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  1. Just start suboxone and it's not working
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  4. Questions!! Subutex Tapering 8 weeks pregnant
  5. Does the dentist need to know I'm on suboxone
  6. Neuropathy Please Help
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  8. Horse whisperer! Needs help?
  9. Want a side effects specialist
  10. Starting Suboxone This Weekend - Hope I'm not making a mistake
  11. Jumping off Zubsolv
  12. Son with autism have hard time with OCD
  13. Looking for Advice
  14. Laryngitis since Jan 26 2019
  15. Want to get off 10mg percs... tolerance has gotten out of control!
  16. Interaction between cannabis(hashish) and clozapine in sxhizophrenic paranoid
  17. Nothing working
  18. What are my risks of getting pregnant
  19. Tapering etizolam
  20. Suboxone WD Help.
  21. i can not find my old thread
  22. Dhydrocodeine and Amitriptyline Withdrawel Cold Turkey
  23. 23 days off subs, Some beers okay?
  24. Pregnancy
  25. Fear of quitting suboxone
  26. Drug testing at work
  27. Family member long time k2 spice user have liver failure
  28. Child with an addict/dealer..... So confused..... :(
  29. Withdrawls after 1 pill of Lyrica?
  30. PTSD ( Latuda) Med phobic
  31. Suboxone Taper is Getting Challenging
  32. Antidepressants and weight gain
  33. Light bleeding,brown blood
  34. First time experiencing withdrawal from Norco 10
  35. Day 4 Again
  36. Generic prozac
  37. Stopped taking 20mg Lexapro, now taking 25mg Valdoxan. I’m a week in and I feel sick.
  38. A long time ago in a land not so far away
  39. False Positive for cocaine
  40. Vitamin B-12 deficiency
  41. Codiene Withdrawal Help
  42. I’m worrying, don’t want to be pregnant
  43. Jumping down the rabbit hole tomorrow morning...could really use some help
  44. Help with info
  45. Help
  46. Anyone battling drug addiction/have a child battling drug addiction go see this movie
  47. Lexapro and Prozac
  48. Geodon Bad Reaction
  49. Lamictal for depression, anxiety, side effects
  50. Clonazepam crisis!
  51. Earlier post: methadone to oxy
  52. Anyone switch from methadone to oxycodone?
  53. Disability for Bipolar Disorder
  54. Withdrawal from benzo used for a month
  55. Dental work and taking suboxone Need help
  56. Yeast infection - duflican /Monistat 7
  57. Starting taper to get my sanity back
  58. Psudeotumor CEREBRI support
  59. Day 2 of Withdrawls from Oxycodone
  60. Back Again
  61. JedMi still alive!
  62. Pesticide poisoning, please help
  63. addiction to oxys
  64. Scared about lump
  65. Anxiety and depression directly related to opiates?
  66. About me and my horrible little secret...
  67. How fast can I be clean after one 5mg vicodin?
  68. Lost my opa, (grandpa) 8 days ago..fear relapse is near
  69. i need your help !
  70. What to do?
  71. Is it possible that I have destroyed my brain (my perception)?
  72. Neurontin Help...
  73. Is this WD?
  74. Lithium Start up
  75. Confirmed MS... I'm struggling & need support!
  76. Panax ginseng
  77. Klonipin
  78. How do you think?
  79. Glaucoma patients that wanna talk?
  80. Did I miss-step by getting on Suboxone this time?
  81. Enoughisenough
  82. hi guy,I have a question,please help me!
  83. Whats happening?
  84. Pain management doctors
  85. Gabapetin >> Horizant
  86. Seeking Advice
  87. I don't know what is this??
  88. pins and needles sensation and pain
  89. Need Help...Please
  90. I really really need your advice please
  91. Me too. I need people to talk to. Withdrawal.
  92. Forced
  93. Help me - Norco addiction and I need to stop
  94. 70 Day Norco Taper - My Journal
  95. Subsux
  96. Going off tramadol
  97. Continuinig on about my Sobriety
  98. Quick taper
  99. Xanax (Alprazolam) Questions
  100. 4th time is a charm?
  101. Muscle Aches After A Month
  102. Young & Dumb
  103. Kratom got its claws in me again
  104. Xanax 1mg for 10 years at bedtime
  105. Taper Fentanyl Patch
  106. Third time's the charm
  107. help with taking subutex, desperate working mum
  108. From vics to percs to methadone and back down again over 15 yrs...almost 96 hours ct
  109. Anxiety Medication for Daily Use Recs 2018?
  110. Oxycodone addiction.
  111. New user! Current Tramadol addict ready for WD to become herself again.
  112. Going in For Surgery
  113. Zopiclone or phenergan for sleep?
  114. Help!!
  115. What should I do?
  116. Day 12, Awful Leg Muscle Pain?
  117. Withdrawal
  118. Stomach pain from methadone and Ambien
  119. Allergic reaction to Cephalexin. Can I take Amoxicillin?
  120. activan for alcohol with drawl
  121. Three days off as of wed the 7th, I'm generally feeling alright so far..
  122. Help Identifying
  123. I need support
  124. Just need someone to talk to
  125. Stuck at .5 mg sub taper.
  126. Suboxone taper help.
  127. Insomnia methadone need advice plz
  128. Percocet cold turkey
  129. Day 17 CNS backpain & reflux help
  130. Cymbalta to Prozac
  131. Bernese Method 2018 (Methadone - Suboxone )
  132. Need help tapering off one mg of suboxone
  133. Im Very scared with this new medication changed
  134. Vicodin cessation
  135. Need help
  136. Problems with taper subs
  137. Methadone withdrawals...I need support
  138. Jumping off at 2.5mg methadone, can not wait to be finished
  139. Advice/Support needed
  140. Opiate addiction
  141. 48hrs - RSL does it subside with time?
  142. ADHD and pain meds
  143. Methadone taper down to 5mg
  144. Wanting to understand my journey
  145. Quitting 1mg Xanax Cold turkey
  146. Oxycodone Withdrawal--Day 4!
  147. Help detox off Suboxone (yes I know, another one)
  148. Terrible Reactions to steroid injections
  149. Over this hold!
  150. Withdrawl sucks, this stuff should be outlawed.
  151. Is it possible to withdrawl while on Hydrocodone? Need help; feeling like an idiot.
  152. 3 weeks Lexapro fatigue and insomnia
  153. Methadone taper
  154. Suboxine questions
  155. Day 21 off suboxin jumped after 7 day detox program
  156. Zunsolv Experience Needed
  157. Scared to get off high dose Thorazine for sleep.
  158. Quit after 10 years of prescribed hydrocodone
  159. Midway through taper
  160. Will i pass my lab sent urine test
  161. opiate paws getting better every day?
  162. I need to talk to someone.
  163. 22 days clean-what a struggle
  164. Need a cheerleader
  165. Bipolar II and Wellbutrin
  166. Transition from Methadone to Buprenorphine
  167. 3 days off opiates when will there be relief?
  168. Liberateuroots????
  169. Been off Norco now and I want to help
  170. Been addicted for years due to back injuries.
  171. Part time methadone usage
  172. Over pain pill running my life
  173. Methadone to suboxone
  174. Just talking
  175. Codine withdrawals day 1!
  176. Need help & advice getting off hydrocodone
  177. Help! Converting Clonazepam 1mg to 100 ml of water
  178. Advice for taper oxy er plus dilaudid- which first-when start buprenorhine
  179. I have Lupus & quit hydro CT 26 hours ago...in hell
  180. New user here, need help and support
  181. I need advice.
  182. Post suicide attempt questions and issues
  183. Buprenophine (Suboxone) conversion
  184. Gabapentin & Suboxone withdrawal - Question
  185. Struggling with anxiety, doctors closed for Christmas.
  186. 18 Months clean! What an amazing Christmas present
  187. Help! On Klonopin Want to Get Off???
  188. 5 Day Opiate Detox with Suboxone
  189. Getting off Methadone after 6 years
  190. Just shoot me
  191. Getting ready to detox from opioid addiction again
  192. Back on hydros. About to kick... need help!
  193. My Story.. in need!
  194. Missed pill count. Now what? Help
  195. Tolerance
  196. Advice needed
  197. I’m new here
  198. msandy
  199. Quitting Hydro 2.0
  200. Hanging by a thread here
  201. I need some support from people that knows what it’s like
  202. Percocet cold turkey
  203. Methadone WD Sucks
  204. Pregnant and detoxing off codeine
  205. New here...needing help and advice....
  206. Insomnia - Opiate Withdrawal
  207. In serious need of advice for mom's withdrawal.
  208. My daughter hates dressing warm
  209. Quiting 205mg of methadone cold turkey
  210. The Quirks of withdrawal
  211. I think my BF (or Ex potentially) is an addict. I need advice and some insight please
  212. Personal
  213. Personal question
  214. I'm worried I overdosed on hydro+booze a couple months ago
  215. I need help! Sub taper
  216. Need to get sister away from mom doing drugs
  217. Doctor lowered my Xanax dose and Prescribed Seroquel?
  218. Help! Doc took my toprol away.
  219. New Joke Thread
  220. Oxy is Hell
  221. chronic cml
  222. Living with an addict in denial
  223. Please help next medicine after tramadol.?
  224. When will my motivation return?
  225. I’m scared of minor opiate withdrawal
  226. Citalopram Withdrawal. How long does it last?
  227. Bad depression
  228. Froggy's World
  229. Forceout needs community to get through
  230. Switching from suboxone to methadone
  231. Second time around
  232. Cannabis and chronic pain relief
  233. What meds have helped your anxiety? (Long term)
  234. My story with buprenorphine, seeking advice
  235. Has anyone cured their anxiety with CBT?
  236. Duloxetine, fluoxetine and tramadol
  237. Looking for Catrina. Posts keep disappearing...
  238. Stomach issues
  239. Fentanyl withdrawal and Belbuca
  240. Codiene withdrawal
  241. Just stopped taking methadone yesterday 15mg
  242. Our Medicine Costs
  243. Chills after 30 days? Advice please.
  244. Thomas Recipe/ Thomas Recipe2017 OPIATE WITHDRAWAL HELP ME!
  245. 16mg of Subutex for five years
  246. How does it affect the way you think? Do you speak the truth or a pack of lies?
  247. New to all of this and need help
  248. Boyfriend on drugs
  249. idk what I'm looking for anymore...support? someone who gives a hoot?
  250. Don't know where to begin, it's comlicated...help/advice welcomed