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  1. significant other hard to deal with coming off narcotics
  2. seeking advice - an opiate addict's girlfriend
  3. Having a Personal Dilemma with these Stupid Pills
  4. I am utterly SICK of my fixation of Sub Strips
  5. talked to husband in rehab
  6. Father of my unborn child hooked on Opioid pills.
  7. Mels story
  8. what about after rehab?
  9. Need advice to switch from done to suboxone!
  10. In denial and losing time..
  11. Dating my bestfriend just got complicated.
  12. My Story
  13. How do you stop when it's always around you
  14. Ncaa positive drug test with SARMS substance Ostarine
  15. Yes, I am ready
  16. Need help, new here!
  17. Quitting Again, notes on the difference between then and now
  18. One Week off of Suboxone after 3 LONG YEARS
  19. Question about PAWs
  20. Life after Sub! Day 7 for me!
  21. What are some good books/magazines to send to your wife in jail?
  22. Suboxone can I quit?
  23. Some advise on tapering subutex please?
  24. Suggestions, Help! The Insomnia Is Brutal
  25. Help Me plz
  26. Taking Subutex While Pregant (Need Advice)!!!
  27. Suboxone Taper - Could use some Support
  28. Just need a response withdrawals killing me
  29. Really need help.gettiing off oxys. starting day 4 WD
  30. Why O Why?
  31. Quitting suborning and could use support
  32. Starting Norco withdrawals CT
  33. Tapering Suboxone Experience
  34. Round Two (can't believe I'm back again)
  35. Questionable subutex detox
  36. Question
  37. HELP!! How long do withdrawl symptoms from Oxycontin last?
  38. Could use this boards expertise on ct >>. very short term sub detox plan
  39. How do I help someone going through WD?
  40. Caught bf lying and using - need help, DEVASTATED!!
  41. Pls help, want to induce properly Tried so many times!!!,
  42. Please help with suboxone... IM STUCK!
  43. Just took last pill.
  44. hydrocodone taper >> cold turkey???
  45. Am I addicted to Oxycodone and should I ask for Suboxone?
  46. Taking your time tapering
  47. Suboxone and Supplements
  48. Cold turkey damaged me
  49. dual diagnosis - depression and substance abuse - what's best treatment?
  50. Quitting narcotics, methadone question
  51. J's sub taper
  52. Suboxone and Sex
  53. day 1 off opana with subs - advice?
  54. My fiancée is a recovering addict. Help.
  55. Wanting to taper down from subs. Scared. .
  56. getting started
  57. Suboxone taper help!!!
  58. Day 18 off Suboxone
  59. My husband is an addict and I'm at my wits end...
  60. Occasional hydrocodone use after being dependent.
  61. Looking for guidance
  62. Pregnant, stressed confused about substance abusive husband. Help please
  63. Gabapentin addiction
  64. Wanting to start Methadone
  65. Overwhelmed by a mound of doubt! HELP
  66. Need help with my last sub taper! Please feel very desperate to be me again!
  67. Tramadol WDs
  68. Want to quit oxy
  69. Anxiety from Hydrocodone withdrawal or Cymbalta
  70. Day 3 of Opiate Withdrawl
  71. Sub withdrawal, doctor won't help
  72. Terrified of withdrawals and feeling trapped
  73. Dear Taper Team!!
  74. a 3 year pill addict
  75. *I have a big problem* New here and looking for help and need to be held accountable.
  76. Risk criminal charges to help girlfriend wd
  77. Need Help !!!!
  78. Tramadol WDs
  79. Looking for suggestions and support for oxy taper
  80. Strung out mom...
  81. Codeine addiction!!
  82. Second try at quitting 7 10/325 per day habit.
  83. WORRIED and need to vent
  84. Day 11 off subs doing OK but could use some support.
  85. opiates
  86. Switched from film to pills - few questions -
  87. Can't sleep. how do you get though the night.
  88. looking to do a sub detox (have prior experience)
  89. It's time
  90. Need support!
  91. Could this be tramadol
  92. Clozapine and amitriptyline need help another solution.
  93. Well day 3 going on day 4
  94. Help with Hydrocodone Taper Plan
  95. So how do you tell your family and friends? Ugh, I'm scared
  96. need help 27 hr - relasped after 7 days off at thanksgiving
  97. Thank you RANDY, Kat, Bette, DavePearson, Alex, ZeroDrugz
  98. "Help , alone ! Tapering
  99. Coming off of pain meds.
  100. Will Wellbutrin SR help me lose weight or give me energy
  101. getting there.. slowly but surely
  102. On day 3 off vicodine need help...
  103. To Reid, Davepeerson, iloerose, Ruth and others
  104. 48 hrs. into cold turkey oxy withdrawl - looking for support.
  105. how long
  106. Think I need support - tapering suboxone 1mg
  107. 126 days clean from Tramadol
  108. Been on pain meds for over 10 years. Need help to get off.
  109. Can you take methadone and later tramadol
  110. getting off hydrocodone
  111. Is there really happiness after pain pills?
  112. 7 days off suboxone - questions!
  113. Quitting subutex...
  114. getting off hydrocodone
  115. 11 weeks clean today.
  116. Titrating down on methadone
  117. here we go.....
  118. Trying to get to 0 on my taper
  119. Trying again
  120. 13 days in (tramadol withdrawal) and still so drained! tips?
  121. Hydrocodone Withdrawal 2
  122. Remedies for nagging symptoms?
  123. Help getting off of 10/325 hydrocodone
  124. Psychological/Emotional/Sexual FallOut from Opiates -Need to Understand
  125. going to stop pain pills
  126. Please help Just started suboxone and feeling sick
  127. husband in rehab 7 days has not called me
  128. Diazepam and Suboxone/Detox
  129. addicted son
  130. Relapsed From Being Clean Off Suboxen
  131. Husband went to a detox center
  132. What To Expect From Detox - 4 Month Oxycodone Habit
  133. Methadone taper questions
  134. Kicking the Perc habit
  135. Thyroid related advice needed
  136. Tramadol - Cold turkey advice, support
  137. New here, looking for positivity
  138. Unexpected Percocet withdrawal. Need advice.
  139. Need advice
  140. Please Help! Suboxone induction
  141. Trying to get off 4 - 60mg. oxycontins and 6-30mg. oxy IR's for 10yrs. In W/d's.
  142. Alcohol and Regrets
  143. Cold turkey methadone... Anyone else?!
  144. Quitting Tramadol: 12/6 first day
  145. Subutex Reduction 12mg - 8mg Went Well. Now Start 8mg - 4mg?
  146. Sleeping tablets when in withdrwals Question
  147. Doc took me off meds
  148. Oxy WD - sub or no sub?
  149. 4 hour long panic attacks/No insurance
  150. day 10 off subs... when will I sleep
  151. Short term hydro WD - Crying...
  152. High not relative to w/d?
  153. I want out!
  154. I'm addicted to vicodin.
  155. I went from 30ml methadone to next day subutex
  156. tina384
  157. Being blamed for boyfriends drug addiction
  158. no sleep
  159. I can't do this anymore.
  160. Ready to beat this
  161. don't know if I can hold on
  162. Opiate withdrawal
  163. Coming off 70mg of methadone cold turkey
  164. Panic Attacks After Opiate Addiction
  165. Wds off suboxone and Percocet..please help
  166. Torn and Need serious advice please!
  167. I want to quit roxicodone badly and need your advice
  168. A Quick Thank You to all the Dedicated Members of DDC
  169. Clinic is fee(rapid) detoxing me
  170. How do you feel being opiate-free? What's different?
  171. How do you all deal with the rough, mental days?
  172. Suboxone (Roberts plan) or Tramadol + Volumes?
  173. Quitting oxy..today. Need support
  174. 20 days opiate free.
  175. Day 3 of cold turkey Vicodin withdrawal
  176. Fight!
  177. I don't know what to do with myself
  178. Open Letter of hope
  179. Went to fill my subutex... And the pharmacy had a posting of no more hydrocodone disp
  180. Am I doing the right thing?
  181. Starting suboxone tomorrow... Switching from methadone.
  182. The truth will set you free
  183. Day 7 On Suboxen Withdrawl (Cant Sleep)
  184. Getting off methadone...
  185. 10 months of Suboxone. Need some advice
  186. Husband addicted to pain killers, says he not, am I crazy???
  187. 3rd attempt to stop taking hydrocodone
  188. Is this the right pain med step for me??
  189. Needing some support
  190. Scary
  191. Finally had enough. First time day 3.
  192. Girlfriend of a "sometimes" addict
  193. Flush the temptation! Addiction ends tonight!
  194. Taking it one hour at a time
  195. help
  196. Can't stand this anymore. I need to quit now!
  197. Short Term Norco Use / Withdrwal
  198. Suboxone withdrawal. Seeking moral support.
  199. About to start day 2
  200. My experience tapering off suboxone 26/M
  201. 4 Yrs on Suboxone. Quitting NOW!
  202. Determined!!
  203. i need support&advice,for suboxone.please help
  204. Opiate Addiction.. My confessions, Vent and support to help me through.
  205. Need painkillers for pain but can't stop abusing them
  206. First opiate withdrawal
  207. Short Term Taper/Detox with Suboxone
  208. Having trouble with Suboxone induction
  209. 1st day of suboxone
  210. 10 Year Army Vet- L1 Fracture-3 year Ocy User-Ready to quit with Suboxone
  211. my mom makes me so sad
  212. I tapered off suboxone while pregnant
  213. Sub withdrawal, Please help me.
  214. I've been thinking...
  215. On day 6 of no opiates and I'm still feeling withdrawal!!
  216. Norco - What to expect re: withdrawal
  217. I've been through them all, over 3 years clean! just saying hello!
  218. Truth be told
  219. Let's do this!!!
  220. New here, looking for advice/help on getting off lorazepam.
  221. Son In jail and I dont know what to do?
  222. Need some help.
  223. Weening off Lortab
  224. Need some helpful advice on suboxone withdrawal day 7
  225. need advice
  226. Day 15 - Norco Free - What helped and what's next
  227. ACOA I'm CLEAN! My family isn't. Looking for support.
  228. What to do when your spouse is one of your triggers?
  229. Dr. Took me off 70mg of Methadone, 22.5mg Norco, 15mg Clonazepam and 10 mg Temazapam
  230. went from methadone to suboxone, need advice - how fast can i get off of suboxone?
  231. Giving this thing a go need support please (specifically iwantoff2013)
  233. I need the honest truth.
  234. Day 4 post norco
  235. Best medication for anxiety, constant worrynig overthinking and rumination
  236. Addicted to pain pills and need help.
  237. norco withdrawal day 1 Cold turkey alone scared
  238. All alone....New Life
  239. Day 1 Norco withdrawal. 7-8 10 325/day for two years. What's Next?
  240. It will feel so good to talk, very much in need.
  241. Sore feet bottoms too
  242. Oxycodone withdrawl or start Suboxone?
  243. Suboxone withdrawal help
  244. Determine to get OFF 3.75 MG of Subutex- 3rd year on it...
  245. Here I go and thanks for all the fish...
  246. Opiate Detox Support
  247. Day 6 off pain pills ! Heres to hoping I have more!!!
  248. Looking for support, quitting opiates
  249. I wanted to know if Roberts taper will work for me?
  250. Frustrated With New Drug Law