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  1. Oxycodone/Opiate Addiction
  2. Opiate Eyes---when do they learn to focus again?
  3. Hydro withdrawal day 18 and aching---Ugh.
  4. Uhg
  5. Endometriosis, Lupron, birth control pills and side effects I feel sick all the time
  6. My Wife Suffering From Topiramate (Topamax) Symptoms!!! Need Advice
  7. Hospital Advice/ER Advice
  8. muscle pain and withdrawal
  9. Tramadol with a dependecy history?
  10. Day 8 off hydrocodone---headache
  11. Day seven of hydrocodone withdrawal---aching normal?
  12. I went back out for a while
  13. Oxycodone Ir Information on break through Pain
  14. Day 5 after stopping hydrocodone
  15. Needing advice re: close friend becoming a danger to himself/others
  16. Need immediate help quitting sub. PLEASE!!!
  17. suboxone
  18. Just posted (worst year) on clonazepam/benzo withdrawal. Need friends! I'm lost!
  19. Withdrawal from opiates or kratom?
  20. Its time...help please!!!
  21. Stopping Oxy - Please give your advice
  22. Sick in the head
  23. Back useing for a year now.
  24. Is this withdrawl?!
  25. Going for it
  26. Broke up with my drug addict boyfriend
  27. I feel like to just die!!!
  28. Is there anybody out there?
  29. My suboxone taper journey....NEED all the support i can, so come on people,Help me!
  30. Emotions from a Methadone Detox
  31. HELP! Urgent - need advice - suboxone... Desperate
  32. Clonazepam, Alcohol, Sleep Apnea = death?
  33. Help my son is an addict
  34. Help with Night Sweats
  35. New to SUboxone. Need Help
  36. Help! First day on Subutex
  37. Suboxone: Conquering the Inconquerable
  38. SUBOXONE: Starting my detox today! Please help!!! Need all the info I can get!!!
  39. switching from methadone to suboxone
  40. taking the step
  41. Advice for Methadone Taper Plan
  42. Married to addicted Nurse, we have a baby together, help!
  43. New and Blue
  44. Detoxing from Oxycodone, Switching to Suboxone. Need dosage advice.
  45. My journey with Suboxone and pain meds
  46. Could use some suboxone help
  47. Little about me ... And if you're suffering...lets chat
  48. High Dosage HELP, x 2!!! My 1st Thread And 1st Call for Help...
  49. Advice/support
  50. What is this PAWS thing I keep hearing about???
  51. Dental Anxiety
  52. New member here. Need help with oxycocodone detox. have 10 subutex. Need instruction
  53. Hydro/Morphine kick
  54. Please help Im struggling bad
  55. Weaning down my opiate tolerance, going cold turkey friday.
  56. Should I tell our kids? (5 and 8 years old)
  57. Advice, help, support. Will take anything!
  58. Tapering off of vicodin
  59. Fear For Life
  60. Me Suboxone - DIVORCE PENDING.......
  61. Method for helping quit addiction i'm trying - coke
  62. Cold Turkey off of Hydro right now. Support needed.
  63. Anyone With Advanced Neurontin Experience Please...
  64. Having all my teeth extracted next week
  65. "Ask Ruth - aka ARTIST658"
  66. Day 1
  67. 30mg methadone taper in Thailand
  68. Extreme Anxiety - Can you please help me??
  69. I need advice on a situation with my boyfriend...
  70. Benzo (klonopin) withdrawal - what to do after the storm
  71. New To Forum and Need Support BADLY...Rapid detox
  72. Tired of lying to myself... This needs to end!
  73. Trying to stay clean for good. Would love some support.
  74. 7 days clean off Hydrocodone
  75. Back again....Need Support...
  76. Husbands addiction is tearing me apart....
  77. Day 3 suboxone from methadone
  78. Lisa's trip and fall...
  79. I am about to start OXY Withdrawal in a day or so. I came here for SUPPORT.
  80. Oh NO....Not AGAIN!
  81. I'm in Trouble
  82. Support for tapering off Suboxone with Anxiety and Depression
  83. Divorcing drug addicted husband
  84. boyfriend addicted to opiates
  85. Methadone or Opana ER which is considered worst?
  86. Tramadol addiction
  87. Sudden ringing of ears together with loss of balance
  88. Norco WD day 1
  89. Question about long-term effects of diphenhydramine usage
  90. Opiate withdraw help...
  91. trying to stay clean...
  92. Thanks To All...
  93. I need help to understand...any recovering addicts out there, please help.
  94. May I ask a ? about the Thomas Recipe?
  95. Help with Oxycodone withdrawal... Suboxone?
  96. IV Subutex Withdrawal
  97. Withdrawing from hydrocodone and have anxiety and depression.
  98. Suboxone? Oxy? Withdrawals? WHAT?
  99. Went back out for 2 weeks
  100. Day 5 off suboxone detox, when does it get bad?
  101. Help tapering off suboxone
  102. My friend is an abusive addict but I cant let him go for some reason
  103. Third time's the charm;-)
  104. My thread was deleted...
  105. Day 46 off of SUBOXONE... I'm still here!
  106. Struggling with life (semi) post opiates
  107. A few Thoughts
  108. One week of NA meetings down, now what?
  109. Going to try this NA thing.....
  110. 26 and 1/2 hours c/t
  111. HELP ME PLEASE, desperate to be a good mom again
  112. Taking a full 20mg started today of prozac
  113. Drug Test for Pain Management
  114. Methadone withdrawal for 10wk old from RSV
  115. Today makes 8 months clean. I'm finally understanding depression, worry, and stress.
  116. Help Day 11 PLEASE
  117. My boyfriend chose pot over me!? Please read. :(
  118. Help my son withdrawal - need some advice
  119. Opiate withdrawals to start at the end of this week.... Please help!
  120. Son finally admitted he's addicted - what do I do now?
  121. I got 36 hours to go..... Excited and terrified
  122. Dogluver - can you share your success?
  123. Boyfriend on subs- 16mg???
  124. The beginning
  125. Catrina is back and needs advice on Naltrexone
  126. weaning off zoloft
  127. I think my boyfriend has relapsed on Oxycontin
  128. Narcortic prescription was picked up twice from the same pharmacy but diffrent city.
  129. Please help! 14 days clean and caved due to depression, lack of motivation?
  130. I guess I need...
  131. Took last piece Suboxone....1 day of Vic...then Done!!!
  132. Tapering & withdrawal
  133. Ugh, new here, just sick of myself
  134. Hope for people trying to get off SUBOXONE! I'm living proof you can! MILD WD so far!
  135. On dilaudid hp injec. up to 4.6ccs for 12 yrs, trying to get myself off w/Gods help!?
  136. So disgusted my boyfriend relapsed, NEED ADVICE :(
  137. Help inducting w suboxone while using Imodium to help wds
  138. new thread, same story-my taper strategy so far
  139. Went to My First NA Meeting
  140. Suboxone induction app in 5 hours...
  141. Offically six months clean of suboxone.
  142. Looking for a Detox Partner . . . Anyone in Orlando?
  143. Question about Methadone, Suboxone, Clonidine, Klonopin and Precipitated Withdrawal.
  144. 6 days in and thought this would be easier :(
  145. HOW LONG DOES IT LAST dry mouth from amitriptyline
  146. Any help/advice DESPERATELY needed please.
  147. New Here...Need Help....Please.
  148. Methadone Detox - No physical symptoms, but awful emotional....
  149. Anyone taken savella and provigil together?
  150. Begin again?
  151. vikes, perks, roxis, i love them all, and I'm beginning to see that it's a problem..
  152. Keeping a relationship alive after 2 years of oxy use
  153. To NA Or Not To NA?
  154. Worse now than ever... Feeling hopeless
  155. Ugh.... Where to begin?
  156. what will trigger a wd reset?
  157. Stopped subs cold turkey at 8mg Day 5, don't wanna go back
  158. "Sub-ventures"-tapering my sub dose down myself. Help? Advice?
  159. Day 25 of Suboxone, can I walk away
  160. Reposting
  161. Just starting C/T...HELP!!
  162. Im over 30 days away from methadone klinik,,
  163. Addicted to Oxycodone! HELP!
  164. Suboxone Taper, could use some help, straight to the point.
  165. Boyfriend Addicted to Pills...What Now?
  166. suboxone withdrawal
  167. Relapse? Dr appt tmmrw. Plz help!
  168. Starting Fentanyl Patch dose too high? Scared!
  169. My painkiller addiction solution
  170. Is he an addict? Or am I overreacting?
  171. i have never done a drug in my life, but my life has been taken over by drugs....
  172. Hello, all. New here and withdrawing from percocet..HELP!!
  173. Boyfriend won't admit to roxy addiction
  174. For Anyone Suffering From Narcotic Withdrawals...please help me
  175. Help! Neuropathy due to coma
  176. My dad wants my boyfriend out of the house
  177. husdand needs help with wife addiction with pain meds after back operations
  178. lorazapan >>. xanax
  179. Desperately seeking help for my brother!!!!
  180. Rock Bottom, Need help plz
  181. uh oh!!!
  182. Update!!
  183. Opiate addiction and anti-depressants
  184. Gotta few ?'s :-)
  185. I think Paxil is ruining our marriage, help please.
  186. I'm done
  187. how long do opiates stat in system?
  188. Florida Prescription Medication Laws Question / Doctor Shopping
  189. Kinda struggling here:(
  190. Lost the love of my life...
  191. I am at 0.5mg of Subutex DAY 4, worried Weird Headache with Numbness....
  192. Hair follicle test in 60-90 days for child custody
  193. Here we go again...
  194. Husband's possible relapse - unsure - need advice please
  196. Getting my life back from Percocet! Help!
  197. Unimaginable Depression
  198. MEthadone Detox help its still day 15 and I still feel severe withdrawals
  199. 2nd day off short term sub detox
  200. Hey guys, I'm just tryn to meet new drug free friends, i hav none...
  201. My Son's addiction is destroying me.
  202. Stepped out of the Methadone prison, using Buprenorphine for rapid withdrawal?l
  203. At my witts end.......
  204. At my witts end.......
  205. Frightened Effexor User--Please Help
  206. Insomnia. I can't figure out the cause.
  207. trying to get off 2mg of subutex
  208. Please help me, going to Detox this weekend & need advice ASAP!!!!!
  209. Finished the Subs...Ready for a New Life to Begin
  210. Help, Im going through with drawls ....
  211. Adderall 20mg XR, white dots on skin.
  212. 3 months clean, but having issues.
  213. Always been a silent reader, on a sub taper, and thank you people
  214. How long does this last?
  215. Endofmyrope
  216. Relapse is Entirely Possible...For Me!
  217. Recently started suboxone program. Dose adjustment question.
  218. Question
  219. Does anyone else have really bad racoon eyes?
  220. Need Help Going through Withdraw on Hydrocodone and need help.
  221. Burning in my stomach...day 3
  222. Need Advice for Fentanyl Taper
  223. disserent awy of thinking
  224. Cold Turkey Methadone Withdrawal..Please help!!!
  225. Off 210 Mg/day HydroCod for 10 days after seven+ years. Still have w/d symptoms: how?
  226. Square One...
  227. Hi to old friends and ones who I hope will become friends - update
  228. Fentanyl Patches/Methadone
  229. my stupid relapse after months and months of clean
  230. Need help with suboxone detox..probably need roberts help..sub doctor kicked me out
  231. 17 Days clean of suboxone - My Story and what is really getting me there.
  232. He's on suboxone, I thought he'd feel better! He just lays there...
  233. I've Lost My Kids and Need a Plan . . . and Some Advice.
  234. tired of trying, feeling quilty for wanting to leave
  235. Leg cramps are killing me- 36 hours into CT withdrawals
  236. Methadone detoxing
  237. How did this happen?
  238. regarding suboxin
  239. HELP with suboxone PLEASE! Trying to quit H and got my hands on some Subs
  240. Should I tell my parents about my brother?
  241. Scared and lonely
  242. ohio methadone clinic wont allow my psychiatris treat anxiey?
  243. Was moved to Butrans from Norco-WDs?
  244. Abused pain meds for 3 years, tolerance, then accident...severe pain
  245. Tough Love for Husband?
  246. Can Someone Help Me Out, Plz?
  247. racing thoughts.....
  248. My husband is a drug addict. Need help with what to do.
  249. Scared & lonely
  250. Hard time admitting that I can't do cold turkey again.