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  1. Could not sleep needed to vent, Sub & Dr questions, any words of wisdom appreciated!
  2. Can't keep doing this
  3. Advice on How to Not Relapse
  4. New Here...
  5. Taper buddy, taper plan, robert-325 followers, help?
  6. Life after detox, I feel I'm going insane.
  7. oxycodone withdrawal's nightmarish..
  8. insurance co. approved the suboxone strips is this ok?
  9. Need ADHD advice
  10. went to my suboxone dr. and I am now a bit worried
  11. going to dr. today for suboxone
  12. 25 Days & Counting-
  13. Relapse, again.
  14. Lexapro side effects and withdrawals - cant taper or ill never stop.
  15. Hydro Addict first time
  16. Need some advice Please
  17. Husband addicted to pills and I dont know how to fix this!
  18. My Story
  19. Flushed them down the toilet, and now bracing myself for WD
  20. subs and xanax?
  21. Hi robert, i'm in dallas too, help please
  22. wanting Robert325s help with sub taper
  23. Dehydrated for drug test, need advice.
  24. Thalia
  25. Anyone Out There????
  26. Day 3 off everything
  27. Looking for Taper Buddy, Any Takers?
  28. Increase time btw sub doses or skip days?
  29. Tired of the Games...May Try Suboxone...Need Help Please!
  30. Day 2, Hydrocodeine W/D with medicine left. Not sure to taper or not?
  31. Small relapse, back to the start :(
  32. Tramadol to Sub
  33. no induction, no cows worksheet, no nothing!! Help!!!
  34. Problem I hope is the Suboxone
  35. Time to nut up or shut up!!!!
  36. Getting ready to withdrawal,
  37. My doughter probably has got sexual transmitted desease
  38. itch to suboxone from methadone at 8om mgs successfully
  39. Still here
  40. 3 weeks on percocet. Withdrawl?
  41. Robert325 plz help w sub taper...was on sub thread waiting to hear back
  42. Robert, Help!!l...Thalia
  43. This time-doing it right.
  44. Thalia- all help welcomed. Vicodin addiction
  45. Give me the strength to leave him!!!
  46. I discovered ADHD is the cause of my drug addictions, and opiate addictions.
  47. help,very depressed, never thought i could feel suicidal!
  48. Offline for a while
  49. Kratom is a miracle all natural supplement. Took away 80% WDs
  50. Starting over post surgery detox
  51. keep having dreams of relapsing.
  52. ALMOST RELAPSED!! i dont understand..
  53. Please someone tell me about testing for Suboxone in jail or on probation?
  54. I'm a Believer
  55. success stories? :)
  56. Tapering off Lortab using Percocet? Need help and encouragement.
  57. EXACTLY how i got off suboxone painlessly!
  58. How badly is this going to suck?
  59. need help and advice to taper desprately
  60. Time to get honest with Pain Management Dr.
  61. husband in rehab
  62. Is NA really needed?17 days and strong
  63. I'm back....Round 2...a Tail of two Worlds. Oxy and Norco and the Devils Playground
  64. Going for pre employment drug test in three days.
  65. Girlfriend of a recovering addict needing to talk.
  66. 4 year olsd son is on lortab
  67. Clonazepam question... while 30 days clean from opiates
  68. My wife is a recovering addict. I need advice, should I stay or go?
  69. Taper?
  70. Plesae someone respond...im slow, still learning how to use this site.
  71. 22 days clean. how to deal with mental part?
  72. 13 days clean and noooo energy..when will this go away
  73. It,s over.......
  75. Change from oxycodone to Morphine sulfate? dosage?
  76. Prepped for a Jump and got a Push instead
  77. Going through he!!
  78. Husband's addiction (x post)
  79. Why Should I Quit?
  80. leukemia, chemo, and my new life & husband. need to talk...
  81. Opiate withdrawals........
  82. Leukemia Relapse number 3... Decisions Decisions Decisions
  83. What not to do after 17 days clean!
  84. almost there. 2x .5mg of suboxone a day.
  85. Addicted to Suboxone - Need Advice to get off?
  86. Advice - Methadone to Fentanyl
  87. Robert_325, I could use some help...again
  88. Bentley
  89. Withdrawals 12 Hours After Suboxone Induction? How to Fight Cravings?!?!
  90. Xanax and drug tests
  91. So overwhelmed and ignorant about my bf's relapse
  92. I have a serious, SERIOUS drug problem..
  93. Pain Management Help
  94. Quick screen drug test
  95. Tapering off Vicodin - What is my usage level like? Scared....
  96. Started Suboxone film yesterday, Dosage???
  97. Hi. It's just me and I need to talk to someone.
  98. Help - Norco addiction and I need to stop
  99. Methadone detox with lofexadine/britlofex - struggling badly
  100. lets try this one LAST time!
  101. Please help, what's the next step? So lost.
  102. am i broken? day 16
  103. Robert_325
  104. Do I stay or do I leave my husband?
  105. need answers about pain management urine analysis
  106. need help with 15/day norcos (10mg hydrocodone) and 15 tramadol/day
  107. Xanax Dependence Questions
  108. Robert_325 Ativan withdrawal
  109. Completely freaking out- REALLY need help tonight!
  110. Robert_325, need help please - sub taper
  111. charlestongirl's new thread
  112. black blood in throwup??
  113. Moderate Hydrocodone Addiction - Progressing - Need Advice....
  114. Why do I feel like the only one who hates everything..?
  115. issues with my drs and pain medication.
  116. guys/gals i am in tears , I need help
  117. Can I get in trouble for this?
  118. Can a relationship with a recovering addict work?
  119. how long between tramadol/percocet doses?
  120. Coming out of my foggy life
  121. Really do Need to Talk
  122. Need help please
  123. 11 days clean & wide awake :( Who else?
  124. strength of opiates compared
  125. Methadone and Exalgo(dilaudid ER)
  126. robert325 need help urgently
  127. All of a sudden M367 Norcos are making me sick. Why????
  128. Unbelievable - I'm back again!
  129. Looking for rb3b3...
  130. think im withdrawing from morphine please help
  131. Any advice for quitting smoking?
  132. My husband is an opiate addict, should I leave him?
  133. Baclofen - anyone used this?
  134. How long have you been clean?
  135. Day 6 methadone withdrawal...
  136. New to this site & Addicted.
  137. so whats the longest u stayed without sleep
  138. Day 2 off Subs, Not many WD?
  139. Locked my coke addicted husband out of house, now feel empty and sad.
  140. 48 hours into methadone withdrawal...
  141. A question about sub and surgery
  142. How to detach from an addict?
  143. Hydrocodone withdrawal or side effects of other drug?
  144. Trying to hang in there, but not doing so well...
  145. I am nearly done w/methdone treatment :) Have ?'s
  146. Advice needed - Quitting suboxone/withdrawals
  147. help.....false positive for pcp and never took it
  148. Back to Square One-Robert 325
  149. Pelvic congestion/Chronic pelvic pain frustration!
  150. Possible to get off 480 mg ER morphine/day in 2 months?
  151. Clean from opiates but is it ok to party?
  152. How Do I Get Methadone w/o informing my insurance provider?
  153. Let's Get This Right!!!
  154. Hydrocodone Withdrawal Prescription Awaits HELP
  155. Day 3 -Percocet Addiction
  156. My mom is a drug addict
  157. Ladder Addiction , young.
  158. Dating a drug addict
  159. Help with my addiction to Opana
  160. Almost a month off Lexapro, not doing good
  161. my puppy and albuterol
  162. need help 2 get off subs, 20 2mg left, but have tapered down from 24-32 mg to 1.75 mg
  163. Suboxone.....Jittery
  164. On Suboxone 5 years, I wanna change my life
  165. 6th day off methadone
  166. Your Fluoxetine experiences? (gg550, Prozac, Sarafem, Fontex; (RS)-N-methyl-3-phenyl)
  167. DoneSub Thread
  168. suspecting my husband is on something.....
  169. Wrapping up 2 weeks!
  170. Back on Day 2 and need to talk..
  171. W/D Symptoms or Part of my Disease?
  172. Vicodin Addiction - When does your body get back to normal?
  173. 1st Time Quitting Roxy's!!! Thomas recipe
  174. My Suboxone Withdrawal Diary Days 1-9 2012
  175. Reduction from 2mgs of Suboxone coming soon
  176. Please help with your advice! I need it!
  177. Day 3 or 4 off Fent
  178. SS???
  179. off vicodin now, but cant sleep
  180. I want some help. Quitting Suboxone.
  181. My precious daughter
  182. self detoxification
  183. Coming off of 26mg of Methadone...any help appreciated!
  184. Jimmy36 sub thread
  186. Naproxen 500mg or smth else?
  187. keep withdrawing, keep going back...vicodin = hell
  188. Advice Please: Day 8 off of Opiates...
  189. need help, have been off subutex 4 days, but relapsed one time......
  190. Did you feel weak and still kinda tired even past a month clean?
  191. Need some advice
  192. Drugs, Teen, and Friends? PLEASE HELP!
  193. got my subs what now?
  194. My daughter called my pain management physician?
  195. Kicking Subs - with minimal to no symptoms
  196. New to forum. Need advice on how to kick drug addiction
  197. Day 2-Tryin 2 get my life back-Plz help
  198. Do I Stay or Do I Go?
  199. When you want to use....how do you distract yourself?
  200. Kicking Suboxone
  201. I suspect my boyfriend of being a >>>>>> addict
  202. Flushed my Hydrocodone
  203. Denial letter.. Why?
  204. My Xanax does what my adderall is supposed to??
  205. 9 months clean and starting to get depressed and anxious?
  206. Books to read in jail
  207. Urgent
  208. Coming down off adderall , what alternatives?
  209. Clean 10+ days, ? about alcohol....
  210. I am hopless.
  211. 4 weeks! What a miracle!
  212. Subutex Induction
  213. Help with Hydrocodone WD
  214. New beginning for me and my wife
  215. "Don't Quit Before the Miracle Happens..."
  216. Question for Robert 325
  217. Should I tell my Doctor?
  218. Madisons thread for Robert.
  219. Stuck In China - No Safety Net - Following Robert's Plan
  220. Methadone withdrawals day 5
  221. opiate withdrawl cause sezure?
  222. Lexapro, Suboxone, Adderall - Xanax?
  223. Xanax and Beer - Questions
  224. Now that I'm drug-free, can I drink alcohol?
  225. Stuffy nose from Risperdal
  226. another suboxone question
  227. Need support, fiancé addicted
  228. Day 5 Hydrocodone
  229. Need Info on Xanax
  230. Okay.. Here I go
  231. My husband is addicted to pain pills
  232. Just need to know if this is normal?
  233. methodone hallucinations
  234. suboxone question
  235. plz help me with my taper plan
  236. Tracking oxycodone addiction detox and withdrawal
  237. Adderall for treatment?
  238. advice for wife whose husband is in drug rehab
  239. What will help?
  240. 3 Days out of 5 day detox
  241. SUBUTEX! Am i going crazy or Not!
  242. 7 Days on sub, what to do?
  243. Fioricet (sp?) help with opiate wd?
  244. For Denny_D
  245. 3 weeks off methadone, still sick!
  246. Depo Lupron, endometriosis, and depression
  247. Dear Friends, need prayers
  248. Is cold turkey safe?
  249. need advice on valium taper
  250. Help! Boyfriend is relapsing after 2 years clean!