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  1. Help! Need to get off vicodin and induct subs quickly, I want off!!
  2. Belbuca questions/help
  3. Tramadol 300mg daily
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  6. Motivation
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  11. Day 4 without Dihydracodeine and feeling so much better
  12. Please Help! Worried what may happen since having repeated early refills ?
  13. Suboxone and high blood sugar
  14. Suboxone..A cure? A nightmare?
  15. I BEAT IT!!!!!! Long time user......would love to share my Suboxone experience...
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  17. Vicodin Use
  18. Long term addiction, tramadol and codiene
  19. Day 4 of tapering off Oxycontin
  20. So tired of being trapped. Ready to commit.
  21. About a year and a half need to quit NOW ended up with cdiff from oxy I could die
  22. Helping my brother through detox/withdrawals
  23. Codeine addiction, any help please?
  24. Xanax withdrawals
  25. Alcohol with oxycontin
  26. Day 14 oxycodone free.
  27. Need help?
  28. Pregnant and need of Suboxone fast please help
  29. Helping wife off Opiates
  30. Oxy-Withdrawel-Attempt : My Daily Log
  31. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  32. Missing a suboxone/zubsolv dose
  33. Seeking help from Robert 325, or anyone with experience.
  34. Norco 10/325 to Oxy 30mg abuse
  35. Methadone withdrawal
  36. Advice please
  37. No time like the present! My rapid detox off opiates using suboxone short term.
  38. Suboxone Withdrawal Diary
  39. question about subs
  40. Day 1 opiate withdrawal need help
  41. Day11 Sub Taper Need Support!!!
  42. Trying to wean off oxycodone.
  43. Ready to Quit
  44. Will 5mg adderall be out of system of 4th day?
  45. Been on Suboxone/benzos for 10+ years n need advice on how to quit safe
  46. Gabapentin withdrawls
  47. Starting Day 9 clean
  48. Day 14 of Subutex (Buprenorphine) detox. Help..
  49. Suboxone and tonsil removal
  50. Suboxone Taper
  51. To anyone who has successfully tapered
  52. New here - need support with methadone taper
  53. Tapering and needing much deeper help
  54. Drug tests
  55. Vicodin withdrawals.
  56. Suboxone & precipitated w/d. Not feeling bad quick enough.
  57. Help. I am scared like hell!!!!
  58. Asking for advice from mmt to sub or nothing
  59. 3rd time is a charm? Relapse queen.
  60. Suboxone >> zubsolv
  61. Which detox method should I use 2 come off opiates? Any1 ever used Phenobarbital 4it?
  62. Suboxone taper journal & help.
  63. Suboxone Help! ASAP
  64. Relapse..
  65. Severe Suboxone withdrawals need help
  66. Ready to take the plunge!
  67. Suboxone taper from 1mg
  68. New Here
  69. Going Cold Turkey off Pain Pills!? A little help please!
  70. Help! I've just found out my partner is addicted to Codeine
  71. 9 months clean...need a biopsy done..worried about pain and relapsing...
  72. Chewing400 mg oxy daily and I'm finished today.will this kill me to quit cold turkey?
  73. Codeine addiction
  74. Jumping off sub after surgery?
  75. Jumping off of 14mg methadone, support, advice and help needed please!
  76. Everytime i start antidepressant medication i have the feeling that i want to do drug
  77. False Positive Drug Screens for Cocaine
  78. Is this Codeine withdrawal?
  79. Quick Sub taper
  80. considering a "fast" taper
  81. Day 11, need encouragement
  82. Need advice
  83. still stuck with oxyneo/oxycodone
  84. Starting day 7 without opiates
  85. Day 3 of Subs don't want to be on them long
  86. Need help on how to taper so scared
  87. Opiate Detox Using Subs, this time I'll do it the right way!
  88. Tramadol - an evil synthetic drug that is very much misunderstood
  89. First time Norco Withdrawal- could use some support
  90. Hydrocodone Withdrawl Help
  91. Another suboxone thread..
  92. Percoset addiction??? Please help.
  93. Buprenorphine reduction causing depression
  94. Withdrawing from Oxycodone
  95. Going thru Wds and scared.
  96. Suboxone withdrawl????
  97. starting suboxone while on butrans patch
  98. Tapering off 10 mg oxycodone
  99. Suboxone withdrawal 4 days in not to bad..!!
  100. Tramadol and Buprenorphine (Transtec)
  101. Relapsed again. Serioiusly considering Rehab. Please, need advice friends
  102. How long do I have to be clean before I can take naltrexone?
  103. Suboxone withdrawal
  104. Suboxone
  105. Has my boyfriend relapsed?! PLEASE HELP!
  106. Relapsed
  107. Trying again.
  108. First time looking for support
  109. New here
  110. Help me get off this damn suboxone!!!!
  111. Addicted on 3-5 Norco a day, yes it happens
  112. I'm ready to be clean
  113. Just need to share..Not sure about anything right now
  114. Something just dawned on me about drugs i'm taking
  115. opiate relapse
  116. I am a recovering addict and heres my story...
  117. 150mg a day Oxy Habbit
  118. Why do my posts keep getting deleted?
  119. Tapering off suboxone
  120. After 35 days clean , relapsed - need help please
  121. Do i need an er??
  122. SO scared :-( do I need an ER?
  123. 37 hours. Perc wd
  124. Need help with Xanax taper
  125. Day 6 off opiates, and who I want to be 5 years from now.
  126. Vicodin Withdrawal
  127. I finally did it...after 7 years!
  128. I really need to stop this.
  129. About to WD from Norco. 100 MG/Day HELP!!!
  130. Help
  131. Beginning 100 mg Vicodin taper
  132. How far will 3 8mg subs get me?
  133. Highly Addicted to Loperamide..
  134. 12 hours in but I have to make it.
  135. I'm jumping at 40-60
  136. Have become highly dependent on my Oxycodone please help
  137. Jump from 5mg methadone
  138. What to expect when quitting benzodiazepines
  139. Codeine Addiction
  140. Addicted to pain pills. Oxy mostly today is day two... my second time around .
  141. Broken Ankle Recovery- Percocet and Oxy withdrawals...
  142. Day 3 if this nightmare
  143. Coming off Suboxone soon need advice.
  144. Need help with quick suboxone taper from painkiller addiction
  145. Percocet issues help
  146. Day 5 sober and feeling pretty good
  147. This is the last time. Day 2 cold turkey from 140mg
  148. Messing with perk 10s for too long. Time to stop cold turkey this morning .
  149. Help with opiate withdraws.
  150. 10 yr + opiate use for pain
  151. Withdrawing from opiates, craving
  152. Percocet Taper after 10yrs on Subutex...Pls Need Advice/Support/Encouragement!
  153. best way to quit percocet to avoid withdrawal
  154. Methadone- How much can I taper?
  155. Ready to quit or Die!
  156. Boyfriends tramadol relapse. VERY LONG but important Questions and help please.
  157. 13 Days clean
  158. Need advice on cold turkey >> suboxone
  159. I think I'm done
  160. Codeine Addiction
  161. I'm quitting tabs and all the other names associated with these pills
  162. Need help please
  163. Oxycodone/oxycontin
  164. Trying to get off opiates
  165. Tapering off percecet
  166. Gave up codeine 28/7/16. Still experiencing symptoms
  167. Day 3 of no opiates after 5 years
  168. Finally quitting.. opiate withdrawal
  169. Tapering down off Percocet with codiene and buprenorphine? So many questions!!
  170. Short term suboxone user/codeine taper
  171. Short term suboxone taper - on day 5 - need help!
  172. Can I Switch from 400mg daily of Oxycodone to Suboxone?
  173. Pain clinics closed- want off methadone
  174. Feeling lost and scared
  175. Quit Buprenorphine cold turkey. Help
  176. I am coming off of 8 years on OxyContin and Dilaudid
  177. Need help weaning off tramadol
  178. Gabapentin reduction addicted to it
  179. Tramadol Withdrawls Horrible! Right hand feeling dead or loss of feeling
  180. Chantix during opiate withdrawal
  181. Depression makes me keep relapsing, help!
  182. Suboxone withdrawls after 3+years of use. What will help?
  183. No choice but to quit opiates cold turkey..
  184. Coming Off Oxy - Started Buprenorphine
  185. I'm new on here and need help coming off methadone
  186. HELP!! Addicted to 16mg of xanax
  187. Question about withdrawal...
  188. Withdrawal Free 100%
  189. Tapering off of oxycodone and ms contin...
  190. Hooked on oxy, doctor wants me to try methadone or suboxone
  191. Soon to be husband addicted
  192. pregnant and addicted
  193. Methadone
  194. Drowning in pharmaceuticals
  195. Accidental Opiate use while on Subutex HELP!
  196. Codiene addiction, kicking the habit
  197. When can i take sub
  198. CODEINE :( how did this happen?
  199. Quitting my benzos: tips, stories, etc?
  200. please tell me PAWS goes away SOMEDAY
  201. New to the site, need some help.
  202. My codeine withdrawal (day 1)
  203. Codeine Withdrawal
  204. Xanax daily use for panic disorder and agoraphobia
  205. Coming off suboxone soon. Advice appreciatrd
  206. Finding it hard going threw withdrawals HELP
  207. Please help!! 150 Methadone daily for 6 years _ Chronic Depression and Anxiety, Dyer!
  208. Day 7 from oxidodone withdrawals
  209. MS Contin withdrawal advice needed
  210. Benzo and Opiate Withdrawal Need Advice please
  211. Using Loperamide in high doses as aid to Withdrawals ??
  212. Anyone experienced in buprenorphine patch withdrawal....
  213. Time to taper down and/or get clean .... pain meds hi jack the brain again.
  214. Pain killer addiction
  215. Please help. Boyfriend withdrawing from suboxene
  216. Too good to be true?
  217. Day 10 pain med free
  218. new member : 5 days clean - after 2 years of surgies
  219. Chronic Pain Patient - I want MY LIFE BACK!!
  220. Was going to do a week long methadone taper now I'm worried
  221. 48 hours in methadone withdrawal. I don't feel too bad.
  222. Giving them up
  223. 30 days clean but still have stomach issues
  224. Advice on how to talk to my Dr. about tapering Oxycodone.
  225. Making The Jump
  226. Trazodone tapering advice?
  227. 4 days clean-need advice
  228. Norco Weaning and Experiences So Far
  229. The beginning
  230. Hoping the end is near
  231. My fiance and I CT off subs
  232. Need a little help advice
  233. Boyfriend is going through withdrawal- need advice
  234. Finally done with subs
  235. Makes me know I will see light
  236. Getting off of Adderall: Experiences??
  237. Determined to help my loved one
  238. Help can't sleep !
  239. Please help!!!!!
  240. Boyfriend addicted to Hydrocodone
  241. Tomorrow is Day one of withdrawals
  242. Tapering off suboxone
  243. Help! Just started subs 5 days ago...
  244. Am I overreacting
  245. Norcos and tramadol abuser
  246. Submerged !
  247. Here I go again
  248. Down to 10mg methadone. Bupe not an option.
  249. Come too far and getting diacouraged
  250. I have no one else but you guys to help me through this