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  1. Back on Tramadol & need a little help
  2. help
  3. I've come so far & my heart just sank- is Robert no longer on this board!?!?
  4. Working Man's Suboxone Diary - 1mg to freedom
  5. trapped need advice or at least someone who cares a little
  6. Starting the hell right now
  7. Switching back to Oxycontin from Morphine - BAD WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS
  8. I'm not sure what to do next re: suboxone & tramadol
  9. Halfway houses- Do they really work?
  10. New to Suboxone: newly terrified
  11. my pain doc thinks im a pill seeker
  12. Fiance just started suboxone - scared to death here!
  13. I'm ready to eliminate my addiction to Percocet -PLEASE HELP ME🙏
  14. I need info on Suboxone please
  15. Please help me help HER!
  16. boyfriend of ten years nods out every night
  17. My Wife and I decided to quit Percocet/Oxymorphone CT III
  18. Day zero...I need a plan to get off roxy's..how do I start??
  19. Leaving my drug addicted boyfriend
  20. Need HELP and support PLEASE
  21. Need a little push
  22. Coming off Suboxone Cold Turkey after 20 months
  23. My Wife and I decided to quit Percocet/Oxymorphone CT
  24. Just made the switch to suboxone - Day 1 not as expected
  25. I'm deciding to stay committed to my opiate addict boyfriend, could use some support
  26. Day 6, Suboxone Withdrawal. How long will these lesser symptoms last?
  27. Cold turkey and alcohol
  28. metoprolol
  29. Oxy withdrawal
  30. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)---anyone experience it?
  31. Son's addiction is getting WORSE since starting rehab treatment!
  32. Any advice?
  33. Hydrocodone issues
  34. Tapering from 120mg of hydrocodone.
  35. muscle pain and withdrawal
  36. Day 8 off hydrocodone---headache
  37. Oxycodone Ir Information on break through Pain
  38. Day 5 after stopping hydrocodone
  39. Withdrawal from opiates or kratom?
  40. Broke up with my drug addict boyfriend
  41. Clonazepam, Alcohol, Sleep Apnea = death?
  42. Suboxone: Conquering the Inconquerable
  43. Weaning down my opiate tolerance, going cold turkey friday.
  44. "Ask Ruth - aka ARTIST658"
  45. 30mg methadone taper in Thailand
  46. Tired of lying to myself... This needs to end!
  47. Oh NO....Not AGAIN!
  48. Divorcing drug addicted husband
  49. Tramadol addiction
  50. Question about long-term effects of diphenhydramine usage
  51. Help with Oxycodone withdrawal... Suboxone?
  52. IV Subutex Withdrawal
  53. Withdrawing from hydrocodone and have anxiety and depression.
  54. Day 5 off suboxone detox, when does it get bad?
  55. Help tapering off suboxone
  56. Day 46 off of SUBOXONE... I'm still here!
  57. A few Thoughts
  58. My boyfriend chose pot over me!? Please read. :(
  59. Catrina is back and needs advice on Naltrexone
  60. Took last piece Suboxone....1 day of Vic...then Done!!!
  61. Hope for people trying to get off SUBOXONE! I'm living proof you can! MILD WD so far!
  62. So disgusted my boyfriend relapsed, NEED ADVICE :(
  63. Help inducting w suboxone while using Imodium to help wds
  64. HOW LONG DOES IT LAST dry mouth from amitriptyline
  65. Starting Fentanyl Patch dose too high? Scared!
  66. Opiate addiction and anti-depressants
  67. I'm done
  68. how long do opiates stat in system?
  69. Lost the love of my life...
  70. Hair follicle test in 60-90 days for child custody
  71. My Son's addiction is destroying me.
  72. At my witts end.......
  73. Frightened Effexor User--Please Help
  74. trying to get off 2mg of subutex
  75. Adderall 20mg XR, white dots on skin.
  76. Recently started suboxone program. Dose adjustment question.
  77. Square One...
  78. Fentanyl Patches/Methadone
  79. 17 Days clean of suboxone - My Story and what is really getting me there.
  80. Leg cramps are killing me- 36 hours into CT withdrawals
  81. Should I tell my parents about my brother?
  82. My husband is a drug addict. Need help with what to do.
  83. How long does the depression last.
  84. Nearly died on July 4 from Xanax & Alcohol - Need help
  85. Can't keep doing this
  86. Taper buddy, taper plan, robert-325 followers, help?
  87. Life after detox, I feel I'm going insane.
  88. Dehydrated for drug test, need advice.
  89. Tired of the Games...May Try Suboxone...Need Help Please!
  90. Small relapse, back to the start :(
  91. 3 weeks on percocet. Withdrawl?
  92. I discovered ADHD is the cause of my drug addictions, and opiate addictions.
  93. Kratom is a miracle all natural supplement. Took away 80% WDs
  94. EXACTLY how i got off suboxone painlessly!
  95. Going for pre employment drug test in three days.
  96. Opiate withdrawals........
  97. Withdrawals 12 Hours After Suboxone Induction? How to Fight Cravings?!?!
  98. Can a relationship with a recovering addict work?
  99. how long between tramadol/percocet doses?
  100. strength of opiates compared
  101. All of a sudden M367 Norcos are making me sick. Why????
  102. My husband is an opiate addict, should I leave him?
  103. Day 6 methadone withdrawal...
  104. help.....false positive for pcp and never took it
  105. Clean from opiates but is it ok to party?
  106. My mom is a drug addict
  107. Ladder Addiction , young.
  108. Dating a drug addict
  109. Back on Day 2 and need to talk..
  110. My Suboxone Withdrawal Diary Days 1-9 2012
  111. My precious daughter
  113. Advice Please: Day 8 off of Opiates...
  114. Coming down off adderall , what alternatives?
  115. 4 weeks! What a miracle!
  116. Methadone withdrawals day 5
  117. opiate withdrawl cause sezure?
  118. Xanax and Beer - Questions
  119. Now that I'm drug-free, can I drink alcohol?
  120. Stuffy nose from Risperdal
  121. methodone hallucinations
  122. advice for wife whose husband is in drug rehab
  123. need advice on valium taper
  124. Hair Follicle Test, Codeine
  126. Clonazepam V.S. Xanax.
  127. Addiction and Recovery: Ditties, Quote, Poems...
  128. Advice Needed on Using Two Psychiatrists
  129. Need help with my son
  130. Having to hide my adderall from husband
  131. NO OPIATE help for kidney stone pain
  132. Is coming off Suboxone REALLY that bad?
  133. Suboxone>Vicodin>Suboxone
  134. Doctor Said I Was FLAGGED????
  135. Overdose on medication, now feel sick and have to clean out my body of this med
  136. Vicodin Withdrawal Start day 4
  137. Oxy and urination
  138. Opiates >> depression and suicide
  139. only need a crumb of suboxone
  140. Weaning --Questions about Withdrawal
  141. L-Tyrosine
  142. Advice needed - Opiate Withdrawal
  143. short time suboxone substitute
  144. Thoughts on Benzos for opiate withdrawal
  145. Been having a rough time of it
  146. Meth
  147. Going from daily opiate use to just rec use?
  148. husband with drug addiction-need to get this off my chest
  149. Is this clonazepam withdrawal????
  150. Duration Pain Increase, Stomach Upset Oxycodone
  151. Oxycodone/Hydrocodone withdrawals
  152. Sick of selfish drug addicts
  153. Vicodin and urine tests? Lets hear some results...
  154. Sub Taper Plan Dose Amounts
  155. Help to Cope With a Loved One's Oxycodone Addiction
  156. The pain pills are back. I need advice!!!!
  157. Cold Turkey Hydrocodone
  158. Cold Turkey Methadone Withdrawal, Timeline
  159. Suboxone For Pain Control Only
  160. Withdrawal from tramadol. How to make it easier?
  161. low dose methadone detox ?
  162. Valium High
  163. Seizures from Tramadol???
  164. Suboxone taper - robert
  165. suboxone film (first day)
  166. when hydrocodone stops working?
  167. Need help stabilizing SUBOXONE so I can taper (day 10)
  168. Percocet 10/325 withdrawal
  169. Subutex and Pregnancy
  170. trying to get off percocet and vicodin (robert 325 help?)
  171. Pregnant & addicted to opiates
  172. I feel like I'm in hell living with my addict husband
  173. the elusive suboxone induction
  174. Advice About Drug Addicted Husband
  175. Soma overdose
  176. How do u know when ur red flagged and where can you find out the info
  177. Help from Robert 325 please!
  178. 30 E 653 Morphine Sulphate compared to Oxycodone 7.5
  179. My girlfriend is an addict, how can I help? Or can I help at all?
  180. Just started taking Lexapro..should I quit?
  181. Starting Suboxone
  182. Robert's suboxone taper
  183. How long to wait to take sub after 1 dose of methadone
  184. From Klonopin to Temazepam. Advice please.
  185. drug test and what shows up----helpp
  186. Getting off methadone by Suboxone or not ?!
  187. Suboxone 8mg strips.. I need help
  188. Gabapentin for Oxycodone withdrawal..working?!?
  189. The DEA and Doctor Shopping...EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS!
  190. What to do..husband addicted to Meth
  191. suboxone Induction question
  192. Marijuana User questions about drug screen
  193. Life after suboxone, how do you feel?
  194. Suboxone - Self-Induction at home - Long but please read
  195. Colonoscopy in 3 days..on suboxone..
  196. Losing Hydrocodone tolerance completely
  197. I did not know pain meds make more pain & Xanax make more anxiety please help me..Tha
  198. Stuck on suboxone, need help!
  199. Medication for confidence
  200. Need encouragement on detoxing from Opiates
  201. getting off methadone and paranoia
  202. I just quit taking Tramadol 2 days ago and I'm going through withdrawals
  203. trusting my addict husband again
  204. Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal >>. Benzo and Alcohol withdrawal
  205. Please help: xanax dosage question
  206. New here, need help with saliva drug test PLZ.
  207. PLEASE HELP. Started day 4 of CT.
  208. My very short term suboxone detox
  209. What happens with a large tramadol overdose ?
  210. Xanax to klonipin taper...
  211. Best things for opiate withdrawal? Please help
  212. poppy tea... suboxone or a home taper... what is the best way to quit?
  213. I need Help With Suboxone Film! :(
  214. HELP precipitated wd 24 hours now please please please help me
  215. Suboxone -- LESS is MORE ?
  216. Need help opiate withdrawal
  217. Methadone and Sore Bones/Knees Please Advise?
  218. Starting to Lose it Guys/Gals
  219. Chronic sneezing after opiate withdrawal?
  220. Prescription denied?
  221. http://images.ddccdn.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif LucyGoose IS CLEAN
  222. I Need tips on measuring/cutting pills to get right dosage of Suboxone??
  223. morphine, how long to taper off it?
  224. Oxycodone Withdrawal and Methadone Treatment
  225. BTexas2010 sub detox thread
  226. Anybody ever beat opiate PAWS with Tyrosine and Red Bull?
  227. Ibogaine?
  228. Difficult transition from Fentanyl to Buprenorphrine
  229. Thanks to everyone here! 17 days off Opiates and had my first good day!
  230. need help please. 7-9 roxy 30mg user a day
  231. I need to talk
  232. I took xanax for 18 years, and this is how I quit
  233. Need Info on IOP classes...Don't want to go.
  234. Norco detox, feelings and personal remedys
  235. Robert Please help me. on 30mg Methadone and want to taper to suboxone
  236. Liver and Kidneys after painkiller abuse
  237. Down to the Wire..
  238. New to hydrocodone - concerned about refilling
  239. Will a short term Suboxone detox help methadone withdrawal
  240. suboxone and jaundice-help!
  241. RLS & withdrawal solution worked for me
  242. I'm sick with staph infection
  243. severe headache and sweating???help
  244. Shakey's Thomas Recipe Thread ..... HELP!!!
  245. Tylenol Hallucinations
  246. I need help detoxing from percocet
  247. 48 hours off suboxone withdrawal
  248. Soma overdose?
  249. My husband is an addict and I am done..
  250. Why do I feel so tired after I take my medicine?