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  1. How to kick oxycontin w/o withdrawls?
  2. Can I jump off at .5 mg suboxone?
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  4. vyvanse and playing sports
  5. Can I ever feel normal again?
  6. Am I A Drug Addict?
  7. Please HELP MY MOTHER IS NOT HERSELF! Slurred speech, no motor skills, unreasonable!
  8. Is 2mg of Suboxone very strong dose
  9. Ive been taking 1mg lorazepam for a month..do i need to taper?
  10. The right dose of Suboxone
  11. Catrina's Journey
  12. in need of prayers, information, help
  13. For Opiate Withdrawls, A MIRACLE!
  14. 400mg/morphine ER and 24mgDilaudid daily
  15. help with valium taper please
  16. Vicodin Withdrawal/Restless Legs
  17. seriously, how bad is suboxone?
  18. Esophageal Spasms and Valium >>. Xanax
  19. I need some advice or stories dealing with xanax withdrawal
  20. Cocaine ruined my life
  21. RLS relief
  22. Taking 180mg Oxycodone per day, HELP!!
  23. Xanax2mg for suboxone withdrawals?
  24. Need Help Bad! In severe precipitated withdrawal!
  25. help for precipitated withdrawal from methadone/suboxone mix
  26. Escaping this morphine prison
  27. Prices of Suboxone and More...I am just so angry.
  28. Outed, need help out now...
  29. sub taper >2mg
  30. Suboxone and muscle relaxers
  31. Husband's Drug Use?? It's tearing me apart..
  32. Desperate for help. Any advice? Opana withdrawal
  33. Loving a >>>>>> addict destroyed me.
  34. OMG please help, I've been caught doctor shopping
  35. what and how does suboxine work???
  36. 20mg percocet w/d?? please help...
  37. Opee's New Thread for success!!
  38. Vitamins, they make me TIRED!
  39. Suboxone isn't helping withdrawal..!! help?
  40. Just found out my husband is addicted to Oxycontin
  41. Help! Need advice on Subs & dental work
  42. Questions about Kratom
  43. Off suboxone for 28 days-major side effects
  44. Klonopin >>. Xanax
  45. 23 year old..Reaching out for help! (Suboxone)
  46. anyone ever tried creatine for opiate withdrawal?
  47. My daughter is addicted to >>>>>>
  48. Lexapro Withdrawal...
  49. Want off Benzo's
  50. Detoxing off Suboxone
  51. How long does Soma stay in your system?
  52. Methadone is bad for you
  53. My Boyfriend is a >>>>>> addict. What do I do?
  54. Getting off of Soma/Stabilzing medications/Need Help
  55. Ativan Taper Without Valium
  56. How SOON Am I Able To Start Suboxone again after my last prescribed dose of Percocet?
  57. >>>>>> withdrawal help please!!! suboxone
  58. Down to 0.12mg suboxone & need help please!!
  59. What does a former opiate addict take for real pain?
  60. My Husband was Just Admitted to Rehab - What do I say to Others?
  61. Let Me Fall (for those dealing with a loved ones drug abuse)
  62. Coumadin, bleeding and Quikclot
  63. Codeine? or Steroids?? Help me please?
  64. Xanax >>. Lorazepam???
  65. How long does Percocet withdrawal/detox typically last?
  66. Question about Dr. checking your prescription background
  67. taper off ativan
  68. what was my drink spiked with?
  69. Conversion equivalents for suboxone & Hydrocodone
  70. Tramadol success story!
  71. Taking the first steps to quit painkillers
  72. best generic hydrocodone?????
  73. Quikclot and Coumadin
  74. HELP!!! what documentation is needed to prove VALID/LEGAL prescription to court?
  75. Suboxone Side Effects
  76. Lexapro & Shoplifting(implulsive behaviors)
  77. Tapering off Slow-Release Morphine
  78. Numb hand from >>>>>> injection..hlp?
  79. Root Canal 2morrow; on 2mg Suboxone; what to do?
  80. My Suboxone Withdrawal Diary
  81. Hey guys
  82. Over-Focused ADD?
  83. Is xanax and sex the only answer???
  84. Subutex, Suboxone working unbelievably well!!! I'M STUNNED!!! BUT...
  85. medicare won't approve lyrica
  86. meprobamate - opiate, benzo or barbiturate
  87. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  88. help with hydrocodone withdrawals...
  89. Weaning myself off percocet...Help!
  90. Low platelet count
  91. Detox from Suboxone, less half mg day/cold
  92. Bad Reaction To Geodon
  93. Feeling EXHAUSTED on suboxone
  94. ADDICTION. & i cant understand.
  95. Thyroid medication-side effects
  96. Please Help!!! Ambien withdrawals
  97. Tramadol Addiction, My Story - Long Post
  98. Adderall Loss of Appetite: Taking Protein
  99. Quitting suboxone, down to 1mg
  100. pharmacy cut my script in half >>>Can they do this?
  101. Mild withdrawal from low dosage vicodin?
  102. subutex used for pain!
  103. Percocet addiction?
  104. making percocet stronger
  105. suboxone and mood swings
  106. robert 325
  107. Suboxone...Now that I'm at 4mg a day???
  108. Failed drug test for oxycodone
  109. Robert, others pls. help...super high dose
  110. Lexapro withdrawal and side effects
  111. tegretol for bipolar disorder...
  112. Tylenol Cold expired 2 years ago
  113. Getting off Oxy's and Fentanyl Patch
  114. Black stool(diarrhea)
  115. How To Quit Pain Medication - The Right Way
  116. Robert, please help with suboxone therapy if it's not too late...
  117. Army bound/ Anxeity,panic attack
  118. Suboxone "Maintenance"
  119. Cocaine and my boyfriend :/
  120. Suboxone and Xanax Side Effects Are Scaring Me!
  121. faking a negative result for drug test for benzos
  122. Xanax Withdrawals.HELP PLEASE
  123. What does it mean when someone says they are taking 30's?
  124. anxiety while on suboxone
  125. Do you miss the energy of the pills?
  126. how long to wait before taking suboxone
  127. I'm withdrawing from opiates, and it's hellish...I'm on day 5...please respond! :(
  128. Please explain & convince why vic is so bad..help
  129. Exreme anxiety, medication not working
  130. Missed my dose of Methadone today help!
  131. Trazodone for anxiety/panick attacks? Less sleep side effect!?!
  132. only took 1mg of suboxone today
  133. Opiate Drug test
  134. Darvocet..
  135. Sexual Side Effects
  136. Need to taper off MS Contin (morphine)
  137. Can you mix Percocet and Morphine?
  138. Off topic, but...EMG test anyone?
  139. My son is using adderall unprescribed
  140. what happens if you go to ER for opiate withdrawal
  141. taking valium with vicodin
  142. Methods To Avoid Tolerance??/
  143. A question about how to take suboxone.
  144. Started on suboxone yesterday have a couple questions.
  145. Dermatomyositis
  146. Suboxone Appointment Today - Worried!!!
  147. Opiate effects on vision - sensory system..?
  148. Suboxone with percocet
  149. Help my boyfriend is a drug addict and lying!
  150. Switching from >>>>>> to suboxone....
  151. What to expect at a methadone clinic???
  152. When will I sleep well again? (Methadone detox)
  153. Caffeine & Benadryl (poss. bad effects??)
  154. Suboxone and OxyCodone HELP!!
  155. Ready For Reality! My Intro!
  156. Sexual side effects from opiate withdrawal
  157. Is there any sleeping meds you can take while on Suboxone?
  158. short term detox using methadone
  159. >>>>>> to Suboxone
  160. Suboxone for Tramadol withdrawals?
  161. cocaine and suboxone
  162. real concerta overdose
  163. Please help, I can not take Suboxone!!!!
  164. Steps to Suboxone Treatment
  165. Do mushrooms show up ina urine test???
  166. How to get off Suboxone
  167. Is it safe to mix diet pills and xanax?
  168. pharmacy gave me too many pills
  169. how bad is a one bag a day >>>>>> habit
  170. Suboxone induction tomorrow...a little nervous
  171. I'm 100% positive adderall ruined my life.
  172. Pills you can't crush??
  173. My husband is an addict......
  174. Coricidin Overdose
  175. Withdraw Diazepam with Valerian
  176. how long does it take you personally to go into opiate withdrawal
  177. suboxone short term
  178. The only thing that really worked to get dh off opiates...
  179. Got the Lamictal Rash!
  180. Anxiety & Panic Attacks-Xanax, Klonopin & Depakote ER-Advise PLEASE!!!
  181. Need Advice!! Any is greatly appreciated!
  182. Tramadol and buprenorphine
  183. Help! Suboxone is making me
  184. adderall, withdrawl/detox, weight gain
  185. Should I take Effexor?
  186. Suboxen withdral - first forum
  187. signs of a cocaine OD
  188. adderall and xanax.
  189. Positive for benzodiazepines while taking zoloft
  190. Ativan-no Effects
  191. Seroquel and Kratom
  192. Need help regarding job and 5 panel drug test
  193. How to reduce tolerance to Xanax?
  194. Dr. is out of town, and her associates will not refill my Ultram
  195. Cyclobenzaprine and Ultram
  196. Sick of back pain and not sleeping so took excedrin and nyquil HELP!..
  197. Vitiligo Penis
  198. How long does the insomnia last?
  199. Capsule identification
  200. How do you get a prescription for Phentermine?
  201. Opiate detox -DAY 12 It has to stop soon RIGHT?
  202. Methadone and vicidon
  203. Xanax-
  204. methadone and sex drive
  205. 64 days clean today
  206. Husband taking my meds
  207. "Dopamax"
  208. 48 days clean and free from opiates
  209. I've dug myself a deep hole
  210. 43 days clean from opiates after 6 yrs of using
  211. My Husband has a opiates addiction
  212. Narcotics & your work place? (Legal rights questions.)
  213. do pain management clinics drug test?
  214. Heath Ledgers's toxicology report is disturbing
  215. xanax addiction scared
  216. Oxycodone (Time Release) Strength Question
  217. Suboxone days till out of my receptors?
  218. Working while going through withdrawal
  219. Alprazolam for sleeping
  220. Depression after quitting drugs???
  221. Staying awake!
  222. goose egg on leg?
  223. 60mg codeine a day, can I be hooked?
  224. please help me abt info on soma detox symptoms are thay as bad as the oxi?
  225. morphine not working for CRONIC PAIN
  226. Leaving drug addict husband... advice please
  227. Need Advice on Poppy Tea Safety
  228. Detoxing with the Waismann Method?
  229. New Methadone Restrictions
  230. Gabapentin - Withdrawal's Second Worst Enemy!
  231. Morphine different from oxycontin/percocet?
  232. Cash only for suboxone
  233. Xanax "Bars"
  234. Need advice QUITTING METHADONE!
  235. xanax-what's the alternative?
  236. taking vicodin after suboxone
  237. Suboxone - pros and cons????
  238. shelf life oxy
  239. 20mg oxycontin
  240. 20mg of Suboxone a day?
  241. Fentanyl Patch lasting 24 hours only ...? all in a day gone
  242. Long Term Meds for Anxiety??
  243. Is it possible to be immune to Norco?
  244. HELP! Feeling TERRIBLE after starting SUBOXONE!!
  245. Right arm lost function - DR Careless about sleep
  246. How long should you be in W/D before starting Suboxone?
  247. Ear Infection Pain *Please Read*
  248. Your Zoloft experience? I need advice...
  249. Day 3, No more Oxy
  250. Oxycontin And Drug Testing Questions...