day 3 of percocet w/d, took 2.5 mg suboxene-continue few days or no??
  235. If not now, when?
  236. Feeling like death
  237. It's been a sobering 7 days ...
  238. Step 1 - thoughts
  239. significant other hard to deal with coming off narcotics
  240. seeking advice - an opiate addict's girlfriend
  241. Having a Personal Dilemma with these Stupid Pills
  242. I am utterly SICK of my fixation of Sub Strips
  243. talked to husband in rehab
  244. Father of my unborn child hooked on Opioid pills.
  245. Mels story
  246. what about after rehab?
  247. Need advice to switch from done to suboxone!
  248. In denial and losing time..
  249. Dating my bestfriend just got complicated.
  250. My Story